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June 30, 2008

Buddy's Buddy

Buddy has a new best friend. Echo follows him wherever he goes and when Buddy is stationary, he will be harassed until he plays with Echo. Neither one will let the other one rest. We have to crate them to keep them apart. They aren't very good at sharing toys either.

It's been over a year since we had a puppy and one forgets how physically and emotionally demanding it is. Not sure which is harder the sleep deprivation or the constant monitoring of the canine waste machine (Echo :-)

Buddy and I walked over to the park while Lisa drove Echo. It was so warm, we didn't think he should walk there and back. Echo was introduced to two of Buddy's walking pals, Kane and Sable with their owner John. Unfortunately Marty, their puppy loving owner and Buddy's babysitter, wasn't there.

June 29, 2008

Introducing Echo

Introducing a temporary addition to our household. ECHO is a twenty pound ten week old yellow Labrador starting his guide dog training. He will be staying with us for two weeks as we get our feet wet with puppy raising again.

Echo experienced a loud first evening. The annual marching band competition takes place in our backyard. There was drum, flute, clarinet and tuba "music" playing continuously as the bands prepared and marched around the block. Echo's cuteness got some of the band members in trouble with their leader as they couldn't resist saying "Hello" to the puppy while he gave them instructions and tuned their instruments.

June 28, 2008


We tool a little hiatus from puppy raising.

Tomorrow we will be going to a high school graduation party for Kathy, Weily's puppy raiser. Since a few of the puppies will be there with the puppy coordinator, we thought it would be nice to dabble a bit by taking one home with us for a few weeks and showing him the sites of Oregon and the Madison farmer's market.

We were expecting a well established dog that we could take to the store and out to eat. All the dogs were busy, however there were a couple of ten week old pups that needed socialization and potty training. What could we say? So tomorrow we will be getting a ten week old puppy.

This is our last opportunity for a good night's sleep for the next two weeks.

June 22, 2008

Gilbert is Ready

Gilbert's a guide dog!

Gilbert has completed his Formal Harness Training and will go through his placement training with Allison Nastoff, his blind partner, starting in August.

Way to go Gilbert!

Help Allison and Gilbert reach their goal.