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January 31, 2009

Our New Dog - Oliver

Echo has been sent away for a few weeks. Puppies need exposure to all kinds of situations and environments so as part of the training program Echo will be travelling to other puppy raiser homes for the next few weeks. We welcome Oliver into our home for the next week.

Oliver has had a long day spending the better part of the day at the Pet Expo in Milwaukee, then a long dinner at a restaurant, and finally a hockey game. All this before he got to eat his dinner. At the restaurant, he sat under the table. No one knew he was there, but I felt like I was being stared at throughout dinner, because I was. Two brown eyes were focused on my every move.

He was initially a little nervous at the hockey game with the band playing. After we got to our seats he settled down and watched Bucky and the players on the ice.

Eventually he settled down and was bored by the whole experience.

January 29, 2009


Took Echo for his nightly walk. Buddy and Lisa accompanied us. Echo usually is overly concerned with Buddy's whereabouts. When in front, he looks back and when trailing, he pulls ahead. Either situation results in a correction.

This is a constant struggle and a habit that we are trying to break because it borders on fixation. Well last night he was leading and didn't care where Buddy was. However, he was farther in front that I would like and I couldn't decide if I should correct him or not.

Home at Last

Woof fellow pups!

At long last Mom and Dad came home. I was happy to see them, but a little sad to leave Labradork Haven and my pals Dale, Reggie, Dually and Hooch. We had funnnnn!! It was nice to just be home and stretch out though.

But the relaxing didn't last for long. The next day we went off to Shelton's to put up the poster about the raffle/Hold'em event. Everyone there was glad to see me back so I got pet a lot.

Then my pal Evan came over to play for a while before we picked up Dale and his human Nikki and went for Brownies. I've never eaten one before but I was sooo hungry I knew they tasted good. But it was a different kind of Brownie so I just let them pet me. I did taste a few with a couple good licks and they were pretty good.

Nikki and Mom did human blah blah blah for a while about what guide dogs did....boring, I knew all that. Then Dad blind folded each girl and raced around the room dragging them with Dale's harness. Then the best part they all had to pet me again to say goodbye.

I'm beat....

January 28, 2009

Work in Progress

For the last few weeks we have been working on Patience and Calm. We are making Echo wait for a command before he does anything or goes anywhere. And he has to be in a calm state before we give the "OK" command.

- Patience exiting the car
- Calm entering and leaving home, we lead
- Patience before feeding, signal to start eating
- Calm watching a cat walk by the window
- Patience exiting the crate
- Calm while I exercise, could be dangerous

- Patience before potty, we pick the spot
- Calm during brushing, trimming, and cleaning
- Patience accepting treats from us, other let him grab
- Calm greetings when I return home, needs work, so he DOWNs and
- Patience while I get ready to walk

January 26, 2009


Tonight was a fundraiser at Culver's in Janesville. We didn't think that Echo should go because of his extreme shedding. Nothing worse than dog hair in your food, unless you are used to it :-)

<-- Marley gets a lift from Scoopie.

Echo did get out to the drug store to see his fried Al. As usual Al shared a bit of his lunch with Echo.

January 25, 2009

Sharing Zone

Echo's banishment from the living room lasted less than twenty-four hours. He has gained an understanding of the OUT command. Yesterday, we were able to continue practicing the command while we ate meals in Cuba City.

While cleaning up, the priest stopped by for a visit. After the immediate excitement, we placed Echo in a DOWN STAY for the duration of the visit. He never moved until after Father left. We have been working Echo harder since my talk with the Puppy Coordinator.

Buddy received a double bonus. He accompanied Echo to CJs General Store (dog friendly) in Cuba City and they each picked up a new toy. Their favorite is a large Booda that makes a weird noise when shaken. Echo enjoys having the toy make the noise and Buddy tries to keep it quiet. We bought two toys so they would each have one. This works for Buddy who has learned to share. However, Echo behaves like a two year old and only wants the toy that Buddy has. It was nice to be able to take Buddy into a store - he still has it.

Echo is exhausted this evening after a busy day. Two long walks, playing in the snow, and a trip to the grocery store have created a tired puppy which is perfect for his weekly ear cleaning. Note: Buddy has already disengaged the noise maker in the Booda.

January 24, 2009

I still don't believe they're in Cross Plains

Woof All,

Mom and Dad sent another post card, but I still don't believe them. It doesn't look like Cross Plains??? Must be Madison or Milwaukee of someplace like that!

Confused Counter Surfer,

January 23, 2009


Echo has been shedding a lot. Buddy is staring to look like a Dalmation with spots of his black fur poking through the white hair that covers him and us. Lisa conducted a massive dog hair clean up this afternoon.

Echo has been banished from the living room. Not sure how long his "punishment" will last, but it's a good opportunity to teach him OUT. Since he couldn't visit Lisa in the living room, he followed me downstairs. Echo and Buddy watched me ride the bike as they dozed.

Where oh where has my little Mom gone

Oh where oh where can she be???

I'm having fun with my pals, but Mom has just vanished. She sent a picture, must she must surely have made a wrong turn because it doesn't look like Wisconsin???


January 21, 2009


Echo turned nine months old today, but I didn't get to celebrate his birthday. Being in Janesville, I stopped by the Dawg Zone to get my puppy fix.

I was fortunate enough to meet OccuPaws' newest addition, Marley, nose-to-nose for the first time. Being a little over ten weeks old, the chocolate bundle of fur didn't know a whole lot, but she sure is cute. During class we worked on walking, SIT, DOWN, COME, climbed up, slid down, and walked through. She did let me know when she needed to take a potty break outside which is better than Sophie did.

At the end of class was puppy playtime and Marley first took on a puppy half her size, then tormented one twice her size. She doesn't seem to fear anything or anyone.

January 20, 2009


A week of celebrations continues. Last night, Echo celebrated another birthday (not his). He took Lisa out to dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday, according to the waitress. Our host was relegated to a quiet spot under the table. Had he known that, he probably would have opted for faster food.

It was also Echo's last night of captivity. In order for his incision to heal, we limited his exercise and excitement, as well as we could, for the last week. All that Labrador energy and no release, he was obviously getting restless. He was constantly trying to start a wresting match or game of Catch Me If You Can with Buddy. This eventually led to one of them receiving a timeout.

Yea! Echo's medical ordeal is over and he has fully recovered from both surgeries. Completely healed and weighing as much as Buddy, 70 pounds. Tonight before I got home from work, he walked to the park with Lisa. Echo, Buddy, and I returned to the park and celebrated with some much needed puppy playtime. About an hour later we returned home. I was expecting to have two tired dogs for the evening, however a week's worth of puppy energy is not burned off in a one hour walk - more musical crates.

Another celebration tomorrow, Echo will be nine months old. Not a big milestone, but there were times we wondered if he would make it, so every day is special.

Where oh Where

Woof is me!

Are my Mommy and Daddy going somewhere? They put all their clothes in big boxes with handles and all my stuff in a bag. What is this? My pals Reggie and Stitch has disappeared and even Fuzzball is nowhere to be found. Mom says we going to visit Nikki's today and I might stay there for a few days....why? Don't they like me any more?

Mom is petting me more and more and hugging me. Why is she going to miss me?

I don't want to visit Nikki's...but wait, isn't Dale there too. Might not be so bad, I could survive their vacation if I had to.

And I think Hooch and Dually are there too. OK, let's go!! Puppies!!!!!!!!! Let's play - I got the ball. This is fun. Bye Mom, Dad. See ya soon.

Fun with my pals,

Cones of Silence


Last night mom had me going around big orange cones. First we did a right turn, then left turn, then 180 degree turn both to the right and left, finally, we did 270 degree turns both to the left and right. We also did sit, and down. She calls it "rally".

Why does mom do this? Is she lost again?

The best part is she was using her clicker so when I did something really good I got a treat.

At Badger Kennel Club there were also tons of puppies having class, so mom made sure that I was not "distracted" by their play.

Waa Waa for now!


January 17, 2009

Stir Crazy

Echo must not run, jump or play for seven days until his incision heals. The frigid temperatures and recuperation have combined to create two stir crazy dogs. Outside time had been limited to five minutes maximum exposure and inside we have resorted to musical crates. At least one dog is in a crate at all times to eliminate any horseplay.

After two days of resting, Echo needed to burn off some energy. We took him to the mall to experience sidewalk sales. Not many bargains, but we were able to give the puppy two hours of exercise and a few hugs and kisses.

Echo was invited to a birthday party on Saturday. He thought it was going to be fun and games, but we made him work all day. Constant DOWN STAYs and he wasn't even allowed to play with balloons. He would look longingly at the floating heart until completely depressed he accepted his "torture".

He has been losing hair at an unexplainable rate. Not sure what was wrong, but Echo's nurse friend said that anesthesia causes hair loss in some patients. Well he has certainly had a good dose of anesthesia recently.

After quick dinner, we visited the Kohl Center for another hockey game. Echo excelled, but the Badgers failed. On a potty break Echo met a kind soul who happened to have some dog biscuits which Echo gladly accepted. His new friend tried to teach him to shake hands - even though I told him that we focus on manners, not circus tricks.

January 16, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Arf, Argf

The Good News - Dale came to visit me today and like him and me played and played ya know and we like ran over fuzz fuzz and she fell over ya know and then Dale like got totally stuck inna snow drift and it was sooo funny and like I sez "That's totally Rad Dude" and then like we ran and ran inna house and I got like up on the couch and Mom like was grossed out ya know and like she scoled me and on the way home I got stuck inna back seat and we went everywhere and did everything and it was fuuuuun :-)

Now the Bad News - I had to be like a Girly Dog and wear booties cuz it was so coooooold :-(

Girly Pup

January 15, 2009

Wold, Wolder, Woldest

Wold! (In dog talk that means cold)

Boy is it cold!!!

This morning when mom let me out to go potty, my poor little tootsies almost froze! Even though it was just a few minutes, she was not sure if I would make it back inside! I wasn't either. I sat down in the snow and tried to pick my feet up so they would not be touching the snow but then my tail got cold. Mom told me that she was not going to come out and get me, so I'd better get back inside to thaw. Mom,,,,next time it is so cold, please put on my booties so I can go potty more comfortably - I'm not embarassed about them anymore.

I understand that it will be warmer in a couple of days so I can play outside again!

Keep warm everybody!


January 14, 2009


Life's not fair. Lisa left the lid off the food canister and I was the one that supervised Echo's frigid potty break at one in the morning.

My day got better, however Echo's got worse. First, no breakfast. Then off to the vet. His neutering was finally completed - without incident!! After surgery he was out on his paws. While Lisa was paying the bill he fell asleep standing up and fell over.

We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment. - George Eliot

January 13, 2009

Cookie Jar

Most parents learn early in their child's life to place the cookie jar out of the reach of their youngsters - high on a shelf, in the cupboard, or locked in the closet.

We haven't thought about that lesson in regards to our puppy, Echo. We placed our "cookie jar" on the floor this evening. The dogs usually don't pay any attention to it because it is airtight and they don't have thumbs to lift the lid off.

However, after Lisa fed Echo this evening she didn't put the lid on right away. He finished his food in his crate and when she returned to retrieve the bowl and let him out, he quickly found his way back to the "cookie jar". His head was hidden from sight inside the "cookie jar". He enjoyed a larger than usual last meal (before surgery).

January 11, 2009

Big Foot


Today I had a chance to visit one of my favorite places, Mounds! Yumm. Nikki, Dale, mom and myself set up an Occupaws table at Mounds East. On the way over, Dale and I sat in the back seat together. (I can't say that we sat quietly, we played….) Somehow though, I fell between the passenger's seat of the car, and the back bench seat. I got STUCK! So, rather than complain about it, I just laid quietly and waited until the car stopped and mom rescued me. Dale was no help, as he just looked at me as if to say "see, I told you not to play in the back seat". Dale and I must have been having a lot of fun. Mom bought some funny things that fit on my feet. She said that they are supposed to protect my feet from snow and ice but mainly salt.

I'm so embarassed.

Then, we went to Culver's. Dale and I were not allowed to play under the table (darn). When we arrived at Nikki's, however, off came the vest and harness….and I was allowed to play with a very cute border collie in the backyard. Unfortunately, Fluff Ball was there, supposedly learning about appropriate play. She did not learn very much, but I had fun.

Tomorrow is my rally class! Yippee! What fun!


January 10, 2009

Up Early

Up and out the door early this morning (for a Saturday). A quick run around the park for Echo, then Buddy's turn. After my my breakfast, we went to the library to read the paper. Echo waited patiently. I kept thinking that I forgot something.

Then we visited two veterinarians offices. First to check his weight which showed an increase of six pounds. I wanted to use a consistent scale and it exposed him to other dogs. Echo saw many ill mannered canines at the first vet's office. The second vet visit was to make an appointment for a "snip" and visit the office cat. Surprisingly, the scales here matched.

Echo's next outing was the grocery. I had stopped to pick up some Diet Coke for Lisa, but they were all out. I thought there was something else. Oh well. So essentially I took a shopping cart and dog for a tour of the store.

On the way home we stopped at the drug store for the experience and to drop off a Thank You card for Al. Al is the store clerk who is always so happy to see Echo and shares his lunch/cookies with him.

On our walk we met Kane and Sable. The boys and girl got to play a bit. Echo was exhausted on the walk home. Then dinner time, that's what I forgot. Echo didn't get any breakfast, or did he. I'm not sure so he got five cups this evening

Note to DuBay

Hello Dad,

Yes, I am also fascinated by my reflection in the mirror. Every time I pass a mirror or window, I can't help but stop and stare. I must get my good looks from you. Please don't tell mom that. Lisa mentioned something about a vanity. Any ideas?

Isn't television wonderful. I only wish it were bark activated as opposed to remote controlled. Occasionally there are scary creatures though. This past week I watched a lot of the Dog Whisperer. Marlene's comment said that I should watch Cesar more often. However, Jeff doesn't think it's a good idea. Something about picking up on the energy from all the unstable dogs. What are your favorite shows?

Your Son,

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

January 9, 2009

Marley (the other one) and Me

Ruff! Ruff!

Yesterday, mom and dad took me to a big building that smelled really good! Popcorn and cotton candy! Yummm. We walked inside, then gave a lady some money and then went into a dark room that had rows and rows of chairs in it. Mom and dad walked up some stairs and sat down in a row. I laid down on the floor under their legs. There was lots of room.

All of a sudden, right in front of me, appeared a GREAT BIG yellow lab! It turned out that we were going to watch the story of Marley, the worst behaved yellow lab ever. Marley chewed up everything, did not come when called, and generally had very bad manners. Mom and Dad hope that I never behave like that. During the story, I fell asleep under mom and dad's legs, with an occasional glance up to the front of the room. (After all, I was not going to learn anything from that silly lab.) Mom said that while I was taking a nap, I talked in my sleep, so she had to wake me so I would not disturb other people.

Then Mom took a picture of me without the flash (didn't want to bother anyone)!

...silly human!!! Black dog, Black floor, Black room....

But all in all I had a good time. After all, Fluff Ball did not come!


January 8, 2009

TV Training

Watching My Name is Earl, at the end of the show they showed a turtle walking toward the camera. Echo started growling and barking at the strange looking reptile. Therefore, Echo should not go to a house with a television or maybe it's the High Definition.

Apparently the television can be used as a training aid. He can be exposed to all sorts of animals and noises right from the comfort of your living room.

January 7, 2009

One Hundred

I think that Echo is 100% house broken. The last accident was many months ago, but I now have evidence. He will sit by the door and look for us and if we don't respond in time he will whine. I am "Knocking on Wood".

Next up is getting him to respect the cape when walking. The rule states "No peeing when the cape is worn". Boys will be boys. Actually neutering is next which may help with respecting the cape.

It was the best of times...the worst of times


The day started great - my best bud Evan came to visit, we went to breakfast at Shelton's (lots of luvin' from people), went to Costco (lots more luvin'), came home and played, took a nap....

Then later Mom said "get dressed" - time to go to West Towne for a walk. I went over to my place - sat and waited patiently, and waited, and waited, and waited. Did they get lost??? Yoo Hoo, here I am...and there is my vest, silly humans. Why are you fiddling with Fuzzface? Just put her in a crate and let's get going!!

Wait, what do you mean Juno is ready? Ready for what? Just put her in the crate...wait, you mean SHE is going and I/Me/Superdog is staying home. Alternate you say, what does alternate mean?

Totally bummed out - like totally - fellow pooches :-(


Farewell D

As one chapter ends, a new one begins for Dually.

January 6, 2009

Echo vs Buddy

Last week when I was walking with Echo and it was slippery in spots. I was thinking to myself that it would be great to have claws like him so I wouldn't slip on the ice. Then on Friday my goddaughters brought my Christmas present - essentially spikes to slip on the bottom of my shoes.

The ice storm hit on Saturday night. Perfect time to try my new "claws", however they didn't fit. Oh well, we went out for a run anyways. It didn't take Echo long to figure out that the road and sidewalks were slippery. Whether through his experience or watching me, he learned to stay on the snow and avoid the ice.

On Monday the dogs didn't get much exercise. Buddy was fine, but Echo was bouncing off the walls. There is a huge difference between Echo and Buddy's energy levels. Echo approaches a three mile run like a warm up and Buddy walks the last half mile. Echo is an American Labrador and Buddy is English. Echo is eight months old and Buddy is one year older. Echo is white and sheds an enormous amount of hair while Buddy has a shorter black coat which only needs to be combed weekly.

So this evening Echo went for a run. Then we combed him before heading out to a restaurant and grocery shopping. It's hard to get him out in the winter when we just want to stay at home where it is warm, but we are trying to take him on at least one outing everyday.

Road Rallye?


Mom took me to my first Rally class last night. At first I did not understand what "Rally" was…."rally around the Maypole"? "Rally around the Flag"? "Football Rally"? What? I found out it was a class where I learned different obedience skills. At first, a lady talked and talked and talked about what Rally was…
Then, mom was given a "Clicker thingee" and she bounced a ball. Mom was supposed to Click when the ball bounced off of the floor. Supposedly it helped her with "timing". I turned on my secret X-Ray eyes to help her see the ball, be the ball, feel the ball - but it didn't help.

Then, she tied my leash to her waist. She was not allowed to touch it at all to guide me the rest of the class. That was funny! Mom not holding my leash! She asked me to sit, down while walking, and sit in the heel position. I kept wanting to move out of a nice heel, so I could see her better. Mom kept telling me to "find heel",,,,find what heel??? Overall, I had a great time!

But it was exhausting - that night I fell asleep on Stitch's blankie, but she didn't seem to mind.

Today, Evan, my favorite little person came over in the morning. The afternoon was reserved for hanging around with my buddies. Even Juno settled in.
But she was getting pet, Reggie was hogging Mom time on the floor...what's a pup to do? As the Dog Whisperer once said, "You need to claim your space" to be the pack leader - so I did.Well,

Woof Woof for now!

Lap Dog Slick

January 3, 2009


How to torture an eight month old Labrador Retriever?

First, spend three hours at a women's hockey game with kids dropping popcorn right next to you. Stop at a pet store and walk the aisles where food has spilled and make him LEAVE IT. Then, have dinner at a barbecue restaurant for an hour and a half with the aromas of meat tickling his nose. Finally, spend three more hours at a men's hockey game with spilled soda on the floor nearby. Make him DOWN when play is in session so he can't watch the action.

It wasn't all bad. Echo started the day with a three mile run. At Mounds Pet Store, he gladly accepted a few treats from the employees. Our Marley look-a-like also received many hugs and pets from children and a few from adults.

January 1, 2009

Bad Parents

We skipped our morning walk and substituted some play time. Echo is not satisfied having one toy. He wants whatever toy Buddy has and eventually he wants both toys.

Another day of good news and bad news. The good news is that Lisa was finally able to give/get her Christmas present. Echo smells much better today - after the wet dog smell went away.

We have been placing a tennis ball in Echo's food bowl to slow down his eating. After eating he rests for fifteen minutes in his crate. Here comes the bad news. We must have left him alone too long, he was very hungry, or being a Labrador he will eat anything because after his rest all that was left of the tennis ball was the fluorescent yellow skin.

Actually Echo seems to be going through his second chewing phase. He spends hours gnawing on bones. Right now we feel like the most irresponsible puppy raisers. Cross your fingers we see the tennis ball later.

Happy New Year!

Woof! Arf!

Mom has sure had the “dropsy’s” and she has been really forgetful lately. She drops my leash, and then asks me to pick it up. The same thing happens with a TV remote, keys and a comb. Maybe she is getting cabin fever because she also puts my leash in another room and asks me to find it. So far, it is just in the middle of the floor in another room, but I am afraid that she is going to start hiding it under blankets. Today she could not find the door to a restaurant that we go to all of the time. And THEN she could not find the car… (I had a little trouble with that one tooo.) I wonder if she is going to start to have me ‘find Mark”. That was lots of fun!

My little human friend, Evan, is coming over this afternoon. We should have lots of fun.