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April 30, 2009

Talking Box

Cinder had another busy day. She stopped by the vet to pay her bill and then took a long car ride to Janesville. She is understanding the car better every trip. The one thing that caused her some confusion was the Talking Box (GPS). Cinder heard a voice and knew it wasn't Lisa or I. Initially she kept searching for the other lady. Now she doesn't even seem to notice.

Once in Janesville, she spent an hour in the ice cream shop, then walked over for dinner, and then more ice cream for dessert. The workers at both places couldn't leave her alone, she is so cute. We received kudos for the work that we all do from a woman whose friend just received his guide dog.

Cinder's evening culminated with another puppy class where she worked on SIT, DOWN, WATCH, and LEAVE IT before being allowed to socialize. She played with the smaller dogs for a bit and then joined Marley and Carmen for an educational lesson. Again she returned home exhausted - Good Dog.

Training Day

Bodie and Moby Here,

We saw Lilly gave a report about training her humans so we thought we would mention our work as well. Pretty much the same routine as Lilly is doing, but we have two dogs and two humans to train - lots of walking. We had an O & M Instructor today to teach our humans sighted guide work, which will be similar to guiding with us.

Everyone was doing sooo well that we each had a very brief session with both children.

They are both using the canes nicely as we move, and not hitting us :-) Why, they even used a thing called shorelining along a curb.

We were quite impressed. As I understand it, Mark and Barb will be coming back several more times - the next time at the mall.

Wheee, food perhaps.

We'll keep you pups posted,

Moby and Bodie


Hello there!

This is Miss Lilly reporting from my new family's home. I LOVE IT HERE!!

Everything is going well, I'm totally adicted to my new family and did I tell you - I LOVE IT HERE!!

Anyhow, I thought I would tell you about my latest sessions training humans. They are learning doggie language and cues to tell me exactly what they want me to do.

Right now it is just practice, practice, practice. Lots of walks with me in harness with either Tony or Becca telling me what to do and the other one wearing a blindfold and tapping with a white cane.

I'm pretty used to that cane now - just don't hit me!

I guess everyone is doing pretty good since I heard all of them talking about ...just one or two more sessions...next time with Tino...loose leash....good job...etc.

And here is back home getting my favorite - tummy rub.


April 28, 2009

Show and Tell

There was another track meet this evening and we walked through on our trip home. We couldn't have timed it any better, the starting gun went off just as we walked by. It was LOUD and surprised/startled Cinder, but she recovered quickly and kept walking - good practice for the Brewer game this weekend.

We attended an OccuPaws puppy class tonight. The older dogs worked on SIT, DOWN, STAY, COME and we coaxed Cinder through the routine with minimal success. One of those days that reminds you of how much work she/we have to do. Her recall is solid!

Since Cinder's medical condition was the hot topic, her private parts were on display for Show and Tell tonight. She was passed around so all the puppy raisers could see what all the fuss was about.

After training, it was puppy free for all. Ten dogs and a few kids chasing, tugging, biting, running, wrestling, and sniffing. Cinder received her most effective education from the older dogs. After two hours of playtime she was exhausted. Quick dinner and then fast asleep.

Medical Update: Day two with the stronger antibiotics and she is doing a little better. Still feels the urge every few minutes, when close to turf.

Happy Birthday Deegan and Slick

April 27, 2009

She's Back

Cinder's life in Oregon has been anything but boring: wrestling with Slick, carrying a dead squirrel, bedtime ZOOMs, sleeping in the bath tub, getting stuck under the bed, and dinner at Culver's. A quick learner and great personality, we were going to miss her.

However, reports of Cinder's demise were premature. After further investigation and difficult discussions, she has not been terminated. There are many differing opinions and each situation is different. The hope is that her situation will improve naturally and she will become a guide dog. Welcome Back Cinder!!

Returning home after our walk, we stopped by the high school for a track meet. There were gun shots, screaming girls, and other puppies to play with. Cinder exceeded her daily quota for meeting new people/canines. Watching her response through this infection, she has gained my trust that she is housebroken.

Medical Update: Antibiotic injection literally knocked her out yesterday afternoon. After 24 hours, Cinder was showing minimal, but significant improvement. Able to wait 15 minutes between trips outside. She started a stronger antibiotic this evening. Energy level still high.

April 26, 2009

New Crate

The infection provided a great opportunity to teach and gain trust in her housebreaking. Cinder was wonderful, letting us know repeatedly that she wanted to go outside. She was even able to transfer the knowledge to all our exit doors. Late last night, we were downstairs and she would exit to potty, return through the door, and immediately exit to potty again.

Not wanting to create a bad habit, potty in her crate, we set up our "new" glass crate. The glass crate provided easy clean up. Cinder accepted it and even climbed in by herself this evening.

I want to give our veterinarian some kudos; he was extremely accommodating. Dr. Boyle opened up this afternoon, Sunday, for an office visit. The diagnosis was a minor urinary tract infection and an inverted vulva. The former can be effectively treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, the latter is cause to terminate her from the guide dog program.

April 25, 2009

Potty Potty Everywhere

One week into Cinder's adventure and things were going well. She came to us with a good SIT and we have started working on a treat induced DOWN. Puppies are quick learners and we didn't want to waste any time.

Cinder came programmed to OUTSIDE POTTY. She quickly learned where our doors were and let us know when she needed to go outside, which occasionally was just to play. No accidents until this evening. She was sitting and just peed. In her defense, we think that she has an excuse - urinary tract infection. She has been going potty "non-stop" for the last three hours. It is going to be a long night and the vet's office isn't open until Monday.

This may also explain her poor appetite. Since she has been with us, she has never once finished a bowl of food which for a Labrador should have been an obvious sign that something was wrong.

April 24, 2009

Evil Step-Sister

Woof Woof!

Well after a month of visiting the wonderful world of OccuPaws puppy raisers, I'm back home. I had a great time, but like any extended trip or vacation, it's great to be home. Not much has changed except Lilly, my love, is goneto work in her new home as a CVC Dog. I also expected a quiet, peaceful return once I had said my goodbyes to little Miss Cinder, who liked to chew on my foot and ear and tail and everywhere. Much to my surprise, her evil step sister had moved into my peaceful home.

Who is this little pest who delights in pouncing and mauling me? I heard Mom and Dad call her Promise but NO NO NO also seems to be a common name for her. I'll let you know what it is for sure.

Once the little misfit was in her kennel I got to play with my old pack and we had fun just running and chasing.

Thanks all for taking such good care of me!

All for now.

April 23, 2009

Bye Slick

Promise stopped by this evening to visit Cinder and take Slick home. The two puppies wrestled the entire time that they were together. Cinder started out being dominant, but Promise rallied and held her own.

Our last day with Slick was much like the prior ones. He was quiet and calm around the house unless Cinder was pestering him. The only thing that really piques his interest and gets him excited are other dogs. I would say that Slick has a very high PLAY drive.

Lisa and I will miss having Slick around. He reminded us so much of Buddy. He would race to his crate at meal time, slipping as he attempted to corner on the wood floor. He handled Cinder much like Buddy handled Echo. And of course they both were happiest seeing their canine pals.

However, we think that Cinder will miss Slick more. Without a dog in the house, we are going to have to seek out opportunities for continued canine interactions and educational opportunities.

April 22, 2009

New adventures

Woof Fellow Pups,

Well Mom and Dad R finaly away from the 'puter so now i can tel waht I been dooing.

I goed to a nurses home and see peoples to petted me lots.

and I didnt pee all over - good girl. I did give lots of kises to humans and they lauhged and laughed.

I was tired to going home so I sleepted with Reggie - he growls.

and today I pooped twice so I kould go to Shelltons to wacht mom n Dad eat - boring.

What does awwww mean?

Is thatt my knew name? When peoples would petted me they callded me Awwww. I lik that name do you?

After I chew my bone for a while I sleept reel quiet.

By for now,

April 21, 2009

Enough Already

Slick has had his fill of playful puppies. Our little angel with sprouting horns, Cinder, will not leave him alone; she is constantly biting his leg, ear, tail or what ever is within reach. Friday cannot come soon enough for Slick. However, what he doesn't know is that he has a carbon copy waiting for him at home.

Since we were told not to verbally correct the puppy, we put a chair on top of her, like in the Wizard of Oz, to keep her still and give Slick some peace and quiet:

Actually the two pups are getting along well. So well that we are worried how Cinder is going to be without a canine companion to harass and frolic with. I think that all three of us will miss the teacher when he leaves on Friday. He takes his job very serious.

Custard Dogs

Pictures from Culver's yesterday...words to follow later today.


Long Year

Echo has had quite an eventful first year.

Happy Birthday

April 19, 2009

New Dogs (SC)

After a month without any puppies, we picked up two this evening. Slick, who is almost a year old, enjoys lying by my feet as I type. Cinder, a three month old female, enjoys crawling under the bed (until she gets scared and cries).

Slick is finishing up his month long puppy raiser rotation. We are his last stop before he returns home later this week. He made himself at home, claiming the water bowl as his own. Since we only have one crate, Slick will have the run of the house.

After meeting Slick this evening Cinder has quickly learned to respect her elder. Cinder is planning an extended stay with us. We are piloting a new training program where the puppy stays with each puppy raiser for a two month interval. If she wasn't so cute she would be going back tomorrow; she cries a lot.

Skool Daze

Hello Fellow Pups!

I have had a very interesting few days.

First of all Nikki, Dale, Echo, Marlene, Marley, mom and dad and I went to visit lots of kids in a grade school in Beloit.

The kids sat on the floor while Nikki talked about what it is like to have a wonderful guide dog like Dale. She talked about how blind people use guide dogs to give them confidence and to walk quickly from place to place.

I thought it was interesting because someday I might grow up to be a Guide Dog too. But I have a LONG way to go, I'm just a little pup!

With dad or Marlene leading Dale or Echo, they demonstrated what it is like to walk with a guide dog to a couple of teachers.

After awhile, Marley and I were more interested in playing with each other than listening to all that human blah, blah blah. But at the very end of two assemblies, the kids pet us…and pet us… WOW! We were in doggie heaven.

Then, did you know that there are little crawly creatures in the grass? Mom and dad call them "bugs". I just think that they are fun to watch. Mom and dad don't think so because I forget to go potty when I am watching the bugs crawl around.

Our house also makes a funny gurgling noise when it rains. There is a long tube at the side of the house that makes noise. At the end of the tube, water comes out…as if my magic! Mom says that it is called a "gutter" and when it rains really hard, the gutter will make even more noise…. interesting….But I still like the bugs better-yum!

Well, I hope to see all my fellow pups at Culver's at the Beltline and Todd Drive on Monday!



April 17, 2009

Reports from the field

From Michelle....

Since I know Slick is big on the blog, and I don't usually get on, I thought I would send you a picture of him "at work" (aka: sleeping under my desk) As you can tell, he is REALLY stressed out here at the school district - NOT! So far he has done well. Few issues, but a very mellow guy overall.

He's ok. "Laggy" and reserved, but mello and quiet. He's gotten compliments from my coworkers on how nicely he just hangs out.

On the down side, he has gotten up from my desk 2x without me noticing until his tags jingled! He has also snuck out of the house (with both my husband and I as well as the kids) when a door is open and has not been noticed! We are working not exiting just because a door is open!

He does well with the dogs at my house, I think he has a thing for Carmen. He is so funny, any time he is near her, he makes the goofiest snorting noise. Nothing else, just snorts. Goofy!


April 15, 2009

Learning time

A word from the field from Slick:

Hello all!

It's me, Slick, reporting from Marlene's house. Do you know that Marlene has no sense of humor? She was eating cereal the other day and would not share with me! That is not fair! I thought I could get away with things when I was away from home!

Also, a cute Golden Retriever staying at Marlene's house did not appreciate me giving her "hugs" from the back…What is a pup to do, I THOUGHT she wanted to hug…

I did learn about screen doors now. Marlene made me write 50 times "I shall not go thru the screen door". So, now I won't go thru the door (at least at her house).

That's all for now fellow pups.

Reporting from the field,


Fun at Camp

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,

Here I am at Camp Granada

life is very entertaining

and they say I'll have some fun if it stops raining.

I went hiking with Joe Spivy.

He developed poison ivy

You remember Leonard Skinner

He got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner.

All the counselors hate the waiters

And the lake has alligators

And the head coach wants no sissies

So he reads to us from something called Ulysses.



I'm tough


Hi. This is Promise. How are you? I am fine! I are a tough girl!

I am the mostest sweetest girl too.

do you think I am sweet? This is my frist time getting to typ at my new Mom and Dad's compuuter thing. I am doing swel, huh?

I getting tried and sleep now so OK goodbye humans.


April 13, 2009

A new week

Hi All,

We're writing this short note together. Today Echo, Roxie, Deegan, and Slick all had their hips and elbows X-rayed to make sure we were in good bone shape before continuing our service dog careers. and the good news is all of us passed with Very Good or Excellent all around.

So because we all passed, this crazy rotation is going to continue!! Echo and Roxie are going to Nikki's, I, Slick am going to Marlene's and I, Deegan am going to Mark and Barb's. Here is a picture of us (Slick and Deegan) - can you tell which is which???

I, Deegan, settled into my new digs for the week with a little exercise out side with a Jolly Ball, a tasty dinner, greetings with the Pack - Reggie, Stitch and Promise.

The greetings were uneventful as expected - a sniff here, a lick there, a puppy nibble down there....

They just woke me up from a lazy nap by the fireplace (feels soooo good on a cold night) to put in my two cents.

And I, Slick will report more tomorrow once I figure out why in the heck humans insist on having two doors to go outside.

Nite Nite,

Slick and Deegan

No Worries

Woof there!

I just finished my rotation with Ernie. Marlene told Mom that I was not much trouble most of the time, but it seems that I liked to try to go thru their screen door. Mom and dad don't have a screen door, so that was a new experience for me! It smelled and sounded like outside...how was I supposed to know I wouldn't fit through those little holes??

Ernie also said I was a little lazy. Oh, well, (yawn) all this rotation round and round gets me tired!


April 12, 2009

Last Day of this rotation

Greetings fellow pups!

It's with sadness and also joy that I tell you I'm leaving here for another evaluation week with Nikki. They tell me after a couple days of "settling in" that I am a great pup, well behaved, and an asset to OccuPaws...whatever the heck that is.

This morning I had a chance to play with my pal Promise. She like to "pester" me when I'm resting by grabbing my collar or ear and pulling. I don't mind, in fact I hardly notice.

Then later today lots and lots of people came to the house. I watched them from my crate for a while, but then they let me loose to see if I learned to behave myself. Well folks, everyone said what a nice dog. I went around to each person and greeted them politely and then just camped out under the table waiting for food to fall, but none did...sigh.

Then they said I had to pass another test so they put a small human called Evan on the floor next to me. This time I learned not to run past him cuz tiny humans are not as stable on two feet as we are on four. Anyhow we became pals as Evan loved to hug and kiss me. I only kissed him back once.

Then he decided to scoot up on his back and wrap his legs around my neck and hug me. I just let him hug away and just laid my head on his tummy. It was very relaxing.

Tonight will be my third night of sleeping "in the open" and tomorrow off I go.
I'll try and send reports next week.