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August 31, 2008

Tyson John

After an early morning walk, 8am is early when I go to bed at 4am, and a little nap, we traveled to Cuba City. This was Echo's opportunity to visit with the Dodds family - some old faces and a few new faces. The newest face was Tyson.

Echo was greeted by two and a half year old Ty. Ty and Echo are the same height which is perfect for receiving constant puppy kisses or face cleanings for the messy eater. Either way Ty didn't appreciate them.

The two young ones played some fetch, but Echo thoroughly enjoyed playing Tug. He is not used to being able to win when he plays with Buddy.

On our way home, we stopped to pick up Buddy. This meant seeing Kane and Sable who weren't nearly as happy to see Echo as Buddy was. Buddy would not leave Echo alone. We may have some sibling rivalry to deal with.

Born To Run

Well it's Sunday morning and we just put Echo to bed. He spent all day in Milwaukee for the Bruce Springsteen concert. The day started at 10am and ended at 3am. Standing in line, walking, shopping, eating, riding a bus, and Harleys roaring everywhere.

Lisa was in the front row and I stayed with Echo about three people from the stage. A very nice couple from Colgate, WI helped provide security for Echo. I don't think he enjoyed the concert; he slept through the first two warm up acts and three and a half hours of "Boss Time". Even though not very active, Echo was still a crowd favorite.

Afterwards he was full of energy and ready to go. You'd have thought he was Born To Run . More meets and greets today than in his entire life.

We did one non-guide dog activity today. It was hot, so we let him wade in the fountain ouitside the Milwaukee Art Museum. Time for bed, we all travel to Cuba City tomorrow, actually later today.

August 30, 2008

Cousins Everywhere

I had a very fun day today. First of all, I took two walks in the morning with mom and my housemates. I am getting very good at ignoring my housemates while we walk.

Mom and dad went to the “Taste of Madison” today. Mom and Dad thought that there would be toooooo many people there for a puppy, so I was in the crate for several hours (alone). I don’t think I have been alone during the day for 5 hours before, so it was a new experience. It was OK though, because after my morning walks I was pretty tired.

My canine cousins came over this afternoon after the “Taste” so I had a great time playing with them. My mom is so proud of me because I play with the big dogs that want to play, but will leave alone the big dogs that don’t want to play.



Have Paws Will Travel

I encourage all dog owners to take a look at Information for Puppy Raisers - Arapahoe County. There are tips to benefit every dog owner.

This is a wonderful site. Be Careful, you may find yourself spending hours reading all the interesting advice and entertaining articles.

August 29, 2008


Echo has been sleeping downstairs by himself for the last two nights. He has also been in a different crate. No crying or maybe we just don't hear it :-)

On our walks today, Echo was working on SIT, DOWN, STAY, and HEEL. He has been doing the best on heeling which we only started on Monday night. Our focus the last few days has been "potty on command" without the cape/vest on. Potty without the cape will reduce the likelihood of accidents on outings.

Friday nights are Dog Whisperer nights. We all eat dinner watching two or three episodes of Cesar "fixing" other dogs. We always pick up a few tips that we have to try out immediately. Tonight's tip was never pull the leash back, only up or sideways. Echo enjoys watching and listening to the dogs on television.

Last night Lisa noticed that Echo was tentative walking at night. Shadows in the night are scary or unfamiliar. So we went for an evening walk tonight. He did well. We timed our walk to coincide with the end of a high school football game. Along with the darkness and shadows, we were able to work on SIT and DOWN with cars driving by, stereos blasting, girls screaming, boys running, etc.

Echo embraced the Night.


I had a very “easy” day today...sort of. First of all, I went to my best vet friend Dave Williams in Mount Horeb for my Rabies and Distemper (etc) shots. He is so nice. He gives me treats when I visit so I don’t mind lying down on this table (even though it is high up off of the ground). Dr. Dave says that I weight 37 pounds today! Not as much as Echo, but I am growing! When he gave me the shots, I didn’t even notice!

Then, we went off to breakfast where I was very good lying under the table.

Because mom and dad thought their hair was too long, we went to Cost Cutters in Middleton for a trim. I just observed the world very quietly under a chair while dad got his hair cut then, I was under dad’s chair when mom got her hair cut. I think my hair was short enough, as they did not get my hair cut.

It was such a beautiful day, so mom put me in the outside kennel for about an hour (all by myself) with a brand new yummy bone. I don’t think I even knew I was alone, as the bone was so yummy.

As for the rest of the day, mom said it was “OK” if I just “hung around”. She wanted to make sure that I felt OK after the shots. I feel fine, but I don’t mind being “lazy”.

August 28, 2008

Growing Up

I had a great 4-month birthday.

First of all, mom wanted to walk on the treadmill, so I chewed on a bone in my crate and then kept dad company. Then we went to Woodman’s, a large grocery store. On Thursday’s it is not too busy for a pup. Did you know that walking up and down isles, and leaving good smelling things alone is hard? We also practiced “sit”, “down” and “stay” while we were there. Lots of people wanted to pet me, but mom thought that I did not need to be pet today. I wanted to be pet…mom told me it had something to do with “self-restraint”.

After dropping off the groceries, we went to Costco with Mindy, mom’s oldest puppy. I was so good walking thru the deli department…it smelled so good!. At home, I discovered that Mindy had brought her canine puppies. We all played inside for a little while. I am almost as tall as one of her full-grown dogs!

In the evening, I had my Puppy II class. I am at the top of the class. While the rest of the class is working with the instructor learning how to do “baby” stuff, like “polite greetings”, “sit”, and very short “stays” and “come” from short distances, mom works on longer “stays”, “find heel”, “down” and “stand” and “come” from farther distances (she expects me to come VERY fast!). She says that having the other puppies around provides a great distraction for me.

Mom noticed that I had I passed a “milestone”. I lost a couple of my lower jaw baby teeth. I look really funny with a couple of spaces where teeth should be!

Today I visit the vet and get some shots, and find out how big I am!

Better Deal?

Thursdays are our simulated obedience class. This class takes place on our walk in the "real" world. In the real world, Echo loses focus. After receiving the SIT, he will stares into space oblivious to my existence. He knows what to do, but waits for the correction or slowly lowers his hindquarters to the ground while apparently lost in a dream. DOWNs are not much better, however, he is complying with the STAY command.

The last few weeks we have taught him the FIX IT command. We set him up to be on the wrong side of a pole or tree and ask him to fix the situation. Now if he spots a pole that may be a potential issue, he will avoid getting stuck.

On our walk, Echo met about a dozen dogs and a dozen people. After our walk, Buddy got to eat dinner and rest while we took Echo to Mounds. Each thought that the other received the better deal. Echo weighed in at 43 pounds this evening.

The pet store, the hardware store, and the grocery store were all uneventful. Echo was calm and unfazed by the various new sights and sounds. His nose was working overtime near the fertilizer and meat case. He performed his SIT and DOWN much better, almost perfect - less distractions in the store.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me...wheee I'm 4 months old today.

Party on Dog Dudes!

August 26, 2008

Jail Time...

Because last night was so busy, mom and dad were tired. Unfortunately, I woke up at 4:00 I the morning (I had to poop), and then the big dogs woke at 6:00. My system was “out of sync”. Normally I can sleep until 6:00 or 6:30. Dad fed my housemates and I at 6:00 a.m. After breakfast, I took pity on mom and dad, and let them wake up naturally at 7:30. I know that mom has trouble going back to sleep after waking up for me, and I wanted her to be awake for the rest of the day.

We had our usual visit at the nursing home. There were not a lot of people available to pet me because they had gone on a field trip…but Reggie and I had a great time with the remaining residents.

Arriving home, mom explained to me that it was important for me to learn to stay in the “kennel”. This is because some day when I am big and learning to be in harness, I will have to sleep in one. Now, I have seen the “big dogs” in the kennel, but I never thought I would have to be in one. Mom started me out by putting me in the kennel with my housemates. Hummm. It was almost like being inside. I can come into the indoor part of the kennel, which is in the garage, and then back outside to the outdoor part of the kennel. It was a beautiful day, and I could play with my friends if I wanted to. My friends showed me how to go thru the door flap too.

Mom then put me in the kennel alone for a little while. It still was OK because I could look at our back yard, and enjoy the beautiful summer day. Overall, it was an OK activity. Mom says that I will spend some more time in kennel to make sure that I am used to it, AND that I might enjoy being outside more on nice days, than stuck in a crate in the house.

I guess I am growing up a little bit every day.

Back Home Again

After the graduation ceremony on Friday night, Echo started a long weekend at Camp Morga. This time he got to spend it in the house with the other dogs. He even went to church on Sunday. Marlene said that he performed very well - she grades easier for the puppies.

On our way home from Kansas City, we stopped in Janesville to pick up Echo and for puppy training class. We also picked up Buddy, who was Kamp Kahl. They needed some "alone" time. It wasn't true alone time for either dog. Echo had the usual house full and Buddy spent the weekend with Carmen, Jay, and Archie. At the training session, near the mall, we worked on the usual SIT, DOWN, and STAY. However there were real world distractions, visual and aural: cars, motorcycles, bikes, puppies in front and behind, horns honking.

Echo settled back into his routine today with a solo morning walk. Every walk includes a heavy dose of SIT, DOWN, STAY with a few FIND HEELs (these are currently more for us to practice our technique). The afternoon walk included DOWN STAY as other dogs and people passed. I also had Buddy walk around and over Echo, who eventually learned to STAY, even as Buddy's new backpack hit him in the head.

To change things up, we moved Echo's crate, the place he sleeps and eats, again last night. His crate is now separated from Buddy; he will be sleeping alone. Echo's feedings are also changing to one primary feeding after the day's activities with only a half cup snack for breakfast. This approach works well for managing potty breaks while we are learning the proper times and places.

August 25, 2008


My day started out with a nice walk with mom, dad, and my two housemates Stitch and Reggie. I don’t walk with my housemates very often, so today was a real treat! Then, I went to lunch at a new restaurant with my favorite little person, Evan, and his mom and dad (mom and dad’s puppies). As usual, I just slept while they ate.

My afternoon was very leisurely, just hanging out in the crate and with dad while he programmed and cut the grass, (mom was washing windows).

But my evening was very confusing. It started out with an hour’s ride to Janesville where I met other Occupaws puppies. Did you know that I had to sit in a group of other puppies, and not play with them?? Then, I did a “down” with the puppies next to me, and a little boy walking around us. Mom was using a new way to tell me to “sit” and “down” by using the leash. I did not understand what she wanted at first. (To tell you the truth I don’t think that mom knew what to do at first either).

Then all the puppies walked up and down a street next to the Janesville mall, both heeling on the right side and the left side. I wonder what the drivers thought as we walked? We must have looked like a group of ducklings in a row, not a group of puppies! We worked on “look” (looking at trees again…..am I supposed to eat the branches or what?? I still don’t get it.), “get dressed”, “stand”, “find heel”, and “submission” where mom rubbed me with her foot and I just laid on the ground and enjoyed it.. This really nice lady demonstrated “left” and “right”. I bet that mom is going to work on teaching me the new way of learning this week. Then an hour ride back home.

Well, off to bed.

Sincerely, Slick

August 24, 2008

A Devil Day

I had a great time today! Mom, dad, mom’s puppy, her husband, one of their canine “kids” and I went to Devil’s Lake state park. There were lots of trails to walk on, other dogs and families to look at AND a lake to swim in. When we walked on the trails, mom reminded me that I am not supposed to “greet” strangers that are just walking by us.

When I swam in the lake, mom kept me on a long leash so that I would keep in the shallow part of the lake, and would not bother other dogs. After we arrived back home, mom gave me a bath because I was full of sand. She also cleaned my ears to make sure that they were dry.

I was tired after the bath and supper, so mom and dad left me at home when they went back into town.

It was a very fun day.

August 23, 2008

A Capitol Day

Today was Farmer’s market on the Capitol Square in Madison. It was so much fun. Mom and dad took me early so it would be cool and not crowded. There were flowers, vegetables, cheese, and all sorts of different kinds of people! Musicians were playing guitars, violins, and even washtubs! I even had a policeman pet me! What fun!

While we were there, mom and dad took me inside the Capitol Building. In order to get into the building, I needed to go thru a rotating door. It was pretty small, so mom made sure that my tail did not get caught. I was a little frightened, but mom made sure that I got lots of treats, so it was not so bad. We walked around the building, and I even saw what the rotunda looked like.

Do you know that there are holes in the ground that have air come out of them? On the way back to the car, we walked over a grate in the sidewalk that had so much air coming out of it, that my ears flew away from my head,,,, as if I was riding in a car. At first I did not want to walk over the grate, but mom told me to “let’s go” so I did (several times).

The rest of the day, I just “hung out” around the house. My favorite “little person” came over for a little while, so we played together. We seem to understand more and more how to play so each of us has fun. Other than that, I cuddled with mom and dad and slept. I’ve had some busy days and mom thought a good restful afternoon and evening would be good for me.

Echo's Future

Tonight Echo saw his future, hopefully. We attended the graduation ceremony for Gilbert and Allison. This is OccuPaw's first placement with two more dogs ready to join this pair. Nary a dry eye in the house.

This was Echo's first time out for dinner. He stayed out of the way and remained in a DOWN even with all the temptations, running children and friendly dogs. He received the most attention from Megan, who was accompanied by her guide dog Kirby.

No interesting pictures of Echo, but we did get a few of Dale. He seems to get along well with his "litter mates".

August 22, 2008


This morning, sporting my “Mr. T.” collar, we went to breakfast at a place I had never been before, “The Original Pancake House” in Middleton. Everybody was so nice to me. The hostess even put us in a booth that was extra large so I had lots of extra room. As we went in, I asked mom if I could have some pancakes, but she said no.

While we were in town, we stopped at the new Costco store in Middleton. There were lots of people milling about with big carts. I was not afraid of anything because mom told me that eventually, my human partner would need me to be helpful in stores. As school has not started yet, kids were everywhere!

Mom taught a little girl how to ask to pet me. She had started to come up behind mom without asking, so mom did a little education. She told the little girl that no all dogs are as friendly as I am, and she should always ask before petting a dog. One of the staff members who works in membership services, even remembered my name from a couple of days ago. Everybody is soooo nice! They think I am so cute. Being a boy, I think I am handsome…after all my ears and head are growing and getting very “manly” looking

I slept this afternoon while mom quilted, and dad worked on a web site. Tonight, we will be going out to dinner with one of mom and dad’s very good friends. He likes dogs. I wonder if I will get a little “pet” from him? I can only hope.

August 21, 2008

Mr T

My day was pretty quiet… the usual morning walk, and afternoon walk, “sit”, “down”, “stand”, “fix”, “stay”,,,, enough with the repetition, I understand the commands (mostly).

But tonight, mom and dad took me to the first class in Puppy II. Mom said I was distracted…What does she expect? The class had all new puppies to meet and smell, it is a different time of night than my other class, AND, I am getting a little bit older and more independent. I did what she asked (mostly),,, looked at her on occasion, “sat” most of the time when asked, laid down (mostly), and did the “stay” command (for a few seconds).

What mom really did not like was the amount that I pulled on the leash. I did not pull all of the time, so I think she is being “unfair”….BUT she is forgiving. She said that for the next class, I’m going to have a different collar. She says it is all silvery so I will look like Mr. T. (whatever that means).

Happy Birthday

Echo turned four months old today.

This morning Echo seemed a little out of sorts. He was tired and didn't want to leave his crate. It had been eight hours so we went for a short walk to potty. I got ready for work, while Echo recovered. Before I left, Echo and Buddy were overly active. Echo and I walked to the park for a long walk. We met Maddie and the Spice Girls (Tarragon, Chervil, and Rosemary?)

Tonight we celebrated by holding our own simulated training session, concentrating on SITs DOWNs and STAYs with plenty of distractions. Buddy received a much needed refresher. They both know what the commands mean, they just chose not to obey until slightly corrected.

As a birthday treat Echo received the last of the Littlest Hobo Dog Cookies.

August 20, 2008


We were up very early this morning, so Echo and I took a long walk down to Main Street as the 6am commuters were leaving for work. We will try anything to see Marty - it's been so long.

Echo went to the drug store this afternoon and walked the aisles. A trip to the drug store would not be complete without a treat from Echo's favorite store clerk. Today he received a shortbread cookie.

The evening walk benefited Buddy more than Echo. He has a fascination with bicycles that pass by the house. Not sure why but he barks uncontrollably. The bike ride started at the park tonight so it was a good training opportunity to have them let bicycles pass unmolested.

We walked to the library to drop off a book, with a stop to work on the playground equipment, before continuing on downtown. There happened to be an adolescent music recital preparing to start. We took a break to practice DOWN STAY and meet/greet some kids. We only stayed for a few singers, in part because we needed to get the dogs home to eat.

Tonight was grooming and cradle night :-).


Today started out going to breakfast at my favorite spot, Shelton’s in Cross Plains. Everybody from the patrons to the waitresses, love to talk and pet me… all with “polite greetings” of course. Patrons will come right over to mom and dad’s table and sit down to talk.

I had a quiet time in the afternoon because mom and dad took my housemates to the library for the R.E.A.D. program. Stitch and Reggie love to listen to kids read to them.

Then, we went to dinner at the Olive Garden. The Program Director for WAGs is leaving and everybody was saying good-bye. She is one of my favorite people, so I am going to miss her. Dinner took about two hours and I was very good! I needed a potty break about half way through, but I went right back to sleep under the table. I wish I knew how to tuck my tail under my body so it won’t get stepped on if I am next to the chair, rather than under the table.

Tomorrow is the first day of class for Puppy II Obedience. I wonder what I will learn in the new class?

August 19, 2008


I had an absolutely fantastic day! After my walk, mom, dad, Stitch and I went to Ingleside Nursing home. At the Nursing Home, there was a lady who rarely talks and does not move her arms very well. I helped her with a big belly laugh, AND she moved her arms to pet me. I was so pleased with myself! I really felt like I did some real good today.

After dropping Stitch off at home, we went to an outdoor shopping center. I don’t quite understand what mom means when she says “look” and points to low hanging branches. Do you want me to sit and see how pretty the branches are?? While walking around the shopping center, we “discovered” the Orvis outfitter store. I visited with a couple of the staff members, and was allowed to practice sitting in a canoe,….just in case when I grow up my human partner will want to go canoeing. After all that walking mom and dad were hungry, so I kept mom and dad company while they ate. Then, off to Copps food store to buy eggs and bread. (Didn’t they just eat?? Why do we have to buy food?) Finally, home and a nap….

The best part of the day was tonight. Costco had their “pre-opening” open house. There were lots and lots of people. We walked up and down the isles and walked around tables with food on them… you would think that the way the humans were huddled around the tables, that there was a famine. I was pet by a police officer, a man in a wheel chair,,,, and a lady who saw me and said “that is an English lab”, among others. Mom said that I behaved PERFECTLY.

We practiced “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “polite greetings”. I was not afraid of the number of people, the cars in the parking lot, and best of all, I did not pee on the concrete floor. Mom says we are going to train here again! The isles are long and straight, and would be a good place to practice turning left and right, as well as walking in straight lines. Mom and dad gave me extra petting as I was so good.

Now, off to bed, being good is HARD.


My day started out with a wonderful walk…. Mom did not go very far as it was already getting humid and hot. But then we went to WAGs for some more video training for mom and playtime for me. Irish, a Golden Retriever that is two weeks older than I am was there. Irish used to be afraid of playing with me, but now we both know how to play, so we get along great. (In the picture mom took, I look really scary, but we are just playing.) Irish and I practiced “hanging out”,,,, the art of lying down quietly, without prompting when mom is busy and another dog is nearby. Mom says my recall is really getting good. I don’t know what “recall” means, but I sure like to run to her when she calls.

After WAGs, mom took me to Joann Fabrics. The staff at Joann’s loves puppies. They asked mom who I was, and how old I was. It was so much fun. Mom was very proud of me because I walked very nicely and left items alone that were on the shelves. We also taught a little girl about how to approach a dog,,, making sure to ask before petting. “May I pet your dog?” Sometimes I feel like a “doggie ambassador”.

This afternoon we worked on “sit” “down”, “stand”, and “wait”. I am having a little trouble with “stand”, but mom says I’ll figure it out. It was way too hot to walk again.

August 18, 2008

First Training

Both Echo and Buddy received treats from the Littlest Hobo Dog Bakery today. The dogs loved them which isn't saying much because they eat everything. Aunt Rose, the one who got us in to this puppy raising hobby, bakes them with all natural ingredients and a touch of love.

Echo had his first official training class this evening. Many of the OccuPaws puppies were there: Oliver, Lilly, Moby, and Archie. We practiced the usual Sit, DOWN, STAY. Having the dogs sit and behave with all the distractions, which included two boys running through them yelling and a German Shepard running around them, is a mental challenge. The most difficult part for Echo was staying still for so long.

Each dog also got some time "on the table". The trainers work them over from head to toe - to check if we have been cradling and touching their paws. They even did nail trimming. The finale on the table was "preparing" each puppy for their hip x-rays. As you can see Echo was outnumbered three to one.

The highlights of the advice/guidance were:
1. Guide dogs never potty in their vest or harness and always on the right side
2. Have the dogs FIND and LOOK
3. Practice SIT, DOWN, SIT and DOWN, SIT, DOWN
4. No formal training commands
5. Practice RIGHT and LEFT and BACK

If I forgot anything, I am sure that we will hear it again next week. As Marlene says "Training a Puppy Raiser is boring" - repetition, repetition, repetition. Next time I will take notes.

August 17, 2008

Pool Time

Well, originally mom and dad were going to the Milwaukee zoo and leave me at her puppy's house. But, plans changed, and I had a really nice Saturday hanging out with a one year old lab named Lady at my house. Lady is not quite sure how to play, so I had to teach her.

But Sunday! WOW! First of all mom took one of my housemates, Stitch for her Delta recertification. Stitch re-passed as a complex dog so we can keep visiting at the nursing homes together. Good going Stitch! Dad took me for a walk when mom was gone. It was good exercise for dad.

After mom and dad went to the Waunakee airport for breakfast (they left me at home), Evan (my favorite little person), Mike (one of mom's puppies), dad and mom went to Mindy's house. Guess what! There was a small pool on the back deck!

I splashed in the water with the other dogs and Evan. The water is so cool when you are outside playing on a hot day. But, did you know that you are not supposed to pee in the pool? I did pee in the pool, so all the water was dumped out and re-filled. What did I know? I've never been in a baby pool before.

I met one of Mindy's cats too. West (the cat) let me play and sniff her. Evan made sure that West and I played "nice". I'm not sure if West isn't a dog in cat's clothing. (Yawn) I guess it is time for bed.

Long Day

Yesterday started bright and early with a long walk. Then a long drive to Cuba City. Echo met some new people whose ages ranged from four months to 87 years old. Neither extreme was too enamored with the licking puppy.

Echo experienced the sights, sounds, and smells of a new location which always tests "our" housebreaking. We failed this test. We also picked up a precious package - our goddaughters (aged 2&4). Lexie worked Echo hard on a few walks. She was eager to learn the puppy training commands. Both trainer and trainee were frustrated by the other's inexperience. The day ended with a long noisy drive home and finally puppy's dinner.

Today we were up early for our walks and took care of the kid's breakfast. After breakfast Echo walked to the playground to play with the kids before they left for home. And then we rested. On the evening walk we visited two playgrounds to do more surfaces and tunnels. Echo still enjoys the slide. Before bed, Echo got he ears cleaned which he did not enjoy

August 15, 2008


What a beautiful day. I played hooky from work to spend the day with the dogs (and take a long bike ride)

As usual a long walk in the morning to sap some energy and make them work for their breakfast. After some rest in the crates, it was time for some supervised play. Another walk after returning from my ride and eating lunch. Echo, Buddy, and I napped on the floor together before our afternoon walk.

We were walking by the park and we saw Echo's friends drive by in their truck. So we decided to stop and have more play time with Kane and Sable. It had been a long time since we had seen them. Then Victoria showed up, the old gang was reunited.

We ended up walking near the creek and Echo decided that a swim would be nice. He followed the other dogs in. After exiting the stinky water and startingto dry off, Echo tried to get Kane to play - no success. Then he tried Sable - no success. Then Buddy - no success. Finally Victoria - no success. All four older dogs refused to play, the puppy has too much energy. Finally Buddy had enough and chased him away.

Then it was home for a much needed bath. We all played frisbee to dry out a little before going to the farm and then out to eat. Echo's favorite toy has been the frisbee, when Buddy lets him have it.

We are debating taking Echo to a Bruce Springsteen concert. Buddy has told him all about it so he really wants to go.


I had a great day today. My favorite little person, Evan, came over today. We played and played and played. Evan even went to where mom and dad store my food and tried to give me some. Unfortunately, mom and dad told Evan not to give me food out of the food bin. (I was SO disappointed!)

We also did the same things we do every day, “sit”, “down”, “stand”, “under”, and polite greetings.

Then we went to supper with two of mom and dad’s friends. We were able to sit outside while we ate…..what fun!

Party Photos

Heidi's Graduation Party

August 14, 2008


Boy, did I have a BUSY day! It started out slow, because mom was walking on the treadmill, and I was in my kennel watching. For some reason, she does not want me to help her walk when she is on the treadmill…

Then, mom, dad and I went to the UW student union terrace. Was that fun! There were lots of birds, and different kinds of people. When we were sitting on the terrace, small birds wanted to come very close to me to say “Hi”. Mom told me to “sit” or “under”, and with great effort I stayed where I was.

After mom and dad had lunch on the terrace, Mom took me inside the student union to some very steep, enclosed stairs. At first, I did not want to go up them, but dad went to the top of the stairs and called me. I figured if he went first, it was OK. So, I followed him up the stairs, then we walked down the stairs. After that, we walked down Langdon street where buses were going down the road making all sorts of funny noises. The buses did not bother me! When we were walking everybody wanted to pet me because I looked so cute. (I am adorable, after all.)

Then, off to WAGs to play with Henna, a one year old Golden who is going to be placed as a full service dog this fall. We had great fun! When I was drinking water there, I drooled. Fortunately, mom said it was OK to drool there.

THEN off to floor shopping….. Mom and dad are looking for wood flooring for a house they are going to renovate. We visited two places. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Mindy (mom’s puppy), her husband, and her “canine kids” came over for dinner tonight too! I am sure I will sleep well tonight, even though I had “puppy naps” all day long.

Life is GREAT!


Yesterday Echo's split canine tooth was very loose. I was tempted to pull it out, but couldn't do it. A Friday deadline was set. Lucky for Echo and me it fell out today. The fact that I gave him 100% dry food today (no water to soften it), might have helped it along some. All of his adult front teeth are poking through. However, the other three canines are pretty solid, so he may be toothless for a week or two.

The two days we have worked on patience and staying calm. Echo went to a restaurant and cell phone store. He did a good job lying down and being quiet. That is after the owner of the restaurant greeted him in her high pitched excited voice. Lucky dog - she just happened to have some dog treats behind the counter.

Other than those two outing just more of the same. In the house and on our walks we practice, practice, practice: SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, HALT, LEAVE IT, FIX IT. As Marlene says "Dog training is very boring. Repetition, repetition, repetition." Echo's most amazing trick is that on our walks he stops to potty every five minutes. At night he can go eight hours without a break - Lucky us.

August 13, 2008


My day started out pretty routine,, first, my “usual” walk in the morning. Then, while dad programmed the computer, and mom quilted, I watched dad type. But, all of a sudden, we got into the car, and drove to Sun Prairie to meet my human sister, where I played with her “canine kids”.

Mindy (mom’s human puppy) has a ceramic floor in the kitchen. I had a lot of fun dropping bones on it and making lots of noise! As usual, when we went to eat lunch I was very good, just sleeping under the table. Suddenly, there was a THUNDERSTORM. I did not mind the noise, but I did get wet as we were eating outside.

Mom told me today that I have a “hollow leg”. I don’t know what that means, all I know is that I have been very hungry, and she gives me more food. I must be growing again, as I am not getting FATTER, just BIGGER.

Isn’t life interesting?

August 12, 2008

Fix It

Another normal "pet" day for Echo.

We have been reinforcing the usual commands: SIT, DOWN, COME, LEAVE/DROP IT, which he does fine in the house. Outside with distractions is another story. The puppy loses focus and becomes deaf to human speech.

On our independent walks the last few days Echo has learned the FIX IT command. I will set him up to be on the opposite side of a pole or tree from me. He now gets on the correct side almost immediately.

Wake Up Call

Last night, at 1:00 in the morning, I had to go potty! I have not had to wake up in the middle of the night for weeks. But, mom took me out without protest. She says because of class, I was fed later than usual. (I guess what goes in, has to come out…) I haven’t thought about that before, but I’ll bet she is right.
Today, I took my usual morning walk. I did not see any grasshoppers. Are they hiding from me now?

Then, off to the nursing home, where everybody says that I am getting bigger. It was even easier for more people pet me while sitting in their wheel chairs. I MUST be getting taller. Mom picked me up a few times to set me on top of a chair to help some people pet me easier. Because I am getting heavier, she said this might be the last week for her to pick me up.

On the way home, my housemate Reggie (who went to the nursing home with me) and I slept pretty soundly in the car.

After dropping off Reggie at home, Mom and dad went to breakfast at Shelton’s with me. I just slept under the table. When we got home, mom needed to quilt and dad had to program, so I just slept under a table in her room.

Graduation Slick

My day started out with a wonderful walk. Today was recycle day, so everybody had really fun things put out on the curb. I explored everything that looked interesting. We did not walk far, but I had fun. I also “discovered” jumping insects. Mom calls them “grasshoppers”. I guess as fall comes there will be more of them, but the one I saw this morning was really BIG and jumped really FAR!

Then we went off to the WAGs building to play with a new friend, a one year-old Golden retriever by the name of Happy. Happy is just about ready to be placed as a home help mate. Happy and I played a lot. Even though she is bigger than I am, we were able to figure out how to have fun together. After playtime, I was tired, so I slept in a crate while mom watched a video on how to work a dog off leash. We already do some of the things they talked about on the video, so I was proud of mom. Mom also had me walk on a grate, as she heard that some puppies are afraid of big grates. But I did not mind, I just sat right down on it!

After a short nap at home, I went to my last Puppy I class. I Graduated! I am so proud of myself. Because it was the last day, part of the class was spent running thru tunnels, looking at vacuum cleaners, and jumping thru hoops. Some of my classmates were afraid of the tunnel, but I thought it was FUN! We also had a recall contest…. I lost because I went to another person who was calling their dog, rather than mom. I start Puppy II classes next Thursday, I wonder if I will meet new friends…..??

August 11, 2008

Graduation Dually

Heidi and Dually Update

I Walk Alone

Echo walked alone ... on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

He usually walks with Buddy which has helped get and keep him walking at times. However, our training with Buddy has become lax and Echo's training needs to become more focused. It was time to give them each more individual attention.

We were able to focus on Echo and he wasn't distracted by Buddy. He did well by himself today. After the walk he ate by himself and then was left home alone in the crate - good practice because he is rarely alone.

To save time, we will still walk them together. Our goal is one independent long walk per day.

August 10, 2008


Since we had another busy day planned, Echo received a smaller breakfast than usual. He makes up the calories at dinner time. It's not so bad considering that we used to feed Buddy once a day.

First on Echo's agenda was the Pet Fest in Madison. We got there a little early to acclimate the dogs. Buddy was able to tag along for this one. Echo bothered Dale for a while and was very excited to see Slick and Divit, along with the other hundred dogs and humans. He was particularly happy to see Nala, his playmate from the Hound Huddle.

Echo's response to commands was greatly affected by the distractions today. One on one he is excellent with SIT, ECHO, and COME. Today there were times that he "pretended" not to hear me. A couple more weeks and his puppy permit expires.

Second was Heidi's graduation party in Beloit. After dropping Buddy off at home, Echo was reacquainted with Envy, Ozzy, Dually, and Hooch. They sniffed, chased, and romped. Echo had fun chasing balloons until they would burst. He was a little cautious after the first ones, but was relentless. Before leaving, Echo stopped at the playground to do some surface and stair work prior to his famous "Bambi" slide.

The reason we left Buddy at home was because we had to make a stop at the vegetable farm and grocery store. Echo was one tired dog, but persevered through the shopping. He needs work; he checked out every spot on the floor. More importantly, he did wait to potty until we unloaded the groceries :-)

Dog Fair

Mom was quilting yesterday so I just “hung out” by her feet. Of course, we took our walk… but we mostly hung out. I was very good.

But TODAY! The first thing we did was mom took me for a long walk. I walked with my housemates, Reggie and Stitch, by myself, and then just with Stitch. Then, WOW! I went to a dog fair, and played with some of my favorite OccuPaws pups. There was Echo, and Divit, and of course, Dale. There might have been other puppies there, but I don’t remember their names. I was, as usual, excited to see my friends and pulled, forgetting my manners…. Nikki said that is OK because she would be worried if I wasn’t excited to see my friends.

I played a lot, and I met lots of people. Dad took me into a baby pool that was at the dog fair, so I could swim. I did not like that very much. Mom brought a water bowl, so my favorite spot was hanging my head in the water bowl, and lying down next to it, that kept me cool. Every so often, I would take a very short nap before being social again. I was so tired that one time I almost fell asleep sitting up!

On the way home, I fell asleep almost immediately in the car. When we got home, I ate dinner, and again fell asleep. I am so tired. I think tomorrow is my last puppy class. I’ll bet that I will be well rested! Mom has signed me up for a Puppy II class.

August 9, 2008

Waste Management

Our day started as usual only a little later than usual. A long morning walk followed by a small breakfast (waste management). A short nap before a painful trip to the veterinarian. Echo received a couple injections and a lot of treats from the vet. He weighed in at a healthy 37 pounds.

A quick stop at the library to practice sitting by the counter and then we finished up the morning with an hour of puppy play time at the Hound Huddle. This week Echo matched up well with a fifteen week Airedale and a four month old Shepard. Their size, energy, and temperament were compatible. They all played non-stop for the one hour, with the exception of a brief halftime.

After play time, Echo received the rest of his breakfast. Echo was tired from all the activity and injections, so he napped all afternoon. When he woke up it time for our evening walk which included a stop at the playground and another ride down the slide. He must like it.

August 8, 2008

Bowling Pictures

Team Echo:

Our Star:

Cheering Section:

All these dogs and no Echo in sight (Can you name them?):

August 7, 2008

Grocery Day

Echo lost two more teeth today - Extra water on his food to soften it :-)

On our morning walk, Echo and I met up with the bad dogs. They have attacked Buddy in the past, yet they are still off leash. The owners says that "They are good dogs" and "That's the first time." After three previous occasions, I know better, so as they approached I scooped Echo up. Not sure if the owner heard me tell him to control his dogs because he was 75 yards away. Lisa saw them again this afternoon and had to turn back toward home.

Echo went to the grocery store, not once but twice today. He was very frustrated in the meat section. His nose was working overtime. His favorite spot was the frozen food section, every time the doors were opened he got a blast of cool refreshing air. Very boring - walk. sit, stay, walk, sit, down, stay, ...

We have stopped sewing up the dog toys. Now when the dogs start to rip the stuffing starts out, we finish it. They get to keep the skin.

Once again it was a wonderful day. First, mom took me for about a one-mile walk when it was cool. Then, my favorite little human, Evan, came to visit. He and I like to “hang out” together. After he was picked up, we went to Woodman’s grocery store.

This is the first time mom took me to this grocery, as it is very big with lots of kids and carts. While dad shopped, mom had me hang out at the end of isles, walk up and down the isles, and because I was being so good, I was able to have somebody pet me. The doors, carts, and little people did not bother me at all. Mom even took me down the pet food isle, and I left everything alone! But, I will say that the rawhide bones looked really good!

Then, I had a really good nap, followed by another one-mile walk. It is really fun to be a puppy!

August 6, 2008


Mom and I started out our day with a walk. It was so nice and cool this morning! I don’t like it when it is hot and Mr. Sun is shining really brightly.

Mom had to get a new battery today…. I was able to ride along to the gas station. Whew does it stink, all the gas and oil smells. But, the people were very friendly and I was pet by all of them. It was fun.

While mom had to go to the dentist, I hung out with dad in the computer room. I just went under the desk and was very quiet so he would not think I was there. We also had a visitor, so I practiced my door manners. Sit, and wait while somebody comes thru the door. I’m getting very good at door manners!

Tonight, I played with one of my housemates, Stitch. I look like a lion in one picture, and I the other I am pulling really hard… Stitch did not have to work very much at all. She just sat there and held onto the toy…I wonder if I will grow up as big as her and make her work hard when we play?

Mom and dad are going to put me in a larger crate tonight… I have outgrown my first one!