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July 31, 2008

A Cat !!

Took a short walk this evening right after work to use some of Echo's energy. Then a quick stop to the liquor store to purchase a gift for our dinner hosts. We had arranged for an extended play date for Echo at Kane and Sable's house, which included dinner for us. The dogs would have to wait to eat until after we returned home.

Echo and Buddy were able to spend three hours sniffing, chasing, retrieving, tugging, and exploring. Echo needs some work on staying OFF people and other dogs. On one occasion he leaped from the stairs onto a resting Sable, who let it slide. However, the second time that Echo pounced Sable was not amused and offered a quick and effective correction. Hopefully, but doubtfully, Echo learned a lesson.

The highlight of Echo's evening was probably meeting a new and strange creature, a cat. Echo was interested, but kept a safe distance away. Eventually I took him over to sniff and say "Hello" Fur did not fly; it may take a few more meeting for them to become friends.

Finally we walked home and Echo ate dinner. Needless to say he was exhausted. So much so that he decided to crash in the laundry room on the cool basement floor between two piles of clothes - away from the rest of us.

Up Down Up Down

Mom took me to the Madison airport today to try out a quiet elevator she had heard about. We parked in the ramp, walked around the ramp then went into the terminal. I was even able to meet a very nice TSA guard. The guard held my leash while mom took my picture. The elevator we found had glass sides, went up and down only one floor, and was very quiet. I surprised mom and went right on. We went up and down at least a dozen times getting off and on the elevator. I am becoming a real pro at riding elevators!

I’m pooped tonight, but will dream of meeting all sorts of people on Saturday. I think I will spend the day with dad at home tomorrow while he programs a web site and mom goes to garage sales

July 30, 2008

She Made It

HANNA is a Certified Guide Dog !!!

Thanks to all that had a part in Hanna's training.


Echo's three favorite toys today were a leaf blowing in the wind, those flags used to mark electric lines, and chunks of zucchini. He is constantly chasing leaves as they blow around the yard. Every time we walk past the orange flags he attacks them. He tossed around the zucchini chunks until Buddy showed him that they were edible.

Bowling Practice

I went to Bowl-a-Vard lanes today. Was it fun! There were all sorts of kids and adults there for lunch. The bowling balls did not bother me at all!

Then, we went to West Town to work with a Service Dog in Training. He is 8 months old. That was HARD! I wanted to say “Hi”, but mom had my favorite treats (liver), and I liked her treats a lot. We walked up and down the corridor on opposite sides, and then we did a “down” on opposite sides of the corridor and hung out. Finally, we did a “down” within three feet of each other. We were both very good (mostly).

I rode the moving room at Dick’s sporting goods again. I still don’t like it because it is very noisy. Mom found out about an elevator at the Madison airport that is very quiet, and has very few people using it. I guess we go to the airport next!

July 29, 2008


The veterinarian said that Echo will live. The puppy tooth should fall out in a little while. We just need to monitor his gums for redness and possible infection. It hasn't affected his eating and his energy level remains high.

This evening we made Echo wait patiently while we ate our dinner; we postponed our walk until after dinner. A long walk tonight to the custard shop. There was a girls softball team waiting to greet Echo. He loved the attention as he stood in line. After getting our order, he and Buddy watched from a DOWN as the girls raced to and fro.

As the lightning started, we figured that we had better leave for home. This was the second time that we have walked in a storm, so Echo barely noticed the thunder. Finally Home - Finally Food !!


Well, mom and dad did not take me to visit the nursing home today because dad had a cough. He did not want to give anything to the residents. I was so disappointed!
But, mom took me for a walk in Cross Plains before breakfast. While I was walking on the sidewalk, I met a girl’s scout troop who was sitting on a curb. They were getting ready to go on a camp out. With mom’s liver, I walked right by them (mostly)…… I wanted to say “Hi”, but the liver was just too much to resist. One of the troop chaperones was a lab breeder and she said that I had a very pretty head and was very well behaved. I demonstrated my “sit” and “down” to them.

Breakfast was at our favorite place, Shelton’s, in Cross Plains. We sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant so I could watch people pass by. I was so good that the “regulars” asked: “Where’s Slick?” Of course, I was just laying under the table….I was asleep, as usual. My favorite little person, Evan, and his dad also ate with us.. So many feet to look at!

Mom and dad wanted a light for the front yard, so we went to Menard’s. Did you know that Menard’s has stairs that don’t have a back on them? You can see right thru to the other side!!! AND they are TALL! As the electrical supplies are on the 2nd floor, I needed to walk UP and DOWN the stairs. At first I was not sure… but mom brought my favorite treat, liver (yum) and dad went up the stairs first to show me that it was OK. It took me less than a minute to determine that going up the stairs with a treat was a good thing to do. It was a little harder going down the stairs… but once again dad went first to show me that it was “OK”. Everybody at Menard’s thought I was a very cute pup.


Slick's "Place"

Mom has been working on “place” with me. It seems that she is tired of stepping on me when I am by the kitchen sink. She does not seem to understand that the register is cool and it is by the sink, and the air conditioning feels so good! She has a white dog bed that I am to sit or lay on when she says “place”. She gives me treats, so it isn’t so bad.

WOW! Mom let me play with one of my housemates today - - outside in the big backyard! I have not played with the big dogs outside until today because mom said I was just too little. It was so much fun! I had a long line on as I don’t always come, and she wants to make sure that I come. I felt so grown up.

I went to my puppy class tonight. The class did “sit”, “down”, “come”, “polite greeting”, and “puppy play” with breakout. There are two more puppy classes to go before graduation. My usual playmate is getting a little big for me. We still play well together, but I can see in a couple of weeks that I will be over-matched. I really liked the liver that mom carried for treats.

The fundraiser should be fun this weekend. Mom says she is going to take me to Bowl-a-Vard lanes this week just to make sure I am not afraid of bowling ball noises and maybe try their lunch. I bet I can be very good!

Tomorrow is a fun day at the nursing home!


July 28, 2008


After a week in Fort Worth we were missing the rest of our pack. Buddy had gone to stay with some of his friends and Echo was in solitary confinement at Camp Morga. We picked Echo up at about 11pm. He was very happy to be interacting and wouldn't leave Juan alone. He spent as much time on the sofa as on the floor.

After our morning walk to reestablish the routine, I weighed Echo and he had gained about five pounds. He wasn't missing any meals while we were away. Marlene had increased his food and he wasn't getting much exercise. It didn't seem to make him any wider only longer.

Not sure if Buddy was missing Echo more than Echo was missing Buddy. When we went to the park this afternoon to get Buddy. Echo raced to see Kane and Sable. Buddy ran to see Echo and followed him toward Kane and Sable, but stopped to come check in with Lisa and myself before playing with his protege.

While Marty was saying "Good-Bye" to Echo, one of his canine teeth caught her on the bridge of her nose. The slight wound wasn't quick to stop bleeding and she was missing a few milliliters of blood before it did.

Echo and Buddy settled into their play routine, but Echo was bigger and stronger. So play time was a little rougher, and as a result Echo is missing part of one of his canine teeth. It broke off while they were tugging. OUCH!

We will check with the veterinarian tomorrow, but a chipped tooth wasn't going to result in Echo missing the weekly Monday night garbage walk. He didn't get spooked by any of the cans and he actually walked very well. He might even be starting to learn what HALT means - wishful thinking I am sure.


OccuPaws dog "Lilly" and handler Kaizyn Morga, his first year in 4-H, took Grand Champion Junior Handler at the Rock County 4-H Dog Project Junior Showmanship Show under Judge Debra Oster.

This great team also took a 4th Blue in the Rock County 4-H Dog Project Obedience Trial under Judge Jeanette Wendt. They both had fun and learned a lot though their training efforts.

Way to go Kaizyn !! Way to go Lilly !!

From his proud Grama,Marlene Morga (and the OccuPaws Puppy Raisers)

Liver - Yum Yum

I had a pretty good weekend. Mom took me for a walk with one of my housemates (Stitch). The picture looks like we were pulling the leash, but we actually were walking pretty good most of the time. It was a lot of fun!

I also walked on Main Street in Cross Plains again. All the trucks could be a little scary, but I did really well. I was a little afraid of a pair of dogs that were barking in a house, but I got over that too.

Mom has discovered that I like cooked liver for treats. Mom has been trying, hot dogs, sausage, chicken, regular dog food, dog food that comes in a tube and cheese for treats. But, I have decided that I like liver the best…

That is all for now. I hope you had a good weekend too.


July 25, 2008


Today we have a photo with the upper half of people :-)

Yup, as I thought, mom and dad took me to breakfast at Shelton’s in Cross Plains this morning. They must have thought I had been really good and deserved to go out to eat, as I slept in again until 5:45. When I am at Shelton’s I get to be pet by very nice people who are also eating, and I nap under a table…

Mom is teaching me to “sit”, “down”, “stand”, “wait” and “let’s go”. I’m really getting good at “wait” by the door. When we “let’s go/heel”, I see many interesting things such as ants, trees, other dogs, cows, etc. Sometimes the yummy treats that mom has is not as exciting as the world around me. But, I am still a baby.

I was a sleepy little boy today, so I relaxed a lot around the house. If it does not rain tonight, I think mom is going to take me into Cross Plains to walk on Main Street.


July 24, 2008

Where is Echo?


This morning I let my human mom and dad sleep until 5:45! They were very happy as I usually wake up around 5:00 to 5:15. They could not believe it. I must be getting to be a “big pup”.

I visited with my friends at WAGs today. They have a Golden Retriever puppy about my age that I love to play with. I also took a nap in a different crate there. I did not like the crate at first and complained and cried. Even though Mom was close by, put good treats in the crate before I got in and gave me my own “blankie” I was still sad. I stopped crying and went to sleep after 5 – 10 minutes. It was not so bad after I got used to it,,, but I might cry the next time mom crates me in a strange place. I’ll just wait and see how I feel about it.

After my nap at WAGs, mom and dad took me to visit with their human kids in Sun Prairie, where we went out to lunch. I just slept under the table, and kept cool on the brick floor and laid on my “blankie”.

Mom has been teaching me “leave it”, which I am doing pretty well at (mostly). I am getting very good at sitting and “waiting” before I get my supper. She said she is going to start to ask me to do two things before she feeds me. It teaches me to be very polite and patient.

I wonder what adventures I will do tomorrow. Mom and dad usually go out to breakfast on Fridays!


July 23, 2008

Why We Do What We Do

Gilbert's a guide dog!

Gilbert has completed his Formal Harness Training and will go through his placement training with Allison Nastoff, his blind partner, starting in August.

Way to go Gilbert!

Help Allison and Gilbert reach their goal.

Note from Slick

Hi Everybone!!!

My "human mom" told me that I should tell everybody what I did today in my own words. She said that you might enjoy it.

Well, first of all, I received a great surprise this morning when my favorite "little human" (Evan) came by for a visit. Mom took us both out for a walk. Evan was in the stroller, and I walked along side. At first, I wanted to watch the wheels of the stroller, but mom told me not to do that. So, I stopped (mostly) doing that. It was sooo hard not to watch the wheels!

Then, Evan wanted to play in the sandbox... so I helped him. Being a spoil sport, mom told me not to chew on the sandbox toys.... So I stopped (mostly).

Playing with the "little human" was HARD work, so I had lots of water. Putting my chin in the water bowl sure feelt good!

My "human dad" had to go to University Clinic so I went along. There was this funny looking door that rotated around and around. I thought it was fun to go in... mom kept calling "pup, pup" to make sure that I did not stop when the door kept going. The clinic also had stairs AND a moving room (elevator). I had never seen so many stairs before, so mom took me up and down and up and down and up and down them. It was not scary at all!

BUT the moving room, that was another story... I did not like it and wanted to get off as soon as the doors opened, even though it was the wrong floor! Mom had some great treats, asked me to sit at the back of the "moving room" and we rode the "moving room" up and down, and up and down, and up and down. The door opened and closed and opened and closed. People got on and off the elevator many times. She kept giving me yummy treats,,, and,,, you know.... after awhile the "moving room" was not scary at all! Mom said we are going to ride the elevator again...I hope she has yummy treats.

Well, time for my dinner, and a long nap.... I am so tired. Riding the elevator is hard work.


July 22, 2008

Already Working

Slick had another adventurous day today. After breakfast, we had a nice walk. Our neighbor is having some concrete work done, so we listened and watched all the wonderful construction from next door. He wanted to go visit the workman. But I thought that might be toooo much adventure.

Then, time to get a bath before our weekly visit to Ingelside Nursing Home in Mount Horeb. He smelled so good. Every Tuesday, we take Slick and one of our own therapy dogs to a nursing home in Mt. Horeb. Slick is a little short and difficult to pet if the resident is in a wheel chair. We put him on another chair in order to make him easier to pet. We push him in the chair from resident to resident. He is very popular, and elicits many smiles and giggles.

When we reached Ingelside, he was his usual big hit. After all, who could turn down petting a puppy? Slick “demonstrated” his “sit”, and “down” while we were waiting for Reggie, our border collie, to finish his rounds. The residents thought Slick was very funny when he became a little warm, and stretched out as far as he could stretch on the tile floor to cool off. We also rode on a scary “moving room” (elevator) again. Although he still does not like it, he did better than yesterday.

Finally off to the vet, Dr. Dave Williams in Mount Horeb, for his 3 month puppy shot. He was a good little boy when Dr. Dave checked his heart, etc. He did not even whimper when he received his shot. Slick is not so little anymore as he now weighs 24 pounds!

I think that he should nap most of the rest of the day. Getting shots can be quite exhausting!

July 21, 2008


After Buddy left, Echo adjusted well to be being our only dog. He enjoyed more human-canine interaction. Echo was able to rest without being bothered by the big black dog. It was good for everyone to focus on a single dog and he paid more attention to us. We have to limit his canine interactions in the future. The walks without his "Buddy" were quite a bit slower and at times were a "drag".

Spending more time in the basement created an unexpected issue. We forgot to hang a bell on the downstairs door. Echo must have had to wait too long as I caught him relieving himself right in front of the door - another learning opportunity. He does sleep better with the cooler temperature in the basement; we experienced uninterrupted sleep two nights in a row.

We dropped our "little" Echo, all thirty-one pounds of him off at Camp Morga again this morning. Echo will be vacationing with Marlene for the next week while I am working and Lisa is lounging in Fort Worth.

Head of the Class

Slick had a very busy day today. First of all, after Slick had his breakfast, his “humans” took him along for their breakfast in Cross Plains (Slick went under the table and slept quietly). Next he took in the sights at an outdoor shopping center, then to Dick’s Sporting Goods in order to take an elevator ride. He was not real sure about the “moving room”, so we will have to do that again. Then home for a good long nap…before his evening puppy socialization class.

This was his third evening puppy socialization class at “Dog’s Best Friend” in Madison. This class is for puppies between the ages of 9 and 17 weeks at the beginning of class. Very basic obedience commands are taught, basic manners and LOTs of play for great socialization. . He has one pup in particular that he loves to play with. It is a Golden-doodle, and is about twice as tall as Slick. Despite the size difference, their play styles are very evenly matched, which makes for fun time.

Slick was at the head of his class tonight with “sit”, “down”, and being “polite” when greeting people. Little smokies with cheese cut up into itty bitty pieces makes great treats for him as they really get his attention. Now it is time for BOTH of us to have a good night’s sleep.

July 20, 2008

Ups and Downs

Echo stayed close to the house today. It was too warm outside for the little guy. The heat seems to affect him more than it does Buddy, the big black dog. Because of the warm temperature we moved the dogs' crates in the basement. It's cool for sleeping and I don't hear him as much as when he's in the bedroom.

Since we feed Echo in his crate, it didn't take him long to learn where it was. Also with the heat, he has found the best place to lie down. If we can't find him, we just have to check in front of the registers. He doesn't understand why it periodically stops though.

The new placement of the crate has sped up the learning curve for climbing and descending stairs. Three weeks ago Echo was somewaht comfortable going up stairs, but would stand at the top crying. So today he practiced going up and down the stairs; he sort of hops down them, all four feet of the step. Ascending is no longer an issue, he's almost as quick as Buddy.

We dropped Buddy off at Kane and Sable's house this afternoon. He will be staying there for the week. I think this might be the first time that Echo has been without another dog in the house.

"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." - Henry Wheeler Shaw

Welcome Slick

Adding a little color back into the blog, we welcome Slick. He is an 11 week old male, being raised in Cross Plains by Mark and Barb.

This weekend we had Evan our 18 month old grandson over…It was fun to watch Slick and Evan play together. One game they played was when Slick and Evan were on the floor together. Evan would roll a ball to Slick, and then Slick would gently push it back to Evan with his nose. What a hoot!

Evan (who can walk fairly well), then crawled closer to Slick and “play bowed”. Slick then “puppy bowed” back. The only way I would believe it is that I saw it with my own eyes. “Play bows” must be a universal invitation to play! Slick is soooo gentle with Evan. No “nibbling” or jumping.

"I used to look at [my dog] Smokey and think, 'If you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking,' and he'd look at me like he was saying, 'If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to.'" - Fred Jungclaus

July 19, 2008

Puppy Playtime

I am so happy this morning you would think I found the fountain of youth. Echo slept from 11pm to 6:44am, almost eight hours. The only problem for me was that I didn't hit the hay until 1:45am. The rule that you sleep when they sleep applies to babies and puppies.

There was a stray dog running around the neighborhood. He has a collar with tags on, but we could never get close enough to capture him. The neighbors were trying to lure him in with water and food. I even used Echo as bait, which didn't even work. Echo did find some of the kibble. Eventually the neighbors grew frustrated and the dog went on his way.

Today was the first puppy playtime at the Hound Huddle that we attended. Every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 they offer up their play area to puppies under the age of six months. Echo meet four females this morning, 2 Sophies, Nala, and Callie. They chased balls and each other, jumped on the furniture (which Echo was scolded for), slid on the wet floor (into the wall on occasion), and generally carried on as puppies do.

Toward the end of the session Echo's head was stained with blood; Little Callie, the Pugle, had lost one of her canine teeth. I have no idea how that could have happened (see Callie in this photo).

After playtime, we stopped at home to pick up Buddy. Then a quick stop at the bank's drive-up window where they each received a treat. Then Echo shopped a little at Shopko while Buddy and I went for a walk. Then we made a food run for Buddy. Mounds is one of the few places Buddy still gets to visit. The staff is always happy to see the OccuPaws puppies. They each received another treat.

BOW-ling FUN

OccuPaw's third annual Bowling FUNdraiser is two weeks away. Please join Echo and his buddies. We will pay the entry fee for anyone joining our teams - our way of thanking you for your support and patience with our puppies.

Hurry there are still five free spots remaining.

July 18, 2008

A Dog!

Echo appears to to be much better today. His health is firming up this afternoon. We took a quick potty walk in preparation for our outing. Buddy had to stay home, however he did get to eat early.

After our afternoon walk, Echo jumped in the car for a ride to the farm to get this week's vegetables. And he got to visit with Zoe, the farm dog. Zoe knows when we bring a dog, great sense of smell; she patiently waits while staring at the car door. Outside the car it seemed as though both wanted to play, but each of them was afraid to make the first move.

Our first stop was Wal Mart. We were worried that Echo might be too tired and we would have to drag him across the smooth cool tile floor. He stayed with us, only stretching out on the floor when we stopped to compare prices or read ingredients. At the checkout counter, I was commanding Echo to SIT. The clerk, a self proclaimed obedience trainer, told me that pulling up on the leash wouldn't work that I had to push down on his butt. Two seconds later Echo was sitting in front of me and I remained standing never touching the dog.

Next was our weekly grocery shopping trip which was Echo's first extended shopping experience. Many head and back rubs were provided by the customers. A few times we heard children at the other end of the aisle exclaiming "Mom, there's a dog." The mother would look over and surprise would fill her face. Once a lady next to me mentioned that we must get a lot of attention. I responded with my usual sarcasm, "No, that's the first time" :-)

Helping Push:

We all sat/laid down to watch our favorite show. Echo's first episodes of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. He was very interested in the barking and seemed to be be watching the other dogs. Finally a long walk before bed. Once again hoping for a full night's sleep.

July 17, 2008

Time with Kane

No change in Echo's health status, the antibiotics have not taken effect yet. Last time it took about 36 hours to see some improvement, so tomorrow morning should be better.

Echo was waiting in the window when I got home this evening. I quickly changed clothes to take a short walk before we all ate dinner and then take a long walk before bed to help Echo sleep through the night. However, when we got to the park Echo and Buddy were warmly and excitedly greeted by Kane. Not ones to limit our puppy's interaction, we let Echo mingle with Kane, Sable, and Cocoa while we talked to Marty and John.

A few meet and greets with dogs and people as we walked through the park. Then, Echo jumped in the vehicle with Kane and Sable for a ride to their house. Apparently the first thing Echo did when they arrived was jump in the swimming pool. We arrived ten minutes later just in time to stop Marty from hiding Echo at the neighbor's house. She had planned to keep him for herself :-)

All four dogs played for another hour before a walk home to dry off. They have been sleep well this evening. Hoping that it lasts until morning.

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” -Will Rogers

July 16, 2008

Jingle Bell

Echo was up twice before dawn - two steps forward, one back. He has been having digestive system issues, so that is probably the cause. Last week the veterinarian found Campylobacter and Giardia which was treated for seven days. Today, we procured a sample to have evaluated to determine the exact cause. He was once again put on antibiotics pending the results of the analysis.

For the last few weeks we have been ringing a bell before going outside to potty (we have never tried this before). The bell has been placed around the door knob out of reach. On Sunday Lisa extended the bell down to Echo level. We kept ringing the bell and TODAY ECHO RANG THE BELL and raced outside to potty - one step forward.

We waited until later for our afternoon walk. It cooled down after a front moved through, so we took a walk through the park. Many meet and greets with baseball fans. And we supervised Echo's workouts on the playground equipment. He is getting much better on the stairs, all of varying heights. The tunnel is his favorite. Sorry, we forgot our camera again.

After returning home, Echo goes to the pantry to stare at his food. We offer some diversions and prepare his food. We tell Echo to "Go to Bed" and he races to the crate to enjoy an undisturbed dinner, followed by a nap.

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” - Thom Jones

July 15, 2008

White Shadow

Echo slept from 11pm to 5:15am last night. Please, I am just asking for one more hour. On our morning walk, we had to make friends with two culvert pipes which caught his attention. After breakfast, Echo and Buddy said Good-Bye as I rode away.

Saddest part of our day:

We were going to skip the afternoon walk because of the heat, but there was a track meet at the high school. So we thought we would take a quick jaunt over to the track. We were probably the only people at the meet that didn't know any of the participants. Neither kids nor adults could resist the cute puppy. It was a perfect spot to meet and greet. Buddy even got a few ear rubs.

Starting to look a little leggy:

We met a lot of people before we took a rest in the bleachers. From the bleachers we could see the park and we noticed that some dogs were out. Well it has been a long time since we have seen our friends at the park, so we took a walk. Lo and behold it was Echo's favorite German Shepard, Kane. He played in the shade for fifteen minutes with Kane, Sable, and Cocoa before continuing on the walk where Echo was Kane's white shadow. Our short walk turned into a two and a half hour excursion.

July 14, 2008

Making Friends

Echo made a trip down to Cuba City to take Lisa's parents to the doctor. After the doctor's appointment he walked to the pharmacy. On the way he encountered some scary children's toys. Lisa took him over by the toys to show him that they meant no harm. Outside the pharmacy he had an opportunity to meet another dog, he was a regular dog and couldn't enter.

Before leaving our niece brought her kids over and Echo got to play with Jared and Jalyn. He was very good with the kids, much more gentle than Buddy. The kids were calling his name to play every ten seconds so he should know his name after today.

Before bed we took our usual Monday evening walk to observe all the scary garbage bins. Echo didn't seem to mind them until we got to the park. There was one barrel laying on it's side that just didn't look right. His tail was between his legs until we all went over and made friends with the garbage can. Echo also tried to make friends with a little white dog, but his eneergy level was too high for the older dog.

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.” - George Graham Vest

July 13, 2008

Camp Morga

Lisa and I went away for a NASCAR weekend and couldn't take Echo due to the noise level. So Echo stayed at Camp Morga. Marlene has always given advice on the appropriateness of situations and has taken care of our trainee when we encounter situations that would be overwhelming. Thank You Marlene.

Instead of spending a boring weekend with us, Echo was able to go to "camp" with a few friends. Over the weekend Buddy, Archie, Roxie, Skeeter, Envy, Dually, and Reggie were all there. They splashed, wrestled, tugged, sniffed, and chased all weekend. The older dogs help instruct the puppies in appropriate behavior better than we can.

The dogs always return home completely exhausted:

After they rested for a little while this afternoon, we walked over to the annual soccer tournament in Oregon. This was a great opportunity to meet and greet new people and a few dogs. Echo met his daily quota of twenty new people, however almost all the greeters were female. This seems to be a trend that we need to balance.

We also stopped at the playground to work Echo on some of the equipment. He didn't have any issues with the wobbly bridge or the wiggly plank. And he repeatedly raced back and forth through the plastic tube. We are getting him ready to be the star of his puppy class :-).