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December 30, 2008

Movie Star

We have been working with Echo on HEELing on walks and DOWNs in the car. I have been trying a new command "Don't make me stop this car!", which usually gets him to lie down.

Echo has been in and out of the car a lot the last couple days. He has visited the drug store, grocery, library, village hall, doctor's office, drug store, department store, and drug store. When out in public, everyone thinks he looks like a movie star, Marley. My guess is that all our Yellows get the star treatment.

This week is Dog Whisperer week. Echo enjoys watching Cesar's projects and any other dogs on television. He watched Eight Below and Fluke this weekend. He watches the dogs and listens to their barking/whining. He was disturbed by the pictures of fetal cats and dogs on a promo for another show - he sat up and started barking.

December 29, 2008

New Beginning

Echo's "vacation" is officially over. We have been lenient with his training throughout his ordeal so it is almost like starting his training over. The stitches have been out for five days with no separation. To celebrate we went for a long walk to the park for some off leash exercise. He is sleeping soundly.

Yesterday was to the official "New Beginning". Echo was invited to Troy's birthday party which was fun for Troy, but so much fun for Echo. He played with the kids a bit, but most of the party was spent in a DOWN STAY. The only difficult distraction, which I completely blame the Puppy Coordinator for, was a balloon. Echo was entranced by the green orb as it rolled across the floor.

In the evening, we took Echo to another badger hockey game. He was not so skittish this time. He actually followed the action on the ice before we put him in a DOWN STAY.

Many pets and calm greetings as we walked around between periods. However, much to Lisa's displeasure, his dependence on me has seemingly increased. Echo needed to know where I was constantly as we walked through the crowd.

December 28, 2008


Woof! Woof! Woof! (Ho, Ho, Ho)

Mom and dad had a whole bunch of people and visiting pups over the last few days! I had a chance to play with four other puppies. Three dogs were Mindy’s and one was Mike’s. We had a great time! During present opening time, mom and dad put all of us dogs away in our crates because there were lots of little things that we could get into. We wanted to help open presents and stockings. There was also food everywhere! But, no people food for me. I was given the same, old, brown dog food. I don’t understand why I can’t have that better smelling food - I was very good!

Mom has taken the tree and surrounding fence out of the living room. I don’t understand what it was there for in the first place. While fun to look at, trees don’t belong in the living room. It takes away from my floor space.

We also stopped by Sports Products to pick up all the OccuPaws shirts and Jackets people had ordered. I offered to model a shirt but they declined and said I could "wear" a bag instead.

It was really nice and warm yesterday so mom played with me a lot outside. It felt so good to run around the back yard and be a puppy. But a lot of Mr. Snow had melted away. Mom even took Fluff Ball for a little walk as the ice melted off of the driveway. She said it was too foggy to walk on the road, but she and Fluff Ball learned a lot about walking next to each other.

Fluff ball is getting bigger, and does not leak on to the floor as much as she used to. Mom is very happy about that.

Well, I hope all of you Woofs had as much fun as I did over Christmas. Mom says something called “New Year" is coming. I wonder if that is something I can open?


December 25, 2008

December 24, 2008

Present Delayed

Wednesday is finally here. Echo gets a bath. It has been a long time since Echo's last bath and he has been through a lot. He just doesn't smell nice. Spritzing only works on the surface and as a cover up.

On our morning walk to the park we met up with and played with Leinie. Usually mild mannered, Leinie let Echo know who the boss was this morning. She barked at him and wouldn't take any of his puppy shenanigans. Getting out with other dogs for the first time in a while, they enjoyed their snow time.

Immediately after our walk Echo left for the Oregon Veterinary Clinic for suture removal, to be followed by a long bath. First we weighed him and he gained five pounds since the surgery. However, while taking the stitches out the vet commented that Echo should "remain calm" for a couple days and NO BATH for another week. His activity is more restricted now than after surgery.

Oh well Lisa will have to wait another seven days for a Christmas present from Echo.

December 23, 2008

Am I in Trouble??

Woof! BrrrWoof!

Zowie, I sure got mom mad today! I don't know what her problem was. I was just enjoying the deep snow!!! I remember she was calling me and there was something about me not wanting to come….it was too cold for her to chase me around…….and the snow was almost over the top of the backyard fence.

But, the snow is so much fun for puppies like me. Sure the snow is up to my belly, but I can charge right thru it - powder flying!
Mom did not think it was fun. She sinks up to her knees and with her two legs, she had trouble moving around the yard. So the next time we went out, she put a 50-foot lead on me to make sure I came when called.

That was not as much fun as I couldn't race up and down the hill and dive off the wall into the snow. She said she allowed me a “little slack” today because I have been so cooped up in the house,,,,but she also said I’d better be good next time. She worries about me walking over the top of the back yard fence and getting lost.
Lost?? I won’t get lost,,,I’m a big boy - I know where we live.

But, I did promise to try harder.


December 22, 2008


Hi fellow woofs,

Did I tell you I like snow - but I don't like salt!!! That salt stuff humans use to not slip, really hurts and burns my footsies. I'm not sure what's going on, but I can play in the snow for an hour but walk in a salty ICE cold slush puddle and I can't walk - it hurts!!!

OK, enuff whine with that cheese - yesterday there was no salt at Shelton's so off to my corner while Mom, Dad, Joe and Karen ate ....I got NOTHING by the way :-(

But I did get quite a few nice pets and greetings when we left.



It has been too cold for the dogs or me to get much exercise outside. A la Cesar, we tried Echo on the treadmill, but he didn't want to walk on it. He kept being propelled off the back. After that I introduced Echo to my bike on rollers. He quickly understood to stay clear and instead caught a nap next to me while I biked.

The only indoor exercise that both dogs seem to like is wrestling. This is not an approved OGDA behavior, but we cut them a little slack due to the weather and the fact that Echo is still technically on vacation.

We did get out for a short walk this evening. The snow was packed down and very slippery. Both dogs were having a hard time stopping. Echo was running toward me and forgot about the road conditions and knocked my legs out from under me. On the way down all I was thinking about was not falling on him and hurting him. Fortunately there isn't any video or pictures of that.

December 20, 2008


We administered the last doses of medicine to Echo yesterday and he has returned to twice a day feedings with dry food. The stitches will be removed on Wednesday and then he will get a much needed bath.

We went our our first outing since his operation - just a quick trip to the grocery store. Upon entering the house after our trip, Echo was growling and barking at the window. While we were out a stranger appeared in the window.

He didn't want anything to do with the "IceMan" until we turned the lights on.

December 19, 2008


Did I say I love snow!!!!!

"Ornery Men"


Well, Mom's really lost it now. First she planted a tree in the house, next she put fire flies that twinkle in the tree, then she hung stuff on wires (I think she called them "Ornery Mens") on the tree.

Now yesterday she covered lots of boxes with paper and put them under the tree. I told Fuzz Face that the paper pulls right off which she thought was so much fun. So I told her if she brought me a couple of them there "horn mints" thingies I'd play tug with her.

Well fellow pups, Mom didn't think it was all that clever so she decided to build a fence around the tree and take away all our fun!!!

She even said we couldn't look at the tree. What's a pup to do for entertainment if he can't get his lil sis in trouble???


December 17, 2008

Road to Recovery

Echo is well on the road to recovery. He has started eating his regular (softened) dog food, 1.5 cups three times a day plus a few treats. The feedings coincide with the doses of medicine to protect his GI tract. His walks to the park have also returned, albeit somewhat shorter.

His coughing has lessened and the incision appears to be healing well. The only other evidence of the operation are the shaved areas: one on his front leg from the IV and a large area on his belly which show the scrapes from the razor.

Other than visiting Nicole the other day, there haven't been any trips. Even though he hasn't gotten out, he still received a treat from the clerk at Walgreen's. Lisa stopped at the drug store and Al, the clerk, asked about Echo. She explained his situation and the clerk went back to his lunch to retrieve a cookie to take home for Echo.

December 16, 2008

Sainted Clothes??

Woof! Woof!

My little buddy, Evan, was over yesterday. We had a lot of fun playing. He pets me really nice too!

Mom also for some reason put a tree in the living room! Then, she put lights on it….She has been acting really strange. On top of it all, she hung red socks on the wall.

Does that have anything to do with Scented Claws? Not sure what or who she is talking about. And who is this other guy Stained Nicolopoalas...human blah blah babble.


December 15, 2008

Back to Work

We have had some concerns with Echo's post op symptoms the last few days: bloody nose, excessive urine output, liquid stool, malaise. A quick check with the vet revealed that all symptoms are consistent with his treatment.

Three days after surgery echo returned to work. He and Lisa stopped by Nicole's house for a news story. The reporter wanted some footage of Echo kissing Lisa and he wouldn't do it. Anyone that knows Echo must be amazed - he was distracted by the camera, lights, and bells. Later, Echo did kiss the camera man.

Nicole requested a "cute" picture of Echo for some thank you notes. Here are some outtakes from his photo shoot. Can't be certain if he was not feeling well or embarrassed by his costumes.

December 13, 2008

Lost and Found

For the last month and a half Echo has been operating his personal lost and found area. The day before Halloween, we lost a squeaker from his new toy. It was found by the Oregon Veterinary Clinic on December 12. Unfortunately the storage location was his small intestine.

Echo returned home this afternoon after emergency surgery and a one night stay in the hospital. Except for some hair loss, dried blood, and about twenty stitches he looked much better than yesterday. He brought along a week's worth of medicine and a six pack of canned dog food (bland). Stitches can be removed in ten days.

Apparently they pumped Echo full of IV fluid. Immediately upon exiting the clinic, Echo pottied for a minute. This has been repeated every thirty minutes. He was also very hungry which is a good sign. It's tempting to dump his bag of food on the floor and let him eat until he gains ten pounds.

Needless to say we are very glad to have our little white dog back home. Buddy missed him too.

December 12, 2008

That's a Wrap

Woof! Woof! Woof!

What a day!!

Hooch, Reggie and I spent almost the entire day helping wrap presents for Occupaws at East Towne Mall. We were a hit!

Lots of people pet me, and lots of people came up to our booth to have their Christmas gifts wrapped.

Mom did not wrap too many presents because she does not wrap very well, but she cheered everybody that was working on. But, alas, there were no gifts for me. Poor me.

As this was my first Christmas, Hooch, Reggie and I met and had a picture taken with SANTA CLAUS! He had a real beard and a white and red suit. There were little kids that wanted a picture too, so we waited in line for our picture. When I talked to Santa to try to tell him what I wanted for Christmas, he did not understand what I tried to relay by brain waves.

Nikki also took me up and down the escalator at Dicks sporting goods when Hooch and Reggie were practicing on the escalator. I was hesitant the first time Nikki took me up, but the second time up the escalator I was OK and remembered when dad took me up.

Near the end of the day, I got really tired. Getting pet by all sorts of people is tiring! Mom fed me right away when we arrived home, and I went right to sleep.

One thing mom told me on the way home, was that Echo had eaten a squeaker that stayed in his tummy and that is what made him so sick. I understand that Echo will be OK after surgery and rest. So mom was going to double check to make sure that none of my toys at home have a squeaker. I don't think we have any, but, you know moms - they just have to double check!


NOT Mega :-)

After feeding Echo last night, I listened to his stomach and heard rumbling. This was a good sign that food was entering his stomach.

Echo woke up early this morning. We fed him as much hamburger with rice and dog food that he wanted to eat. He needed a full stomach for his x-ray. He wouldn't eat much and was somewhat lethargic. He slept all the way to the vet's office.

The veterinarian called with an update this morning with good news. Echo does not have megaesophagus. He only has a "mass" in his stomach. He will be transferred to Oregon for removal of the foreign body, which is probably a squeaker. He should be home this evening - completely fixed.

UPDATE: The squeaker has been removed and Echo is spending the night at the veterinarian's office. A little extra TLC for the weary puppy.

December 11, 2008

Shop til you drop

Woof! Woof!

Has mom been keeping me busy! She has been doing something known as “Christmas shopping”. All I know is that we go in the car, out of the car, in the car, out of the car, in stores, out of stores……my poor little tootsies.

One place we went to had all sorts of neat little crafty type things. But, why did she stop in an isle that just had flat pieces of cloth stretched out on a frame? After all, there was nothing drawn on the canvas yet, nothing interesting…

Wal-Mart did not have what mom wanted (she was surprised that they did not have a sled). But dad found some little plastic boxes that he told mom that he will use to organize little pieces/parts. Mom and I went to Toys R Us, where there were lots and lots of moms, dads, and their kids. Wow! Was that cool. Then, we went off to Mounds to get a new toy. Fluff Ball and I destroyed our favorite toy from “over use”, so mom gave us an early Christmas present.

I continue to be disappointed when mom, dad and I go to breakfast. Nothing seems to drop on the floor that I can have. It would be great is SOMETHING yummy would fall. After all, I would be there to catch it.

I understand that my friend, Echo, is under the weather. I will be saying a doggie prayer to get well for him every night.



The good news is that Echo returns home tonight. The bad news is that Echo's symptoms have been recurring every few days. An appointment with Dr Link in Madison has been scheduled for tomorrow. Diagnosis will involve x-rays, after eating, to identify where the food and water are getting stuck.

It sounds like Megaesophagus. The probable causes are genetic or a foreign body. For Echo's sake, I am hoping for the foreign body (ie squeaker). We would be responsible, but it could be corrected.

Little Ringer Boy

Nicole, Divit, Kath and I have been volunteering for the Salvation Army. On Monday we rang the bell for 4 hours. Divit helped by eating treats if people wanted to donate money. He helped raise $268 and change.

We rang the bell again today for another hour and a half. Because Div it was such a good bell ringer he was awarded his own bell.

I hope you get his picture with his bell.

Marcie, Kath and Divit

December 8, 2008

Echo Update

Echo seemed to be recovered last week. The puppy coordinator said that he was doing great. We thought that he might have had a reaction to some salt that he had ingested, however it appears more serious as he had a repeat performance last Friday night.


OK fellow woofs,

What's a gentleman to do?? I was sleeping peacefully in my crate, dreaming of Christmas Doggie Treats, when who should appear - Fluff Ball.

The humiliation of it all.....


December 6, 2008

Without a Trace...missing dog


Today I received a chance to hang around with Nikki and Dale at Mounds in Sun Prairie! What fun! We sat at a table and talked about Occupaws to all sorts of people. People would come up to us and pet either Dale or I. A couple of people bought Occupaws hats. We collected $69.00 for Occupaws.

Then, we went to lunch. Mom said I was naughty. After sitting under a table, mom had to help Nikki with her jacket, because her zipper was stuck. After fixing Nikki’s zipper, when mom looked under the table to make sure I was still settled, I was missing! I had just decided that other things in the restaurant were more interesting. Boy, was mom surprised. She collected me and put me back under the table… not without some stern looks and a correction from mom though though.

See mom,,,, even I can act like a “brain dead” adolescent some times. But I was good the rest of the time.


December 4, 2008


Last night the OGDA Puppy Coordinator, Marlene, stopped by to pick up Echo. The house is very quiet now - too quiet.

December 3, 2008

Chance and Jonah need loving homes!

OccuPaws has two program dogs that are looking for loving homes. Because we have such a high standard for our potential guide dogs, not all of our program dogs will make it into Formal Harness Training. These dogs have had obedience training and are ready to make two families very happy!

“Chance” is a one year old, black Labrador Retriever out of English bloodlines. He is a gentleman and he is very sweet. Chance was donated to OccuPaws’ a few months ago. He is a great dog, but lacks the confidence we look for in a guide dog. He had prior field/bird training before coming to us.

“Jonah” is a 5 month old, yellow Labrador who was recently donated to OccuPaws. He is a very sweet and loving boy. Jonah, too, lacks the confidence needed to be a guide dog. He would make a wonderful pet for any family.

Please give these boys the best holiday gift ever… A FAMILY!!!

December 2, 2008

More Trouble

Echo just returned from three more days in Cuba City. He didn't get out to play much, but he spent more time playing with young humans. His new best friend, Troy, enjoyed sitting in Echo's lap. It was the best way to be close yet avoid puppy kisses.

On the negative side, Echo has been sick (again) for the last three days: vomiting on Sunday and diarrhea on Monday. He fasted from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. Needless to say he is extremely thin, yet he retains his playfulness and energy.

After his fasting, Echo made a few trips to the grocery store, drug store, and the florist. We also stopped in at the funeral home to visit "Grandpa".

Good Dog


Mom tried to fool me today. She had to go to the house with no walls (which now has painted walls, and pretty tile and wood floors), so she thought I would “learn” from being dropped off at Nikki’s house. When first I first got there, I looked around the house - I was very good and did not run around to see everything, I just walked around and sniffed. When mom left, she told me to wait by the door when she walked out. I waited and waited, but she did not come back right away. Nikki even told me that it was OK to move, but wait I did until I figured out that it was OK to sniff some more.

Then, I played with Nikki’s two kids. Nikki told mom that I was very gentle with them, and did not try to chew or pick up their toys. Well, what did she expect? I’m a GOOD dog! During lunch, Nikki put me on a down/stay so that I could not enjoy treats that might fall to the floor. I even got to play in the backyard with two other Labradors while I was there, what fun! After playtime, I went to sleep in a crate for a little while. I whined just a little bit,,, after all, it is not my usual home.

Then, mom came back to pick me up. It was a lot of fun to see her! But I did not jump or bark when she came in the door….after all, I am a GOOD dog.

I don’t know what I learned,,,,but mom learned that I am a GOOD dog. (Humm,,,,is there a theme here? I understand that Santa only comes to visit GOOD dogs. :-)


December 1, 2008

Snow - Glorious - Snow!!!

Hey fellow woofs,

Did you know what happens when Mr. Grass goes away??? His friend Mrs. Snow comes out!!

The first time I saw this stuff I wasn't too much interested in this stuff or really concerned about the flakes until my favorite potty spots disappeared. I spent a lot of time sniffing and wandering but nothing was just right - no good spot to go :-(

But you know what happened? I discovered this stuff is fun! I can eat it, roll in it, catch it and it just disolves. It's really fun so I decided to wish Mr. Grass a goodbye and finally accept that Mrs. Snow is good to go too.

Did I tell you - I LIKE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE it!!