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May 31, 2009

Walkies and burnies!

Woof! Woof!

Deegan and I got to be "neutral dogs" yesterday for a CGC Class at Badger Kennel Club. Here we are wait for our big debut!

I had a great time today. Nikki, Kurt, their kids, Dale, mom and I went to a big park along a HUGE lake. I had a chance to meet and talk with lots of people about OccuPaws. There were about 500 people on a huge walk to conquer blindness. I loved listening to the band, they were very good. There were free hotdogs, but once again,,,,no food for Dale or I.

My friend Deegan has gone to Chris' for a week or so. When dad gets home from the AirFest in Janesville, I understand I get to meet a new friend, Divit. Mom says that dad is going to be very red as he forgot his sunscreen this morning, so I should be very good tonight. Dale and I were practicing being perfect pooches.

That's all for now fellow pups!


Band Day

The day started and ended with the Oregon Marching Band. We were awakened by the rhythmic pounding of the drums from across the street. Since the band was up early, it was a good opportunity to get Cinder more accustomed to the sounds.

On the morning walk, our puppy pranced past the pod of practicing percussionists, frolicked in front of the formation of flag twirlers, and trekked through a tribe of trumpeters. She was interested, but unfazed. On the way home she even detoured closer to the drums to get a better view.

We had to make a visit to the dog's least favorite place - the grocery store. However, she didn't mind the cool floor as we compared prices and discussed puppy raising with a few of the shoppers/clerks. It turned into quite a long trip and she made it the entire time without needing a potty break. She slept most of the afternoon.

Before feeding time, we took the evening walk. Cinder met a few new dogs as we circled the park. Coming home the whole band was practicing their routine and quite a crowd had gathered to observe. Another great opportunity to acclimate her to the noise and practice meet/greets. She had a drink of water and chewed on a bone throughout the exhibition. Cinder will definitely be band-friendly before leaving our house.

May 30, 2009

Pet For A Day

Cinder has increased her potty frequency, so we increased her cranberry dosage. Since she wasn't feeling well and we had work to do around the house, she had the day off. Cinder was Pet(queen) For A Day.

While we worked, Cinder ran around the yard. She was on a thirty foot cable and could get into everything. As I pulled weeds, she would carry them away or rip them apart. She thought she was helping, but we would have got more done if we didn't have to continually stop and untangle her.

The swimming pool was also accessible. She was timid at first, fearful of the noise the cable made as it rubbed the plastic pool. With some prompting and a golf ball to dive for she turned into water dog, running around the yard, through the pool, over the plants to find Lisa, and back to the pool. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

We brought the golf ball inside to play with on the basement floor. She loves the sound as it bounces on the tile floor. She runs and drops it so it rolls and then she pushes it with her paw to keep it moving. Cinder is a smart little girl; her favorite trick tonight was walking up about five steps and pushing it down the stairs and chasing it. She did this at least ten times, so it was definitely planned.

May 29, 2009

Long Walk

This morning I took Cinder on a "long" walk around the neighborhood. It wasn't meant to be a long walk, just a quick jaunt before work. It turned into a long walk because we took a new and different route. She needed to stop and smell every new pole, mailbox, bush, fire hydrant, and blade of grass.

There were also a lot of new sights and sounds: construction equipment, airplane, football, trampoline, and a toad. She was especially intrigued by the foul tasting amphibian. She just wanted to lie in the grass and watch him, and me without my camera.

After this week's training class, we are working on SIT, DOWN, SIT. It's difficult. Cinder doesn't understand why we want her to sit when she is lying down. We are also spending some time on recalls when she is engaged (playing, sniffing, or chewing). She needs to COME to us regardless of what she is doing. This is still pretty easy, she hasn't hit the Terrible Fives yet, she is still dependent on us.

This evening Cinder received the spa treatment. Nails trimmed, back paws this time, cleaned her ears, and combed/brushed her hair. I also brushed her teeth, actually she just chewed on a toothbrush for a couple minutes.

May 28, 2009

The Journey Continues

For those of you that have been reading the blog during Echo's OccuPaws journey and are curious about his whereabouts. We just received an update on his status from the Puppy Coordinator this afternoon.

About two months ago Echo left our home and was being released from his assignment to be adopted out. However, if you have been watching the blog he occasionally shows up in photos and he has been involved in OccuPaws activities.

He was given a second chance which included some reconditioning and probation with the Puppy Coordinator. Basically, he needed some time to mature and we needed to see if his brain would kick in and he would become reliable and dependable. From my standpoint, he is still a work in progress, but then aren't we all.

Having satisfactorily completed his probation, with only a couple issues, he will start harness training next week in Janesville. Echo's journey continues ...

May 27, 2009

Such a life we lead

Quick update on Promise. She is living happy and healthy at the Kahl house hold. As you can see by the pics, she has some major sleeping issues - she sleeps in some of the funniest positions. I think a chiropractor will be in her future if she continues on this way - ah well, at least she is content. Today she got to visit the Educational Services Center (Admin offices) where I work. She got to meet and greet all the people there and showed off her best. She discovered herself in Jamie's mirror - that was very comical! She has done ok with noises - she "helped" me trim back the bushes a couple weeks ago with the big electric trimmer and had no problem except for keeping her nose out of it - but then freaked out when the neighbor 3 houses down and across the street was using his weedwacker. She is getting better though and the kids are certainly putting her to the test. We've attached a somewhat blurry, but very cute picture of her and Austin getting to know eachother. Enjoy!

Best In Class

The last few days Cinder has been recovering from her Frosty Paws hangover - too much ice cream. Not too much activity, but she did have encounters with the garbage can, garden hose, flower pot, and grill. In addition to making friends, we cleaned her ears and trimmed her nails without issue.

She seems to be entering a defiant stage; we have done lots of cradling. We need to make sure to convey that we are the pack leaders. We couldn't wait for puppy class to test her with the many distractions.
This week Cinder worked with Lisa on the basics SIT, DOWN, LEAVE IT, COME, and STAY. Being four months and a day old, she is very inconsistent and easily distracted. It gets frustrating because we take three steps forward and then two back. At least it seems that we are still progressing. Only five more weeks until we get Marley :-)

Since Lisa was working with our protege, I was able to "work" with the best dog in the class, Sadie. Ernie has competed with Sadie and my only issue with her is getting her to take commands from a stranger. She likes to test every new handler to make sure that they know what they are doing. I did okay when I remembered her commands.

May 26, 2009

May 25, 2009

Pool Party

Today was Cinder's first pool party. She wasn't too interested at first, just licking and nosing the water from outside. Once she got her paws wet we couldn't keep her out of the water. She looked like a drowned rat most of the day. This is the only picture showing one of the pools. You have to look close to see Cinder.

The hosts of the party were Kane, seen here, Sable, and Buddy. Cinder shows great respect for the three big dogs. Also in attendance were Victoria, Snickers, Arie, and Keira. Keira, a six month old boxer puppy was her favorite playmate; they spent the day chasing, wrestling, and biting each other. The older dogs didn't enjoy the puppy nuisance.

Buddy makes a guest appearance on the blog. He and the rest of the canines were well behaved among themselves. Their only issues were food related. Each dog has its own style of trying to extract food from the overindulging pack leaders: simple begging, table surfing, oops I bumped the table, or watch my tricks.

Cinder and Keira had an issue sharing. Not toys, one of them did not want to share their doggie ice cream with the other. Cinder was carrying her frozen treat around the yard and thus was the last to finish, so I think it was her. Not knowing which dog initiated the disagreement, both were reprimanded. Cinder was forced to share the second helping - no doggie bags.

Eventually even the puppies tired out and had to rest. Every time she was dry, she would dive into the pool to get refreshed. Needless to say Cinder has not moved all evening except to eat and go outside to potty. Note: one serving of doggie ice cream is probably sufficient for a puppy.

I love a parade

Woof to All,

Deegan and I went to the Memorial Day Parade in Cross Plains today. We just sat and watched the fire trucks (sirens and horns) and band (drums and music) and old cars (reving engines) and tractors go by. It seems the recession is really bad in Cross Plains as it looked like no one had ever seen a peice of candy. People in the parade felt it was important to feed all the starving children begging on the roadside. My oh my, times are certainly getting tough when children are reduced to crawling and chasing on the ground, just for a morsel of candy. I merely had to sit still until one flew into my mouth. I had barely gotten a taste when I heard "DROP IT" so I spit it out. We were told we were good dogs, didn't need candy anyhow and besides, we were going to the chicken barbeque when the parade was over...yum yum!!

But to my surprise, it was only a meal for the humans. Nothing for Deegan and I except the smells of chicken cooking on the barbie and hundreds of pies at the swim team bake sale....couldn't drop just ONE lousy crumb please...NOT!

Well at least Deegan got to relax on the grass with Dan, Mindy and Baby Jacob. Jacob really liked Deegan and he managed to get in a couple tiny kisses which Jacob loved.

Well all for now,

May 24, 2009

work work work

Woof Woof,

I've been having fun in draft horse training with my favorite little human Evan. We both have our harnesses, but only Evan wore his today. We went to the Zoo and smelled animals. Mom thought I'd want to play with them, but it was kind of boring with the big fences between us. Anyhow here is me 'n Evan 'n Mom with a poor zebra with a major glandular condition.

All for now,


Deegan here...

I just don't seem to be understanding my foster mom, Barb.

She tells me to sit, down, heel (go to the heel position), front, side, behind, stand, through (go thru a door), turn, let's go in a 270 and 360 degree left and right turn, back (move backwards) from a heel position, side position, and front postion,,,,,I want to tell her to "Make up your mind!". Do you want me to sit, or down?

Then, she goes thru all of those things with a funny leather thing on. Women!

May 22, 2009

Get Dressed - Please

We are going to be in trouble with the Puppy Coordinator. Cinder used to love getting dressed. She would come running when she saw the cape. She still is enthusiastic to go out, but she does not want to wear the cape. I am not sure why. She moves away when we try to place it over her head. It's not just me, Lisa has the same experience.

Today Cinder made her first trip to the drug store which isn't anything out of the ordinary. However, it was her opportunity to meet and greet the friendly cashier, Al. He hasn't recognized us sans canine companion. He recognized Lisa with Cinder and inquired about Echo whereabouts.

Al started the treat ritual with Cinder, sharing a bit of his lunch. Echo eagerly anticipated going to the drug store, always checking the register to see who was working. Maybe this will help Cinder get exited about wearing her cape.

May 21, 2009


I think Cinder is four months old. This week has been all about making friends. Cinder has made friends with the plants, garbage cans, garage door, rocks, mailbox, garbage truck, and shadows. She also attempts to make friends with every human or canine she sees. Her prey drive is increasing as she notices more birds and insects.

We thought that she might be coming down with another Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)yesterday. She was asking to go outside potty more frequently. Not sure what happens if she gets another UTI. We increased her cranberry supplement and she is doing better today - either a false alarm or cranberry worked magic.

This week's milestone took place at puppy class last night. Cinder is overly excited around other dogs and it is difficult to walk her during class. So during class she was introduced to the pronged-collar; Barb calls it power steering. The timing seemed to be perfect, she adapted well with only a few squeaks. Corrections were less forceful and more effective. Most of the other puppies have been wearing them for a few weeks now. Cinder hasn't needed it outside of class, yet.

May 19, 2009

Draft Horse #2

Woof and Arf All,

I'll write today and Slick can take pen in paw to write about our adventures tomorrow. A couple days after coming home with Slick, his human cousin Evan came for a visit. We played with him in the back yard, being careful to veer at the last second as we were chasing each other. Finally, it was time to rest.

The next day, Slick took me with his humans to have some crepes. Unfortunately, there was none for us, although I did manage to snach a small morsel dropped on the floor. :-) Then Slick took me to his draft horse training spot. They put on his pulling harness, but must not have been able to find a cart as a human had to hold the traces, pretending to be a wagon. I watched as Slick built up his muscles. Then I got my turn, but all they did was put on the harness and walk me around. I could have pulled a cart if they asked!! I just wanted to mention the wonderful cold floor to lay on.

Speaking of cold floors, Slick and I went to see Star Trek this afternoon and got in a good nap. They wouldn't let me sit in a seat so all I could see of the screen was the back of the seat. It sounded good though. I laid down patiently and waited for popcorn to fall...sigh, it was a long, fruitless wait my friends - not a scrap.

All for now as my Bro Slick says,


May 18, 2009

Good Girl

We stopped at Paisan's in Madison, Cinder's first dinner out, and she laid quietly under the table the entire time. As usual we were right next to the kitchen and there was a lot of traffic - good girl. Immediately upon exiting the restaurant, she sprinted to the grass to relieve herself - good girl.

I cleaned Cinder's ears last night after we got back. She did not appreciate the cleansing fluid being squished around her ear canal - some reward for being a good girl all day. After the treatment, she wouldn't let me get close to her for the rest of the night; she would run away when she saw me approaching, keeping a close watch on my hands.

It was my mistake, I didn't follow the Dog Whisperer's advice and surprised her when she was resting. We did make up this morning, so we should be good until next week. No more surprises, I want her to trust me.

May 17, 2009

Music Lover?

Cinder had a very busy day yesterday. Her day started with an appearance at the OccuPaws Dog Jog where she met up with her canine pals. In between wrestling with Promise, she met a few new people, dogs, and costumed cow.

One of the EMTs put on his equipment to greet all the dogs. None had issues, until they sounded the siren. Then Promise's tail disappeared between her legs and she wanted to get as far away as possible.

After the Dog Jog, we returned home to a house full of humans. Cinder was so exhausted from the morning that she retreated to her crate to get a little peace and quiet. After napping for a couple hours she reappeared and happily greeted everyone. Her favorite part of the day was either playing with the kids or cleaning up after them.

Cinder has a milder aversion to loud noises than Promise and it is an issue that needs to be worked on. So to build on the success of yesterday, we took Cinder to the Syttende Mai parade in Stoughton. The sirens were not an issue. Initially the bands made her somewhat uncomfortable, especially the drums. After the twelfth band she was doing much better. The kiss from one of her many fans might have helped calm her.

Cinder did not appreciate the large (costumed) dog; she didn't want anything to do with him. She did like all the pets that she received form the children and adults. She was extremely interested in the many horses that passed. She seemed to be able to smell them before she saw them.

Jog for Dogs Pictures


A great day yesterday. We had a family reunion!!!

and we got to meet some firemen and listen to sirens and horns and stuff.

and then some human blah blah blah and for some reason humans like to make each other cry... a lot.

and lots of people just walked around and watched and ate.

and then a strange fruit started dancing and singing...I didn't know Chiquita's could talk?

there were lots of things for sale and raffles...

and the strangest black lab I have ever seen...definitely a bad hair day!

and a talking cow!

but the bestest part of all was Deegan came home with Lilly n me and we played and ran!

May 15, 2009

Grocery Redux

After talking to the trainer, we decided to give the grocery store another try. Our focus this time was to let Cinder explore, not for her to be under control. Our laid back approach resulted in a more enjoyable experience for all parties. And no accidents inside, knock on wood.

She was exceptionally inquisitive on our walk today, so we were provided with plenty of opportunities to try the FIX IT command. With some mild prompting, she quickly figures it out which side of the pole to be on. Chewing on her leash continues to be an issue. She seems to understand the drop it and we also stop walking as soon as she begins to chew, but she still can't resist the ever present chew toy.

Cinder is not wanting for toys, yet she seems to discover a new one everyday. Today it was the new rug, which is 3'x10', and she moved it from the kitchen to the office. She also has taken a liking to Lisa's shoes, not chewing, but transporting from room to room. I think that we just catch her before she can get busy.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. - Ben Williams

May 14, 2009

We're Back

Cinder spent the last few days at Camp Morga while we were touring with the Boss. Three days with Promise (her sister), Echo, the newborns, and the Morga pack followed by a puppy socialization class resulted in one tired dog this evening. She lies at my feet snoring.

We picked Cinder up tonight at our weekly puppy class in Janesville. It was like meeting her for the very first time. She wasn't paying attention or responding very well. Not sure if it was a dog problem or a trainer problem; I was still feeling the effects of long car rides, standing for hours, and sleep deprivation. She was also very treat oriented, which may have been caused by getting a late dinner.

She struggled initially climbing up the playhouse and walking though the tunnel. Too much pressure, because later she wanted to explore and she walked right up. I think she was searching for treats. At home, Cinder showed some trepidation as an oscillating fan that was drying the rug. We were entertained for fifteen minutes watching her discovery process. Eventually, she had to walk past it to get outside. Now it's no big deal.

Before class, we stopped by the green house in Janesville to visit Oliver. Unfortunately, he wasn't on site at the moment. We did talk to his sister (his owner's daughter); she said that is getting along extremely well - kids visiting and plenty of opportunitities to run.

May 12, 2009

Lilly comes for a Visit

Lilly's back for a visit!!! Lilly's little guy is going to the hospital for an operation so Lilly came to stay with me for a while. I'm sad for Tino not getting to see her for a while but I glad she's here to play with me. She KNOWS how to play the proper Labradork way!! Wheeeeeee

All for Now,


May 11, 2009

Need Seven Puppy Raisers

The OccuPaws puppies have arrived, four males and three females. They will each need a temporary home and a loving foster family in July - perfect weather for housebreaking. If interested please check out the puppy raiser page, fill out an application, or contact the puppy coordinator.

If you enjoy reading the blog, maybe it's time to join our family. Early volunteers will get pick of the litter and may even be allowed naming rights.

If you can't commit to raising a puppy yourself, please send a link to all your puppy loving friends. It will bring you good karma. Thank You so much for spreading the word about this rewarding experience.

Practice sorta

Woof Everybody!

We got to go to the Pancake House today for me not to eat!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed smelling crisp bacon and not eating ANYTHING!!! They are sooo cruel....at least I got pet nicely :-)

Then we went to a Laser center (I think they make Star Wars movies there) to pick up a gift basket for the Jog. I assumed it was full of dog goodies, but that Cellulite cream was just not very tasty!

Then I spent the afternoon in Clysdale training with my horsie harness. I also had a minature jockey type person hold on to my saddle while I walked. He's kinda short though.

All for now,

May 10, 2009

Promise's "Bling"

Since our puppy trainer Jeff didn't think I could actually get on and post, I am posting what I thought was the cutest picture of the night from Tuesday's class. Here is little Miss Promise showing off her style with a little "Bling" (aka: a choker that was too big for her so it just became a necklace) Isn't she cute?

Neutral Pup

Woof Arf!!

Slick here...back in the writer's chair. I've spent the last few days doing mostly the same old - same old, except I've got a new outfit some of those days. Mom calls it a harness but I think it's really a saddle and soon I get to be a bucking bronco!! I knew I was growing up fast, but not fast enough to become a horse.

Anyhow, when Mom or Dad put on my saddle and take me for a walk, they walk on the wrong side of me...unless that's the side they climb up to get on me. I think they'll need those footie sturrrpps (whatever) things to help. Right now it is very strange because even though Mom is pulling back on the handle thingie, Dad keeps telling me to speed up and go faster. Hold back, go forward, they really need to decide where they are going. Anyhow, Mom says I'm pulling nice (maybe I'll be a draft horsie and not a saddle one??) and she is happy. I'll let you know more later.

In the meantime I went to the Badger Kennel Club where a lot of dogs were learning to take their CGC test. I, being Superdog, knew the stuff so I got to be a distraction!! I'm very good at being a distraction so I just walk past the dogs and our humans shake hands. I especially like Ruger, a Yellow Lab that wags his tail when I go by...maybe we can both escape and play for a while.

I even got to go topless in the ring and then wait on the nice cold floor for my next "distraction".

All for now,

May 9, 2009

Pet Rock

It never fails, as soon as I think that Cinder was perfectly housebroken, she proves me wrong. This afternoon, she confused the green carpet in the basement with our lawn. It's so strange because she always sits by the door when she has to go out. Oh Well, back to the start, constant supervision is re instituted.

On our walk, we stopped at the playground for more confidence building; up and down the steps, over hole-y platforms, and across the wobbly bridge. On the way home, she met a large scary rock and we had to make friends with it.

Her appetite is improving, Cinder ate three cups of food for dinner. For dessert, we started her cranberry treatments. Then she needed her ears cleaned which she didn't mind too much. We wrapped up the day with some cradling to calm her and teach her that we are dominant.

May 8, 2009

First Trip

We finally felt comfortable and confident enough to take Cinder shopping. A quick trip to Wal-Mart where she met a nice lady. Then over to the grocery store where we met two small children. She kept four paws on the ground during both encounters. Much better than the other day when she jumped on a child in a stroller. Thankfully she and her parent were dog friendly.

The adventure through the grocery store was probably too long and too soon. She was quite impatient. She was either tugging when I was stopped or stretched out on the cool floor when I wanted to move. She attacked every spot on the floor. I must have told her to LEAVE IT a hundred times. The grocery store has to be the ultimate training ground for LEAVE IT and HEEL. It will be a while before we make a return visit.

Good news today is that she handled the noise from the band better. Not fleeing in terror and her tail remained up. Our goal is to get her ready for the Canine Good Citizen test before we pass her to the next raiser in July. Not that she will take the test, just be ready to; we'll let Jan take her through after she gets Marley to pass.

May 7, 2009

WANTED: Puppy Raisers

We are expecting a litter of OccuPaws puppies very soon. Actually any day now, which means that right after the 4th of July, we will have six to twelve puppies that need a temporary home and a loving foster family. If interested please check out the puppy raiser page, fill out an application, or contact the puppy coordinator.

At 7:30 pm, Reese gave birth to a "huge" black male , breech. He is nursing fine.

It's now 8:34 pm, we have 2large black boys and 1 black female, all breech.

It is now 12:39 am, Reese is sleeping comfortably with her new family of 4 black males and 3 black females. All are doing fine.

If you enjoy reading the blog, maybe it's time to join our family. If you can't commit to raising a puppy, please send a blog link to all your puppy loving friends. I guess that means all your friends because who doesn't like puppies. It will bring you good karma and who knows they may add a cute cuddly puppy to their household that you can stop by to visit anytime you want.

Sending the link is easy, just click the envelope at the bottom of this post and enter your friends' email addresses. Thank You so much for spreading the word about this rewarding experience.

Best In Class

Last night at puppy socialization class, our little girl redeemed herself. Cinder was "Best in Class", but I may be a bit biased. She has started to DOWN on voice command and will LEAVE IT after one correction. Practicing recalls (having her come to me), she even STAYed while I walked away. As in the past her recall was solid - responsive and eager to come when called.

Of course the class ended with puppy play time. The terror was let loose to attack any and every dog in sight. Promise was there also, so she was the most common target. Actually Promise may be more of an instigator. The secret to Cinder's improved behavior was that I kept her away from Promise until play time.

Cinder continues to be very disturbed by loud noises and is easily/often distracted by other canines. The band percussion practice and thunderstorm were issues yesterday. She will pick up any/all items from the ground. She doesn't walk very controlled either, so she still needs a lot of work.

May 5, 2009


We had another OccuPaws training session this evening. Cinder was horrible, but then again she is only three months old. She was contantly pulling on the leash to get after the other dogs. Her favorite target was her half sister Promise, who is a week younger. If either puppy saw the other she would attack. Overall not much training.

Earlier in the day, I introduced the FIX IT command when Cinder finds herself on the wrong side of a tree or pole. She needs to learn to avoid the situation or learn how to navigate the the correct side without making matters worse. Our focus has been on teaching the DOWN command and secondarily the STAY.

Our trainer promised to post plenty of pictures of the session. Don't hold your breath :-) Here they are:

May 4, 2009


Warning to Cinder's future puppy raisers: On our way home from Bark For Life the other day, which was a three minute drive, Cinder chewed clean through our GPS power supply cord. It was not plugged in so she was not hurt and I was able to reconnect the two ends.

She's at that stage where everything is potentially a food source. Everything goes in the mouth for a quick taste test. Anything not awful, applying dog taste, gets used as a chew toy.

Bark for Life, part deux

Hi Fellow Woofs,

Here are a few more pictures from the Bark for Life and one of me resting comfortably at Mound's on Sunday.

All for Now,