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February 28, 2009

Kids Kids Kids

Bowwser Ruff,

Fun fun today. My three cousins Sparky, Koho, and Maizie came to visit today. I got to sniff for a bit, but no playtime. Humans are sooo dull dude!!! At least Lilly and I got some time to run and chase outside today. I had to take it easy cuz there are still some slippery spots from that hard rain the other day.

Lilly and I went to West Towne again today, more walk walk walk, blah blah blah. A State Trooper walked over with a sheepish grin and asked if he could pet us....whew, I thought we were going to be arrested for speeding or something - I was walking kinda fast.

Lilly had to "practice" being good with little kids at the mall.

Hrumph, that's not hard at all, just give em a kiss and batt your eyes - gets them every time. Lilly was all quiet and soft and Mom was real happy.

After we walked a long time we went to Rocky's for lunch - I should say THEY went for lunch, we cooled our heels under the table.

Then on the way out, we saw this dead cow that had graffitti all over it so Mom thought it would be a cute picture.

Do they have any idea how hard it is to "stay" with all those kids looking at us???

All for now,

February 27, 2009


Archie appears more comfortable today. He has found the favorite spot to relax on a sunny winter's day. He is looking so mellow and well behaved or is that trouble I see lurking in those sad eyes?

Last night I told Michelle that I was going to fabricate stories to make Archie look bad in order to put a smile on Marlene's face. However, Archie's behavior has been beyond anything I would have created. Trouble began this morning when he raided the trash can in Lisa's office.

He hasn't learned our house rules yet. No grabbing food or toys off the crate. Stay out of the garbage cans. Stay means stay. Don't leak. Wait for your food and don't touch my food. Sit now, don't think about it. Wait for us to enter/exit first. It's only been twenty four hours, so we need to be patient and consistent.

Lisa took Archie to the drug store and then for a walk before I got home from work. I took him for a second walk with Buddy when I got home. We worked on SIT, DOWN, and STAY to reinforce who the pack leader is. He has been much more relaxed this evening, "A tired dog is a good dog."


Woof Arf!!

What a fun past few days I've had. Now that Lilly has come to visit, I finally have another dog that knows the proper way to play like a Lab outside - steal something and run like a crazy dog.

My fellow pups - Lilly is sooo much fun.

She likes crazy play just like me. But Mom doesn't understand it's tough on us pups to "turn it off" when we come inside. She has to remind us several times NO PLAYING in the house. Eventually we decide, just to make her happy, to stop.

Lilly and I are having lots of fun playing with Evan.

Mom says Lilly is even better behaved and quieter with Evan than I am....hrumph.

I hardly ever knock him over anymore, but Lilly is such a sissy walking carefully so she doesn't bump him - SHOWOFF!

Finally I got to go on a trip all by myself. We went over to Nelson's Electric to visit. They're sponsoring a poker table too!! I think I found another friend.

All for now fellow pups...and lookin' good Archie.


February 26, 2009

Our New Dog - Archie

After only five days, we had to trade Deegan this evening. Since we hadn't gone on many outings this week, we stopped for one more test, frozen custard. Deegan was quiet and well behaved the whole time. His best trait was that he pottied on leash, on command, quite a change from Buddy and Moby.

When we arrived at the trainer's home, all three trainers were seated at the table and we were told to have a seat. The first thoughts going through my mind (found out later Lisa's also) were "What did Echo do now? Did he get strike three?". Well it turned out Michelle was just being a good hostess and we chatted for a bit. WHEW!

Our new test case is Archie, who has finally grown into his ears. Depending on your preference he is either one of the cutest or goofiest dogs we have in the program. What do you think?

Upon arriving home and before letting him out of the back seat, he jumped into the front seat and bolted out of the car. Archie seems to be a high energy dog, constantly moving. He has been in our house for less than two hours and has already destroyed two toys and recycled one of those out of the garbage. This was one of the few times where a recycler receives a correction.

We are hopeful that it is just nervous energy. The dogs generally settle in after a day or two.

February 25, 2009


Yesterday we found our canine house guest, Deegan, sprawled out on the bed all comfy and cozy. Lisa was home sick and he would put his head on the sofa and ask with those sad puppy dog eyes if he could comfort her. She was tempted.

Not a great adventure today, but Deegan went on a few outings. Lisa took him along to the beauty shop or hair salon, whatever they call it. Deegan was required to DOWN STAY for a looong time. He did well on stay, however he cried some when bored. I got bored the one time that I tagged along with Buddy, so I completely understand.

Deegan romped with a few new dogs at the park. Absolutely no issues meeting new dogs. This evening he and I stopped at the drug store to pick up some medicine for Lisa and use some FSA money before the deadline. He walked the aisles without sniffing and SAT while I compared prices.

February 23, 2009

Play, Play, Play

The good thing about puppy rotation is that we don't have to do a monthly report on our puppy. The bad news is that we need to do a weekly report on every puppy.

Deegan had a pretty quiet day as both Lisa and I were not feeling well. He was getting accustomed to his new surroundings and our schedule. We were trying to learn his signals. We had a communication failure and he pottied in the house this afternoon.

Deegan has a lot of energy and is seldom still, so a walk was absolutely necessary. He got out to meet the "park pack", Kane, Sable, Teddy, and others. Deegan spent most of his time rolling in the snow with four month old Teddy chewing on his ears and legs. He was extremely good with all the other dogs. No fear, no aggression, just play, play, play.

February 22, 2009

Our New Dog - Deegan

After his busy hockey day, Moby spent the last day of his visit relaxing in the sun. He was joined by his play "buddy". He was glad to be leaving before our Sunday ear cleaning.

This evening Marlene and Ernie brought our new puppy, Deegan. He was acomopanied by a few old friends. For a few minutes it was pure puppy chaos. Five tails, five noses, and twenty legs going every which way. They only stopped for a water break.

This is Deegan's first starring role on the blog. His prior appearance was as part of an ensemble cast. To acclimate our new house guest, we took a walk to the park followed by a puppy's favorite part of the day, dinner. Then some cradling to bond before one of the least favorite activities, Sunday ear cleaning.

He must have had a long day. We found him in bed sleeping before 9pm.

New Gal Pal


A wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Yesterday started off as a real bummer. Mom and Dad left yesterday, without me!!! What did I do wrong, I've been a pretty good pup. As I waited, contemplating my fate, eventually I heard them come home. When the door opened, I saw a black streak come by me and what did I see. Lilly came to visit me!!

Mom told me it was for another rotation, but I've been watching and she hasn't rolled over once yet. Maybe they need to teach her to roll?? Anyhow, finally someone came to visit that knows how to play in the snow with me. We just ran and ran for a while, covered in snow. Then when we were real tired, Reggie and Stitch came out to play and we got our second wind - playing and running.

Today wasn't quite as much fun. After getting a good run outside, we came inside...well most of us. I knew if I came inside all the playtime would be over, so I burrowed down in the snow and hid - for a while. Eventually I did come in.

Then we went off to West Towne and we practiced being good under the table - Mom said Lilly was better at ignoring food on the floor than me...hrumph.

Then we walked around and saw another service dog and I really wanted to go play, but Dad made me lay down and stay while the dog was sooooo close. Mom said Lilly was better at ignoring the other dog than me...hrumph. When my torture was over we went to some benches and I practiced backwards "unders". Mom said I was better than Lilly at backward unders...nanny nanny boo boo.

Finally it was time to go home. Once I finally got the blanket arranged well in the back seat I laid down and Lilly had a nice pillow. She smells nice and I like her. After teaching her the secret handshake I admitted her officially into the pack.


February 21, 2009

Moby Hates Hockey

I took the dogs for their individual run through the park this morning. It was our only chance to exercise. By the way, Moby loves the snow.

After a paltry breakfast, only one cup, we headed out for Moby's hockey day. He was so patient waiting for our tickets to arrive from Tomah.

Once we got in, we found seats in the front row. Moby was not overly excited about all the action during warm-ups. He was a little nervous. Not sure if it was the helmets or what, but he eventually settled in. During the game he rested and during the intermission he met people.

We even met one of our loyal blog readers. My apologies for not getting a picture. My brain was too busy focusing on the dog in my left hand and the child that was temporarily in my right hand. One lady thanked us for the entertainment during warm-ups. She was sitting across the ice and said that watching Moby react to the action amused their whole group.

After the women's game, we stopped for dinner and Moby patiently watched us eat. After dinner, more hockey and Moby learned to hate hockey. Leaving the game, early because the Badgers didn't show up, he saw an order of french fries on the floor and walked right over them. Good Job Moby.

Dog House 2

Echo is not going to have a happy ten month birthday. Trouble at his third puppy raiser's house. He has shown aggression toward other dogs when food/empty bowls are present.

A return trip to "Marlene's Dog House" has been prescribed.

February 20, 2009

Double Bath

Our day didn't start too well. We waited ten minutes before Moby peed and then we went for a run. Quick stop as we entered the park to potty - nothing. Well it must have been two minutes later that he pooped. I am guessing because I didn't see it until the way home. He didn't stop; he just dropped poop for thirty yards. I knew it was his because he needed a bath when we got home.

We tried the food dispensing toy again today. Moby just doesn't understand the concept. He always wants to carry it or chew it.

The day included trips to the grocery, bank, post office, and another grocer. Moby met many new people and received pets and praise from young and old. Crossing paths with the same children, as we traversed the aisles, resulted in repeated outbursts and pats on the head.

Before the walk and on the way to the park Moby refused to potty. He pulled the same stunt as the morning with the exception that Lisa was more observant and was able to accommodate our house guest's wishes. At the park he met the newest pack member, a four month old puppy that kept attacking him and Buddy. Moby became a little agitated, deservedly so, but behaved well.

Lisa decided that another bath was in order tonight. He loved the water and walked right into the tub.

February 19, 2009

Missing You

Moby had his first encounter with the food dispensing toy. We thought that he would completely enjoy the experience. Wrong. All he wanted to do was pick it up and carry it around. He eventually just left it lying in the hallway, half filled with food, which Buddy completely enjoyed.

We have been working on having our dogs potty on command, as opposed to when and where they want to go. This is the most frustrating exercise because they just don't understand.

It started on Monday after I removed his cape and "asked" Moby to potty three times on the way to the park and he refused - too interested in the sights and sounds. Thirty seconds later he was veering off the sidewalk starting to squat. I made him wait five minutes until we got to the park. Last night I stood outside wiith Buddy for 25 minutes waiting him out.

Moby says that he misses his puppy raiser. He also misses being up on the sofa.

February 18, 2009


Moby finally got out of the house for an adventure. He went to the bank and drug store. Nothing important at the bank, but he did get a dog treat from the Pharmacist.

At the drug store checkout Moby met Echo's human friend, Al. Initially Al was disappointed that we didn't have Echo. In Echo's absence, Moby gladly accepted his shortbread cookie. Al's disappointment turned to glee when he asked Moby to SHAKE (not an official guide dog command) and he complied which earned him a second cookie. What Al didn't know is that Moby constantly SHAKEs.

Good Boots

Arf Arf,

Well another fine day...Mr Snow came back so I don't have to search far and wide for a potty place - life is good.

This morning Mom and I went to Piggley Wiggley in Cross Plains for human food (nothing for me by the way).

Then Walgreens (yeah for drive through dog treats!!)

Then we went out to Black Earth to visit Patricia McConnell and get a bunch of pieces of paper stuck together. I liked it when she had me sit and gave me some treats.

Then a bunch of human blah blah blah - boring. But not to worry fellow canines - my nose knows. I was being good and being "dog people" they let me explore and guess what I found. A pair of her boots with smells of Lassie and Will and sheeeeps!!! It was heaven.

Then Denise and Andrea from the office pet me - I was a very good dog - no jumping...just a couple small kisses. Then when we were leaving, Mom said something to Dr. McConnell and she took those pages thingies back and scribbled all over the first page. Don't know why she did that, but Mom was happy. I guess ruined books with scribbles are good...humans - so silly.

Then we came home and we got boxes of human stuff for the raffle thing. I think they need to stop or the bed will break.



February 17, 2009


Unfortunately for Moby, we were travelling all weekend. His first two days were spent around the house. He walked through the high school traffic without incident and he met some canine pals at the park. The human members of the pack wanted to know when we started using Saint Bernards as guide dogs.

Unfortunately for Moby, tonight was biweekly nail trimming. He didn't
really need it, but we use it as an excuse to touch their feet. He didn't seem to mind too much.

Unfortunately for us, Moby is not as lethargic as we were led to believe. We were expecting an easy week of lounging; we needed a restful week. Well Moby is an active dog and loves to walk. He and Buddy literally tear up the turf when we let them play. For a dog his size he is quite nimble and fleet of foot. Moby enjoys chasing Buddy and Buddy loves being chased.

February 16, 2009

Dog House

We were informed last night that Echo would be urgently removed from his second rotation. An attitude adjustment under the direction of our puppy coordinator has been prescribed. Echo is in the dog house.

The report is that Echo becomes wild and uncontrollable after bolting out of his crate. He was then racing around, biting, jumping, and even leaving bruises. We were first shocked and embarrassed, then upset with the little beast.

After apologizing profusely to Tina, we learned Echo's problems began after extended periods in the crate. He has always been high energy and has spent very little daylight in the crate. This is the reason that we rotate the puppies. They are tested to see how they react to different circumstances and different people.

Echo has spent time recuperating at Camp Morga in the past. However, his current stay will take place in "Marlene's Dog House".

February 15, 2009

Our New Dog - Moby

Divit made the two hour trip to Neenah on Saturday, sharing the back seat with Buddy. He was very accommodating of his elder, settling for a third of the space. I think that Divit might be more accustomed to and preferred riding on the floor - he would have had more room.

His weekend adventures included a two hour dinner/nap, Assisted Living visits, van rides, and meetings with new dogs. It's hard to tell the AL residents that they can't feed the dog, so Divit had a little snack. He gently accepted food and only showed apprehension around the vacuum.

We were sad to say good-bye to Divit. He was such a good boy. Never sure what surprise Marlene has in store for us. Tonight she dropped off Divit's brother, Moby, from the same litter. We thought that Divit and Buddy looked similar. Can you tell which of the dogs below is Divit and which is Moby?

Hint: Moby on the right

February 14, 2009

Texas Dolly


More visits yesterday. First we stopped in to see Micha at the Monona Bank and picked up more human toys for the Raffle.

Then we went to Nikki's house to model some of the stuff from doylesroom.com and to take Nikki to WIBA-FM to see about doing a story on OccuPaws.

Then for supper we went to Nitty Gritty for the humans to eat and me to be cute. They gave me some gift cards for the raffle. I tried one of the cards but they don't taste very good, so humans are not that smart I guess.

Then when everyone was asleep I put that camera thingie on timer and tried on a hat for myself . If I play poker do I get one too???


February 13, 2009

Snakes and Dogs

Did you know that snakes and dogs are natural enemies? According to Divit the answer is "most definitely".

We have black and brown "snakes" throughout our house tonight thanks to our canine house guest, Divit. We found out that he is seriously afraid of belts. Every time he sees a belt he cowers and slinks/bolts away. We tested all kinds of belts to determine if there was any other explanation.

Not finding any other probable cause, we began a desensitization program. I have placed belts strategically around the house - in every room so Divit cannot avoid seeing them. He was avoiding them at first, but after a few hours he is doing much better.

Next step will be touching them. Hopefully by Sunday night, he will be wearing my belt around his neck. Either that or he will break down the front door trying to get away.

February 12, 2009

SalesPups R Us


Well, we stopped by Shelton's this morning - I got pet, Mom and Dad ate...maybe we could switch roles tomorrow??? Anyhow, the humans were blah blah blah about poker and a Lion is going to run the tournament and people gave Mom money today and she was happy. I'm so confused - how does a Lion deal cards with those big paws???

Later lots of boxes came with hats and books from doylesroom.com (isn't that the governor or something).

Then off to Fed Ex Office where a nice lady pet me a lot and she gave Mom a box of papers. She called them flyers but I don't see how a big box is ever gonna fly!

Time to sleep.

February 11, 2009

Game Over

In the morning, Divit and I went for a run to the park. He met a few new dogs. Using the flexi-leash, we found ourselves on opposite sides of a few poles. The command for the day was FIX IT. We kept practicing and by evening he was much better.

On the evening walk, Divit met even more dogs. He seems a little apprehensive when first meeting new canines, raised hackles and an occasional bark when approaching, but no aggression.

Divit and Buddy were soaked and mud splattered by the time we got home. I dried them both off as best I could and removed their collars to dry. Initially it was hard to tell them apart, but without the collars we picked up on their behavioral differences. Divit's tail is a giveaway, it is always moving back and forth.

For some mental stimulation, we filled the food dispenser for Divit. He pushed it around by himself for a couple minutes until it was nearly empty. To test for food aggression I let Buddy out, Divit picked the dispenser up and took it to his crate. Game Over.



Another great day. Warm weather, great company.

I had a chance to visit with my favorite people at Ingleside Nursing home in Mt. Horeb today. Everybody gives me lots of pets and loves! Mom is teaching me to get a little closer to the residents so that they can pet me better.

Then, off to the Bank of Cross Plains to pick up goodies for Poker for Paws,

and Terry's Piggly Wiggly to go grocery shopping and to pick up gift cards for Poker for Paws.

Finally off to Red Robin to meet Mindy AND to pick up a couple gift cards for Poker for Paws. Mom and dad received a surprise. They saw a nephew (Josh) of theirs working there who they have not seen for years! What fun!

Wow! Mom and dad are starting to get lots of "stuff" for the raffle! Posing for pictures is such hard work!

Now, we need more entries for playing poker. I hope that everybody starts sending their entries in! I want lots of people and pups there having fun...with a good petting for me too!


February 10, 2009

Welcome Wagon

Divit lounged around his new home after the morning walk around the school. In the afternoon, life got busy. A quick trip to the grocery store for a Diet Coke fix followed by a trip to the drug store. Unfortunately for Divit, Echo's pal Al was not there, so no cookie. Maybe tomorrow.

On our evening canine walk, Divit met the Oregon Canine Welcome Wagon (Kane, Sable, Ellie, Chase, and Trish). Everyone got along for the most part. Only a few displays of dominance to let the new guy know where he stands. Buddy stuck up for his "brother".

Divit tolerated the real trip to the grocery store for more Diet Coke and other essentials - not very exciting for a dog. He walked with me and the cart without incident and we received a few compliments on our handsome puppy. We complimented Divit on his in-store manners, no sniffing or licking.

Race Course

Woof! Woof!

Yesterday mom had me running around again, visiting with folks that are donating items for "Paws for Poker". Boy, am I tired. Here I am at Bennett's Sinclair in Middleton.

Then, we went to the Badger Kennel Club where I "doodled" around little signs that were on the floor. Mom was lost again! U-Turns, 270 left and right turns, 360 left and right turns, weaving around orange cone thingees, stop, sit, back up,,,,she MUST have lost her mind! But, all the time she gave me lots of praise and "good dog", so I must have been leading her around the floor OK. The best part was the end of the course where there is a little red star that says "finish". (Sigh)


February 9, 2009

Our new Dog - Divit

Marley left us this afternoon. Just in time too. As we were starting to trust her, she went potty in the house. Also, Marlene wasn't happy that I was ruining her project. In return for our secret weapon, we received what appeared to be Buddy's brother.

Divit comes to us after having x-rays on his hips and elbows. Fortunately he and Moby both passed.

This evening we simply introduced the two black boys on our walk to the park. Divit walked close and was attentive. We worked on HALTing this evening. The dogs were allowed to play a bit on the return trip. Their styles, energy, and looks are so similar that we truly can not tell them apart. Thankfully they know their names.

February 8, 2009


Yesterday Lisa introduced Marley to a foreign substance, grass. In her thirteen weeks of life, we weren't sure if she had ever seen the green/brown vegetation. Upon seeing it for the first time, she knew its purpose and immediately initiated the lawn.

This morning on our walk we worked on recalls, our daily focus. We worked on SIT yesterday. Buoyed by her prior good behavior and exercise this morning, Marley ventured into Madison. Puppies, like the stock market, prior performance does not necessarily indicate future results.

Marley was the center of attention while we stood in line for SlumDog tickets and while she pranced to our seats. She slept through the first hour and then awoke in a frisky mood and would not lie still. So I rewarded her by letting her rest in my lap until she was sleepy - she's not our trainee :-)

Taking another risk we stopped for lunch. There was no honeymoon here. Marley wanted to play. So I rewarded her behavior by giving her a rawhide bone to chew on - she's not our trainee :-) She rested after fifteen minutes of activity.

Marley took a long evening walk through the field with Buddy. Upon returning home, she sprinted to her crate eagerly awaiting FOOD. However, she had to wait for the weekly ear cleaning which she tolerated quite well. Thought she would be tired after the busy day, but she is terrorizing Buddy as I write this.

Here is a very rare photo, Marley briefly showing respect for her mentor.