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October 31, 2008

Hello Buddy

Buddy and I met up with Echo and Lisa in Cuba City on Thursday. Our greeting with Echo was less than perfect. He was so happy to see us and not calm. Actually I am not sure if he was happier to see me or Buddy.

With the abundance of visitors entering and leaving the apartment, we were able to work on calm greetings. Every day there were at least two new people coming to provide health care for Lisa's father. Echo did well with the greetings and DOWN STAYs to keep him out of the way.

October 30, 2008

Dogs Everywhere

Bowie Wowie!

Fun day today. Mom took me to West Towne today and I got to see another WAGS Golden Girl - Jordan. We got to walk all over the place together and walk past each other and pretend not to notice each other.

Then we had to lay down next to each other and NOT play - that was tough.

Then off in the car to pick up my human cousin Evan at the no wall house that has walls. We got to play together all afternoon!!

This next part is so embarassing I can hardly tell it. We went to "Ruffin It" for a fund raiser and I thought to have my handsome picture taken...nobody told me I had to look like a bunny rabbit though.

The shame of it all - but I did get to see Jordan again

and also a really big girl Golden - Henna. She told me she was getting a job at a forever home next month, but was sad to leave her trainer-Mike.

Sleepy time now,



With the days getting shorter and the change in schedule Echo has been walking at in the dark more often. Lisa reports that he is having a difficult time adjusting to the darkness.

Familiar objects in the daylight are spooking the little guy. Maybe it's just apprehension caused by Halloween. The ghost like white grocery bags flying by have been the scariest. Last night Echo had to make friends with a few plastic garbage bags sitting at the curb.

Echo will get plenty of practice next week with the end of daylight savings time.

October 29, 2008

Sit Sit Sit

Woof, Woof.

Do you have any idea how boring it is going out to breakfast, and then being asked to lay down under the table? Well, mom and dad did that to me again today. We went to Shelton’s in Cross Plains with Evan (my 20 month old human cousin). I was very good on the leash, sat when asked, and then told to go under the table. Hum.. Not fair! After breakfast though, I was able to talk with the chef, bartender, and the regular group of guys that go there for breakfast. Mom makes me sit while being petted, but it still is fun.

This afternoon, I went to Walcott’s with Mike, mom’s puppy to get a couple of folding tables from their going out of business sale. I said “good-bye” to many of my friends there. Once again, I had to sit while being greeted.

Mom has been working me pretty hard at door manners. Our new Fuzz Ball goes in and out of the front door fifty times a day to go potty, and I am expected to sit quietly and wait when mom goes in and out. It sure can be tough on a guy!

Mom has had a cold, so she has not felt like walking too much, but she says that It is supposed to me nice tomorrow and she will take me for a walk outside. Then, we will meet a WAGs dog at West Towne. The other puppy (Jordan) and I need work on distractions, so what better way than to meet at West Towne and practice?

Well, that is all for now!


October 28, 2008

Lazy Day

Hi there,

Well, today was a pretty easy day for me. My other dog pals decided to wake up early this morning, but I was sleepy so I didn't do any shaking or huffing to wake up everyone else so I got fed first.

Then while Mom was making food I got to get treat after treat just for touching a silly piece of paper with my nose. Dad would make the paper stay on a wall or desk and then he said something and I knew...touch it and his hand snapped and then...food. Again and again. He thought he was being clever when he put the paper up high, but I still touched it. Crazy how excited he got - he just kept feeding me.

Then my pal Evan came over to play with me and Juno. I guess I got a little excited cuz after I ran around a little (I know, in the house is bad) I got a time out. It was fun racing up and down the hall though.

Then tonight the fire was burning and the room got so warm and zzzzzzzzzzz.


Lisa and Echo went to Cuba City on Sunday morning. They will be staying for the week spending time with her parents. So it's just Buddy and I home alone. Echo updates will be minimal, but I can share some episodes from the past few weeks that didn't make it to the blog.

It was a rainy night last week and we had walked Echo before dinner. He came back and drank a lot of water. Since it was raining our normal routine was changed because we really didn't want to go outside. Did I mention that Echo drank a lot of water.

Lisa was baking and I was working on the computer. Echo was helping Lisa when he started to potty in the middle of the kitchen floor. Caught in the act, he was figuratively "tossed" outside where he proceeded to potty for another minute. Echo must have been completely full. Because I took the dogs for a walk about fifteen minutes later and he had to potty for another thirty seconds.

It was our fault for not being more aware. He doesn't have a good signal since we stopped using the bells on the door. My assessment is that Echo is completely house broken, but Lisa and I are only 99.9 percent trained.

October 27, 2008

Sky is Falling

Last night Echo had his first experience with snow flurries. Initially he was wondering what kept hitting him in the head. He didn't like that much. Once he figured out what it was and that it didn't hurt, he started to chase the flakes and try to eat them. Eventually he became complacent and ignored the falling sky.

His reactions were very similar to his experiences with bubbles. Fortunately Buddy wasn't needed to reassure and teach him.

October 26, 2008

"Dawg Daze"


What a fun day...sort of. Mom and Dad got me up way too early to go to breakfast (I got nothing) with my new playmate Juno. I was on the floor the whole time (ahem) while She sat on Mom's lap!

Then it was off to pick up Nikki and my bud Dale to go to Dawg Daze in Janesville.

I was really happy to see all my Monday Night friends and especially my birth mom - Roxie, but noooo - sniffs, licks, greetings or nothing! Sit and down, down and sit, blah blah blah. Don't they know any other words?

At least Dad let me go out and play with everydog for a little while. All the running did slow me down a little.

He forgot to put on my prongie thingie collar when I came in - silly man. I was way stonger than him and took him to meet and greet all the other great dogs. Then came the collar of doom and I was all quiet again - I'm no fool.

Then they ate Red Robins for lunch I think...I thought I was the only one who liked birds. Go figure. After sleeping in the car for a while we stopped at the house with no walls but surprise - it had walls!!!



Busy as a Bee

Mom has sure been keeping me busy yesterday.

Friday night after my typical walk I went out to dinner with mom and dad’s friends. For some reason, I did not want to be “still” under the table. Mom did not get frustrated, but just kept putting me in the down position. I wanted to be at the edge of the booth so that I could look out at the people easier, but mom wanted me against the wall. That’s no fun!

Of course, at night I had to teach our new WAGs puppy how to play. Mom and dad say I still want to play a little too hard, so they make me lie down and “settle”.

On Saturday, we had a car ride to Nicki’s where we dropped off a few DVDs. Mom saw Nikki’s new puppy,,,she says that it is cute!

Then off to CGC class at Badger kennel Club. During our “down/stay” mom jumped up and down like she wanted me to come….Even after I was told to “stay”. Mom took me back to the spot where I was supposed to stay and put me on a down again. We need to practice mom jumping around during my down stay another time. Mom also said that I was too friendly with the other dogs while on leash, so she is going to work with me on that. After class, she made me sit and watch the puppy class walk in and out of the building. I did not exactly sit, so we are going to do that for the next few weeks until I have it “down”. We are also going to go to Nikki’s today before we go to Janesville and practice “polite” dog greetings.

Hmmm, I’m polite, I just like to say “Hi”, and sniff while I am on leash. What is wrong with that??? Mom and dad are such party poopers. My CGC test is November 22. Mom says that I will be ready by then.

After CGC class, I went to Walcott’s sewing and vacuum, to see my human friends there before they close the business. Then home for a nap. Mom did not sleep...she let Juno out of the crate and took her for a short walk and training session.

Next we went to Mounds to exchange a bag of dog food, and buy a new pooper-scooper (ours broke). Then, off to Target where mom bought me a dumb looking Halloween costume for a doggie event in Madison. Costume? I don’t want to look like a bumblebee!!! With wings too! Yuck!

Well, that is all for now!


Three Periods

We had a birthday party in Tomah today which meant long periods spent in the car driving to and fro. But that didn't stop Echo from attending his first Badger hockey game tonight. As usual he drew quite a bit of attention. Not many people approached us, but everyone noticed and commented on "the dog".

When we first got to our seats Echo looked around from the third deck. The Bucky Badger mascot skating on the ice caught his attention for a short period of time. He seemed somewhat timid. Then he backed under my seat and laid down without prompting. He might be so accustomed to sitting like that or he might have found that to be comforting. He will get more practice during the next five months at the Kohl Center and in Washington DC in April.

Echo reacted the same way every time we returned to our seats. He remained still, in a DOWN, throughout each period. The only time his eyes wandered were when the spectator next to me dropped a small piece of popcorn. He left that piece alone and all the other food items when we walked a lap and took a potty break during intermissions.

October 24, 2008


During the last week we have been working with Echo on keeping his head up when walking. He needs to pay attention - no sniffing the ground and looking for edibles.

Our trip to the grocery store was just a continuation on that theme, however there are more temptations. Echo did well even when he spied a cookie on the floor, a quiet LEAVE IT was all it took. He watched the cookie pieces intently as we slowly walked past, but didn't make a move for them.

October 23, 2008


Of course we had to go back to the library this evening to see Echo's new young friend. On the way there we met some old friends at the park and played for a bit. Echo hadn't seen Maddie, Izzy, Windsor, and Jersey for a few months. They were all surprised at how much he had grown. Echo is almost as big as Jersey who is three months his senior.

Our little friend greeted us at the entrance to the library and followed us to my chair. He said that he even remembered Echo's name and we found out that his name is Will. He asked about the pockets on the cape. That's where we store his potty bags; he has to carry the bags for his dog. He also asked about the spot on Echo's head which happened playing with Buddy. Then we talked about Buddy and his dog, a golden retriever mix.

Last week he mentioned that he wasn't allowed to pet Echo, but this week he snuck in a few pats on the head while constantly looking around. I asked if he would get in trouble for petting a dog and he said that it was okay as long as the dogs were nice and didn't bite. He kept looking around so I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth or not. If we see him again, we will have to verify his story.

Getting too big


Today I found out I am growing. Mom and Dad took me to the Pancake house and it seems like their feet are growing and the space under the table is shrinking. Dad kept saying under but there was no room...get small Slick, he said. Right!!

Then off to some stores and ground treat snacking. I tried to get a nibble but "nope" and "leave it" was all I heard. What's a pup to do? Even that shakey cart didn't spill anything.

Then it was home to play gentle with "fuzzball". I did get in one good puppy pounce when they weren't watching or so I thought. Then it was Down and wait for Juno to walk all over me...but she does smell sooo good.

Nitey Nite

October 22, 2008


After a few days of bubble therapy Echo no longer runs away from bubbles or barks at them. He now patiently awaits their arrival before snappping them, which I consider a normal canine response. In my professional opinion Echo is cured of his Bubble Phobia.

By the way, yesterday was Echo's birthday. He was six months old and is no longer a puppy. His puppy permit has officially expired. Now we get tough, no excuses. Since we were all recovering from ilness, all he got was a very special peanut butter basted compressed rawhide bone.

"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends." - Alexander Pope



Mom, my housemates and I went for a very nice walk in the morning. Mom is working on me listening to her when other dogs are around. She let my two housemates walk in front of me, and I am supposed to walk at her side. I have been very good, and have been continuing to use the choke collar, rather than the pinch collar.

Last night, dad, mom, Juno and I went to the WAGs building. Dad and I practiced ignoring other dogs and laying down quietly. Juno was with mom and practiced just being cute.

I also have been practicing playing very gently with Juno (who is 7 weeks old). I lie down with a soft toy in my mouth, and wait for Juno to come over and try to take the toy from me.

Once in awhile I play a little hard, so mom corrects me by putting me in the down position.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Woodman’s grocery store and Walcotts Sewing and Vacuum. Mom says she needs more food in the refrigerator. I don’t know what her problem is, but I have a great big bag of dry dog food that I am willing to share!

Ta, Ta for now!


October 21, 2008

Outside Potty

Yesterday Echo went with Lisa to Cuba City. I was not feeling well and stayed home with Buddy. We slept the day away.

After dinner, Lisa had to take her mother to the emergency room and left Echo at the apartment with her sister. Echo handled the separation splendidly. The most noteworthy event happened before bedtime. Lisa phoned her sister to take Echo outside and tell him to "Potty Outside". She thought that Lisa was crazy. However, she did as instructed and was quite surprised that he went on command.

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” - Thom Jones

October 20, 2008

Vet Visit

Dually made a visit to the vet ....

Ain't she purdy


Well, late last night, mom and dad brought home a little tiny Golden Retriever puppy.

(Mom found out today she weighs 11 pounds.) Her name is Juno, belongs to WAGs and will help people in wheel chairs. I played with her a little, before mom and dad put her to bed.

Mom and dad told me that I had to be very gentle, and I was. But, Juno does not know all the puppy play rules I follow though, and sometimes will play rough, and growl really loud. I guess we will both learn how to play together.

Mom took Reggie, Stitch and I for a walk this morning (leaving Juno in the crate – protesting). It was such a nice morning. I was sooooo good!

This afternoon, dad and mom went to Shelton’s in Cross Plains for lunch. Dad used the silver collar that looks like a chain again. I am getting better every day with the “choke” collar. It certainly is easier to get on and off! Since dad was doing the handling, I tried to stand up under the table, rather than stay in the down position. Alas! Dad caught me, and had me lie down again. (Sigh).

This afternoon, Juno and I played again in the living room. For some reason, mom has old quilts spread around the living room. She says that the quilt is “in case” Juno “leaks”. How can a puppy “leak”? I go outside…doesn’t Juno know to pee outside….aren’t dogs born with that knowledge??

I loved the video on Channel 27 regarding Occupaws… Didn’t you? I can hardly wait to help somebody.

Ta, Ta for now!


October 19, 2008


Recovering from a cold today so we just performed the basic puppy care: outside potty, walk, bubble therapy, brushing, and ear cleaning. While I rested, Echo joined Buddy in the crate for an afternoon nap.

His subtle way of telling us to turn up the thermostat.

Invited Guest

Yesterday, after having a walk with dad where I practiced sit, down and stand, I went to my CGC class.. We practiced greetings with a stranger where I had to sit really nicely, walking around other dogs, getting brushed, sit/stay, down/stay and musical chairs where I had to sit, down or stand REALLY quickly. I did the entire class with a silver collar that looks like a long chain, rather than my usual “pinch” collar. Mom was so proud of me that I did not pull, and behaved very well!

Mom and dad are still so tired from helping Mindy and Dan deliver their human puppy, that they took a short nap in the afternoon.

Then Mom, dad and I went to WAGs fundraiser. One guy who spoke on a microphone had on clothes that looked like a penguin.

There were lots and lots of dogs there with vests on like mine (except they were blue, and one was green). A couple small puppies also attended, I was amazed how good they were…no whining or anything! Dad received a present and a big thank you from Kelly (the program director who is leaving) for doing the WAGs website and Lisa's movie. The WAGs website has some movies of my WAGs doggie friends that show how a puppy grows from a baby to a working service dog.

Mom says that we are going to be getting a new canine puppy very soon. She is a Golden Retriever and her name is Juno. She will help people in wheelchairs, where I help people who have trouble seeing.

Ta Ta for now!


October 18, 2008

Last Call

Today was Echo's last "Happy Hour" at the Hound Huddle. Next week he will be too old. He played with some old friends Bella, Murphy and made a new one, an eleven week old super cute Boxer puppy, Lloyd.

Echo and Bella had the same energy level and temperament, so they chased and wrestled. Lloyd wanted to play with Echo, but would get his attention and run away. We put Echo in a DOWN STAY for a bit to let Lloyd crawl over him and test Echo. Echo squirmed around a little but remained DOWN while the puppy antagonized him.

Last Monday at training class, Echo was afraid of bubbles. This was so surprising because he has enjoyed playing with balloons. Bubble Therapy was prescribed. This evening we walked to the drug store to pick up a bottle of bubbles. After dinner, we tried the floating monsters again. Echo was still afraid, fleeing and barking at them.

So we brought out our secret weapon, Buddy. Buddy loved the bubbles, chasing them and eating them. It took about ten minutes for Echo to share Buddy's appreciation for the vanishing spheres. The therapy will be repeated for a few days. Once his phobia is cured and he likes to play with them, we will have to teach him to ignore the floating toys. It's always something.

From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog. - Mabel Louise Robinson

October 16, 2008

Eye Spy

Upon entering the library this evening, we met an eight year old boy. He was so sweet and said that he wasn't going to pet Echo; he really wanted to but couldn't. He just wanted to know his name. He said that he couldn't pet Echo because he was there with a group and they were not allowed.

I grabbed the paper and we sat down. I could see the boy watching us from afar. A short time later, he and a friend stopped by to ask a question. "How old is Echo?" He noted that his dog is older and more yellow than Echo. He left but kept an eye on us.

Then I spied him out of the corner of my eye. He was crouching down behind the closest bookshelf and watching us through the books. A librarian came by and asked if she could help him find something. He said "No", but was undeterred and kept watching.

He stopped by again to ask one my favorite question, "Is Echo blind?" After my negative response he asked if I was blind. From my brief explanation he deduced that I wouldn't keep him forever. Before we left, we had another visit from our little friend. He asked how often we come to the library and what time. My guess is that we will probably see him again.

Wee One


Mom and dad have had a very busy couple of days. First of all, on Monday, we went to Janesville to practice my CGC test, walk over a very high plank (scary), and play with my other Occupaws friends.

Tuesday was lots of walking, visiting with the folks at Menards, and more “blah, blah, blah”.

Wednesday night started out very quietly with Mindy, Dan, and her canine pups coming over. But all of a sudden, mom put all the dogs in the kennel attached to the garage (except me, I was put into the inside crate) and we whisked Mindy off to the maternity ward at Meriter Hospital. I still have not figured out what that wet spot on the couch is…. I waited a long time, and mom and dad came back around midnight to check on all the dogs and let me outside. After a brief nap, mom and dad put Mindy’s dogs on one side of the kennel, and my housemates and I on the other side. (We can get into the garage and get food, but we can not play with each other.)

After a REALLY long time, mom and dad came home and told all of us that we had a new human cousin to gently play with. His name is Jacob William. He is 7 pounds 10 ounces, with brown hair, and dark eyes.

Mindy is going to be in the hospital a couple of extra days as she had a “C-section” - - whatever that is….But everybody is doing just fine. Mom says that Mindy and Dan’s canine children will stay here a couple of extra days too. Mom says that she is really happy that she got me used to being I the outside kennel with my housemates. She also says that I did really well, I did not miss a “beat” when I was outside so long. (What ever that means)

Isn’t life exciting?

Your friend,


Musical Crates

Initially Echo slept in our bedroom crate. About a month ago we started to rotate the sleeping arrangements to create a little stress. One night Echo was in the bedroom and the next Buddy. It wasn't a big deal. No one seemed to care, we just put them in the appropriate crate when we retired to bed.

Lately Buddy has been going to bed on his own and sleeping in the bedroom crate. Not sure if it's more comfortable, warmer, or he likes to be by us. To be fair, last night I had to shoo him out of the bedroom and into the office crate so that Echo could sleep in the bedroom.

"Do not make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans or they will treat you like dogs." - Martha Scott

October 14, 2008


We received a package in the mail today that both dogs were intrigued by. Their noses were working fast and furious. Lisa wanted to know what was in there that would warrant such canine interest.

It was our order from the pet store. A greyhound comb and pronged collar were not that interesting. The four natural bones, dozen compressed rawhide bones (basted in peanut butter), liver snacks, and four pounds of mini bones might have been picked up by Echo's highly trained olfactory sense. He has been known to smell food from a block away.

We only needed the comb and pronged collar, which was the incorrect size and must be exchanged. We had to spend $75 to save $10, good marketing. So we spent fifty dollars on items that we don't need. The dogs were happy as they tried out their new bones which can be eaten outside the crate without making a mess.

After wrestling the bone away from Echo, we walked to the drug store, grocery, and farmer's market. We worked on heeling, walking with head up - no sniffing. The bakery vendor at the market gave us a bone to sample. Just what he needed more dog treats. Another good marketing scheme because next week we will have to make a purchase to maintain good karma.

October 13, 2008

Bubbles, Why Bubbles?

OccuPaws training class was this evening. Echo went potty before class started. Our first exercise was to slalom around cones and after the first pass Echo went potty before returning - I swear he goes every five minutes. Echo did pretty good walking the ramp before going indoors.

Marlene shared some lessons learned from her experience watching Hanna and Weily's training. Eliminating in cape will not be tolerated; puppies should respect the choke collar as well as the prong collar; no potty on walks - best near the home before the walk, on command, and on varied surfaces.

Echo was supposed to remain in a SIT/STAY and DOWN/STAY during her instructions. Most of the puppies could not resist the ultimate temptation, canines on the other side of the building. Only Archie did not break.

Echo and I performed a practice run of the Canine Good Citizen test. We were the only pair to try the separation portion. I was worried about that, but apparently he couldn't have cared less that I was gone.

Before puppy play time, Michelle brought out two distractions: bubbles and a mop. The purpose was to have the dogs leave the items alone. That wasn't a problem for Echo because he was afraid of the bubbles. He didn't want them anywhere near him and it was very difficult to "make friends" due to their short life span. And Oliver was afraid of the mop. You just never know how a dog will react to new situations.

Puppy play time was the usual chaos with a few recalls to test the puppy. During play time Echo was a little too excited to see Roxie. A visit to the veterinarian for neutering may be in his not too distant future.

October 12, 2008

Fun fun


Today was Barktoberfest day!

After mom took me for a short walk, and a nap, mom, dad and I went to Lakes Mills to enjoy the company of Mindy (mom’s puppy) other dogs and human friends.

The band was good, the brats and beer (according to dad) were good, and the human and canine friends were great. Every once in awhile dad would stand up and bring a different item back from a “raffle” drawing. Dad’s friends, who could not come for brats, gave money to dad so he could purchase some raffle tickets. Dad will give his friends the items that they won the next time he sees them. He said something about that would be in July 2013??

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures that dad and mom took.

Your friend, Slick


After a long hard couple days of laying around the hospital, Echo got outside for some fresh air. He went to the first annual OccuPaws Barktoberfest. He met most of the OccuPaws gang and played a little. Moby looked like he fell in a bucket of paint - very festive for the occasion.

Echo was outside all day but he spent most of the time lying patiently at our feet. Not much different from the hospital. He did well with all the canine distractions.

After we returned home, we picked up Buddy and met Kane and Sable (whose owners attended Barktoberfest with us) at the park for some play time. All the fresh air must have tired the little guy out. He crashed on the kitchen floor after his ear cleaning.

October 11, 2008

O vs M

No, not Obama vs McCain. Manners versus Obedience.

The last few days Echo has been working more on manners than obedience. He calmly exits the crate. He waits at the doors for a signal to move through. He remains in the car until told to exit. He (rarely) greets people calmly when not on leash. He shouldn't lick people that he meets (but does constantly).

Echo has been transitioning to the adult dog food. He has experienced minor digestive issues. However, we are not sure if it's the new food or the addition of crickets to his diet - his choice not ours.

Buddy and Echo were playing today. Echo turned too quick and bumped his head on the stairs. OUCH! He is now missing a small patch of hair/skin that got scraped off the top of his head During less than six months he has lost a toe nail, broke a tooth, and is missing a patch of hair.

Leave it


Yesterday I went to the zoo with Evan and Mom. We did very well, except I did not like the smell of the polar bears. I put my tail and ears down, but kept my nose “going”. Mom hung around the polar bear exhibit for a little while, but Evan got antsy and wanted to see more. So today dad, mom and I went back to the zoo and hung around the polar bear exhibit even more. By the time we left today, I discovered that polar bears only smell “funny”. Dad did most of the walking today, while mom took pictures.

Did you know humans are not very original? Everytime we went by little kids, Dad always said hi to the family... and they were always named the same..."Leave it", "no", and "uhuh". Can't they be a little more original??

Yesterday I also went to lunch at a new place in Cottage Grove. I think it is called the “Black Bear”. Mom tries to take me to new places all the time so nothing will bother me when I start to “work” for somebody. So far what “work” there has been is easy and fun.

Today was my third CGC class. I have so much fun there! Today while the entire class of pups were in a “down/stay”, a beach ball was bounced up and down in front of us. We were supposed to “stay”. I blinked and looked at the ball, but did not leave my “down/stay”. We also did “sit/stay”, “stand”, grooming on a low table, “heel”, “spiral heel”, “about face”, polite greetings and an “inside turn”.

Mom just finished giving me a bath while dad works on the Occupaws ID cards to hand out tomorrow. I want to be clean and neat for Barktoberfest. I hope you guys are going. It should be a lot of fun! I am good in the bath (although it is not my favorite thing). But afterwards I want to run up and down the hallway. It feels so good to be clean and out of the tub.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Your friend, Slick

October 10, 2008

Tail of Two Puppies

Echo has some calm times. Echo has some crazy times. Sort of a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

Before a return visit to the hospital, Echo finished up the banking from the prior day and helped with the delivery of the hospice supplies. As usual he was calm and well behaved in the hospital.

Echo and Buddy had another play date with Jalyn and Jared. This time we included their dogs Chesney and Shadow. After the cat took a quick exit, the craziness of four dogs in one room ensued. All dogs behaved well with mild corrections and settled down, somewhat, after ten minutes. Not sure if it was the excitement or the hormones, but Echo displayed his first mounting behavior.

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. - Corey Ford

October 9, 2008

Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Visiting. Playing. Waiting. Echo spent the day either waiting patiently in the hospital or playing with Jared and Jalyn. Before we left for Cuba City, we stopped at Mounds to exchange the dog food and pick up a few treats.

At the hospital he was crying a lot and would not settle down. That was until we went outside for a bio break. After relieving himself, Echo was able to relax comfortably. Note to self: When the puppy is acting different, something is not right.

Echo did some banking in the afternoon. A dog entering businesses is even more abnormal in a small town. After the banks, we stopped at the general store. Echo met some adoring fans, Jared and Jalyn, who ended up walking home and to the park for puppy play time.

Tummy tickle

Woof! Woof!

Today mom had me in the outside kennel (which is attached to the garage) for a little longer time. This is because Mindy (mom’s human puppy) is going to have a baby very soon, and mom is making sure that if I am in the kennel that I will not be upset. (Mom and dad are going to be back up “coaches” during the Mindy’s delivery.) I was with my housemates, so it was not a “big deal”. Actually, it was kinda fun as I could look outside, play when I wanted, and just be a “dog”.

Evan and Lady (Evan’s canine cousin) was over too, so I got a chance to play with a very happy 19 month old human puppy, and his canine cousin.

A human actually came to the front door today so I had a chance to practice my door manners. I was pretty good, but I did forget for a minute that I had to wait until invited to greet the human.

I can not believe how tired I am from being outside (Yawn), so off to bed.

Your friend, Slick

October 8, 2008


At our home visit with the Puppy Coordinator, Echo eagerly greeted her. He actually bit her in his exuberance. So I guess we failed this test. He jumped around and would not sit still. Generally he is the good dog and Buddy is trouble.

After five minutes and some correction from Marlene, everyone settled down. Echo laid down quietly for most of our discuission. He needs to change over to adult dog food, since his puppy teeth are all gone. And I just bought a new bag of puppy food this afternoon.


Woof! Woof!

Today started out with a car ride first to Waunakee, and then to drop off some prizes for the Barktoberfest Raffle at Nikki’s house. I did not get out of the car at Nikki’s because we had Evan in the car and mom did not want to leave him in the car alone.

Then we went to breakfast in the Jet Room at the Madison Airport. I went under the table and was good, as usual. Evan kept wanting to feed me under the table, but dad kept an eye on Evan, and mom kept an eye on me…..no people food!

Then, home for a little while before going to Walcott’s to visit with the ladies there. Mom had a creative sewing club, and had me back under a chair and wait (again) while the ladies “blahed, blahed”.

Doesn’t mom know that I would much rather go from person to person, receiving lots of pets than being quiet under a chair??? BORING!

Finally, tonight, mom decided to “torture” me. We were practicing “leave it”. She placed treats on both my paws while I was in the “down” position and then had me ignore the food. That was really hard!

I still don’t understand why I have to “leave” certain items. Puppies learn by tasting…doesn’t she know that??? I don’t know how I am going to train her to let me taste everything. She just does not seem to understand. Leave it, drop it, give, no, drop it, leave it, zzzzzzzz.......

That’s all for now!


October 7, 2008

Lady and the Slick

Today, at my house, I had lots of company!

Evan, my favorite little person, and his dog, lady, came over.

Lady is a 3 year old yellow lab, that is not too much larger than me. I followed Evan around the house, making sure he did not fall, or get lost in the house.

I played with Lady outside just to make sure that she did not get too lonely.

Because it was raining this afternoon, mom did not take me for a walk. Instead we did our usual: sit, down, stand, down, sit, stand, leave it, and one that I am starting to get pretty good at “Under/back”. That is when mom is sitting on a chair, I turn around to face away from her, go down, and them back under the chair. Mom still has to prompt me for all the different steps, but I am learning to “scoot” backwards under a chair. Why she would want me to do that, I don’t have a clue.

I guess that is all for today! Woof! Woof! (That means have a good night in doggie talk.)



Woof, woof (that means “Hello out there in Doggie land”)

Yesterday, mom put me in my crate for a few hours because she wants me to continue to be good when I am alone.

Then, we went to “All About Cabinets” in Waunakee where mom, dad and Mindy talked and talked and talked about cabinets for the house without walls. It was BORING because I was supposed to just lie on the floor and be good. After all the blah, blah, blah, the cabinet lady (who has dogs herself) gave me some very nice pets.

Mindy (mom’s puppy) then decided that some Culver’s Custard would be nice. So we went to Culvers and sat in a booth. But, alas, there was no custard for me. And, as usual, mom discouraged me from “tasting” yummy things that had fallen to the floor.

At home, mom said that I was being a little “naughty” because lately I have found that on occasion, I like to shake and play with newspapers. Not all newspapers, just ones that strike my fancy. I pick them up, shake them, and watch the newspaper tear off into little pieces. For some reason, mom does not like to pick up the pieces and let’s me know that I should not be shaking the newspaper….But I think it is FUN. Oh, well, she says it is just a puppy phase that should end soon.

Today, I have my favorite little person, Evan, over to play. He is always so much fun. I understand that soon I will have another little person. Mindy (mom’s puppy) should be having her baby soon. However, I understand that at first, I can’t play with it, and have to be VERY gentle.

Your friend,


October 6, 2008


On our walk, we focused on dog distractions. We walked through the park which offers plenty of opportunities to pass strange dogs, remain calm, and keep walking. Echo was also tested with SIT/STAY commands with dog, bike, and human distractions. As a reward, he got to spend some play time with Kane and Sable, who showed up as we were leaving.

Echo's issue for the last few days has been jumping up on people when greeting them or playing with them off leash. It's difficult to provide immediate correction. We are dependent on the generally excited and young greeter to provide correction. On leash it has not been an issue.

One of Echo's favorite places to visit is the Walgreen's in Oregon. He is excited as he exits the car. The reason he is so happy is that one of the clerks will share a portion of his lunch with Echo - usually a cookie.

I'm a Firedog!

Hello out there in doggie land!

Saturday I went to my CGC class. Mom really likes the instructor, as she makes all the puppies “work” and time goes very quickly. We did the usual, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, stand to be groomed, stand, and mom gave me to somebody to hold for a little while to prove that I was not afraid or anxious about leaving her. There is a sheltie in the group that has the coloring of an Australian Shepard that is very nice and behaves very well. It is something that I can aspire to. I then went with mom to meet dad at the house with no walls. As usual, there was a lot of noise, hammering and sawing.

Sunday morning we met Evan and his mom and dad for breakfast at the fireman’s pancake breakfast fundraiser. The firemen blew the horns on the fire trucks. They also let me take pictures next to and on top of the trucks.

There were a ton of big and little kids. The fire trucks were outside and mom thought that It was a little cool and rainy. But I got to sit in a fire truck - nanny nanny boo!

That is all for now, mom is going to take me for a walk.


October 5, 2008

More "Patients"

Following a long day and late night, Echo and Buddy allowed us to sleep in. It was raining, so Echo went for a short walk. I took Buddy for a long walk because he would be in the crate most of the day.

Echo returned to the hospital for another visit past automatic doors, wheelchairs, water fountain, and then up the elevator. More waiting was required of the little guy until lunch was finished.

The nursing home will be Lisa's father's next "home". We located the nursing home and Echo stopped to check the place out. He met a few residents and staff who were eager to see him, pet his head, and receive puppy kisses (bad habit that we need to correct). Again no issues with wheelchairs or walkers. Before our lunch, Echo made one last stop to an assisted living location that was having an open house.

Jalyn and her older brother Jared stopped by before we left for home to see and play with Echo and Buddy. Echo feeds off the energy of the kids and required a few corrections to settle down. Echo's return home was bittersweet: he got to eat dinner, but he also received his weekly ear cleaning.

Pumpkin Daze

Dually Update

October 4, 2008

Patience, Patience, Patience

The plan this weekend was to take care of Lisa's father who just returned from a three week hospital stay. When we got there on Friday night Echo did okay on calm greetings. No problem with the walker and green oxygen tubes running from room to room.

Saturday found Echo and I in the Emergency Waiting Room. Stationed between my feet Echo sounded a few whimpers and then he settled in for our two hour stay. We met many new people in the waiting room during our extended stay. Our waiting room companions wanted to know how to get their dogs to behave like Echo.

Everyone else was treated and left. We were the last ones still waiting. After a potty/stretch break, we went into the ER patient room. Echo settled in quickly even with all the staff movement, lights, and sounds. After about an hour, her father was admitted and we moved upstairs to a regular hospital room (more waiting for Echo). By the way, no problem walking next to wheelchairs.

Upon returning home, we picked up Buddy and went for a long walk. We stopped at the football field for some unleashed romping and wrestling - dogs only. We all needed a nap after a restless night and long day.

Jalyn, age 5, stopped by to see Echo. They played well together and Echo responded to most of her commands. Then one final trip to the hospital for a visit before bedtime. Echo was able to practice the most difficult puppy skill - Patience.

October 3, 2008

Big Stretch

Hello out there!

Yesterday was a quiet day. Mom and dad thought that I needed a “day off”. After all, I am a puppy. So, while they ran around town for a few hours, I slept in my crate back home (boring). Then, they spent the rest of the day either with dad on the computer, or mom working on a quilt. I think mom even took a short nap.

Today started out with mom trimming my toenails. She used to trim my nails with the little clippers that humans use on their toes. But today she said that I have graduated to “big dog” toenail clippers, and she used the same clippers she uses on my housemates. Then we went off to breakfast with my favorite little person, Evan, Mike (one of mom’s puppies) and dad. We went to my favorite place, Shelton’s. When we were there, this really nice lady (she's the one who always brings out some food, but never drops any - darn) gave mom and dad a couple of things for the Barktoberfest raffle. One item is a hand made afghan; the other is a hand made solid oak DVD holder. Mom and dad were very grateful for the donation and will make sure to get it to Nikki.

Then we went to Walcott’s Sewing and Vacuum by East Towne mall in Madison. They are having a big sale because they are closing. Mom is sad about the store closing because some of her friends work there. I’m sad because I always get lots of pets when I visit. Dad is not a big fan of sewing machines, so he went to Menard’s to “man shop”. I stayed with mom as I love it when the ladies fawn over me.

Because we were on the east side of town, we decided to go to the house with no walls. While we were there, mom put me in a soft-sided crate with a bone to keep me busy. She took me for a couple short walks while we were there, so it wasn’t all bad. But, boy was there a lot of noise, hammering, sawing, and some words that I had not heard before…am I supposed to learn what those mean too??? Are they new commands?

Home we went after that, where I stretched out in my favorite spot.

Last night I fooled mom when she took me for my last potty of the night. I went pee, and then came in for the night. But a few minutes later, I told dad I needed to go out again. So, out I went to poop. I just wanted to see what they would do. It was fun watching them decide who was going to take me out again after they both were in bed and it was sooo cold outside.

By the way, most nights I am still sleeping outside of my crate. If I wake up in the early morning (rather than sleeping until 6:00) mom and dad have an agreement that dad takes me outside to go potty. Dad tells mom that it is Stitch, one of my canine housemates that lures me awake. But I know better…it is just time to get up! Doesn’t the clock say 5:00?

Your friend, Slick