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October 31, 2009

Medieval Dreams

The first item on our agenda was puppy playtime at The Dog Den. It was Banjo's last time with this group of puppies. He will be moving to Janesville this week to live with his next puppy raiser and he should probably attend the playtime for dogs. His size, 51 pounds, can be quite intimidating for the medium sized puppies. He played non-stop for sixty minutes in preparation for a two hour stint at the Boston Store selling coupon books. He was very well behaved.

Although he wanted to, Banjo did not sleep the entire time. His dreams of fortified castles, gallant knights, and beautiful princesses were constantly interrupted by inquisitive fairies, witches, and goblins. He sprang to attention when we were all threatened by a three foot tall green and purple dragon.

Taking his cue from Banjo, Sonny was also there to protect us. He thought that the carriage riding tiger meant to do us harm. Judging by Tigger's eyes, it looks like the threat was nullified by a surprise attack from the black mongrel. Sonny and Tigger eventually made friends - still waiting for the photographic documentation of their amicable alliance.

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Our final destination was the UW men's hockey game which was a student costume party. Even with all the strange looking creatures, Banjo kept his focus.

The scariest part of the evening for Banjo was the goal horn. It is a very loud fog horn that seems to last an eternity. The horn celebrates every Badger goal. Unfortunately, our sleeping canine was roused six times from slumber by the aural trauma. After the third time he would sit up startled, check out the action on the ice, and quickly lie back down to rest.

October 30, 2009


Banjo made his last visit to the farm to visit the pigs. Those that remained were happy to see him, stopped rutting, and ran over to the fence to nose their black friend. Banjo returned the friendly gesture by licking their faces. He has no fear of larger animals

Today, we took Banjo to Kid's Day at the Kohl. The entire facility was accessible. We watched the men's hockey team practice, toured the locker rooms, and posed with the famous Paul Bunyan Ax. Most of his time was spent SITting or DOWNing while standing in queue.

The second half of our day was a women's hockey game. However, before the game started I got called into work, which was an opportunity I couldn't resist. Banjo was stealthy during our encounter and we rode the glass elevator to our exit.

Back to the Kohl Center for the first of three hockey games this weekend. By Monday the goal horn, which sounded four times, won't phase him a bit. After the hockey game, more stealth-like behavior at the restaurant.

Tonight, he received an unnecessary nail trimming, for practice, and a much needed bath, followed by the puppy ZOOMs. He played with every one of his toys and even found a few that were hiding under furniture.

His newest toy can be seen to the left. It was laying on the sofa within puppy range, the ringer no longer works. So if we miss your call - blame Banjo. He also likes remote controls.

Required Separation

Well, the next few weeks will be awkward. Our oldest dog, Sky, got a hematoma on her left ear and we took her into the vet this morning to have it fixed. Now we need to keep Maddi and Sky apart while her ear heals. We don't want Maddi to tear out Sky's stitches just by being a puppy. Life just keeps on being interesting with dogs.

October 29, 2009

Keeping busy.

Hello fellow pups!

Another busy day. Here I am resting with my bone. After the usual going to class and going to work this morning, it started raining. So we came home instead of running errands.

Then we got to go to Home Depot this evening to get a new stove since the old one is dead. So I laid on the ground, waited and waited and waited while they figured out what to do. Then we went out for dinner and I waited while they ate. They forgot to get food for me. Silly people. But I was a very good dog and slept on the floor. And I didn't snore.

'night. -Promise

Geyser update

Hay Marlene, is Geyser sitting in the correct place?

Took Geyser to the Pumpkin patch, and Edwards
apple farm.
This might be our last outing with Geyser, Tues we swap dogs again. We have to take Geyser all
the way next door to Christy.
We get Geyser's brother, Banjo next.
Geyser has been a really good boy.

Ernie and Jan

October 28, 2009

Home Again

Banjo and his puppy raisers have returned home exhausted. We have been traveling across the state of Missouri stalking "The Boss", while Banjo had an extended weekend at Camp Morga.

The reports from camp were not good. His 'only dog routine' was upset by having four other canines to deal with, along with a different routine and new set of rules. Banjo's issues included barking in his crate, jumping on the door, bolting from his crate, pulling while walking, and barking in the kennel. This behavior, which doesn't occur at our home, did not ingratiate him with the warden.

We are always surprised, but shouldn't be anymore, by the rapid behavior changes that occur when puppies are rotated or taken care of by others. The stress of being away from their humans and disrupted routine often create behavioral issues. As things returned to "normal" today, Banjo's brain magically returned to his head.

October 27, 2009

How much is that doggie in the window?

It was a dreary morning so there weren't many people out and about for our pumpkin patch field trip. But any day that gets me out with my other four legged friends is a good day. Then we were off to another appointment and later a trip to the mall. Staying busy keeps me out of trouble.

Party at the Dawg Zone

On Sunday, we went to the Dawg Zone training and Doggy Day Care for a Halloween Party. Here is Finley in a cute Pumpkin costume.

Maddi was very tired after playing with all the dogs that came for the party.

Everyone had a fun time!

October 25, 2009

Very Long, Fun Day

Saturday was a very long day for Maddi and a lot of fun. First, we went to the pumpkin farm and met up with Cinder, Finley, and Timber. It was cold and cloudy though.

Then we went to PetCo for some puppy play time. There were only 2 other puppies there. A 1 1/2 pound Yorkshire terrier puppy and an Australian shepherd puppy. The Aussie was very nervous and didn't want to be away from her humans, the Yorkie held her own with Maddi and they had a great time!

Then we went to my brother's house for a Halloween Party. There she got to meet a lot of people dressed in funny clothes and she got to play with an 8 week old German Short Hair pointer. Of course I didn't have the camera available when the puppies were playing.

October 24, 2009

Community Day Sale NORTH

Woof Y'all

I had a great adventure this morning. First I went and taught Pam and her hubby some of the basic commands I know and then I took them for a blind-folded walk around East Towne. All my humans said I was a good boy.

Then we stood in from of the Boston Store and traded white books for green paper. Everybody seemed happy about the trade. My humans had a table to give other pieces of paper and stuff to people.

My old pal Jacob came to visit, he just ignored me and went right for Sonny. He grabbed the leash and just took over Sonny's training I think. The words were kinda hard to understand though.

Eventually there were so many people there, Jacob had to share Sonny with a bunch of other little humans.

Last year I thought my bunny ears were embarassing until I saw poor Super-Dog Dale wearing all sorts of red and white human skins. He took it like a gentleman though and trouped through the crowd like a manley canine (even in tights).

After a while even the youngsters got tired out and could barely move.

You can see more pictures here on Facebook.

October 23, 2009

Early Halloween.

Hey all!
Well, I survived my first Halloween costume. Geez, it was humiliating. Bonus points if you can guess what my people had me dressed as. I thought the costume was a little dowdy for a young pup like me, but they insisted.

After our morning adventure, during which I got rained on, and sat quietly while everyone else ate (did I mention that they neglected to feed me this morning), I went out again. And once again, they all ate, and talked and talked, and talked, while I lay on the floor feeling just a wee bit hungry. They said it was a Halloween potluck, but they kept the food for themselves. I thought potlucks were in the spirit of sharing. Anyway, I was sure happy when we got to go home and have dinner.

Ok, can anyone guess what I am? I'm Shaun the Sheep from Wallace and Grommit. What a shame. A sheep. They said I'm the wrong color to be Grommit, but a sheep is downright humiliating. Oh, and my human was Wallace. Apparently Shaun has black legs and a black head and wears a white sweater. Like me. Well, I survived. Hope you all fair better than me.


Quite the Pair

Quite the weather change, apparenlty Banjo was cold. He was found louging on the sofa three times which was not preparing him for the Dane County OccuPaws Training Session this evening. Weather kept us all in the house, so Banjo was a little stir crazy - never good for training.

Three puppies attended along with one guide dog, four trainees, and Toby. One of the puppies is Banjo's replacement. Neva took to him right away; Banjo could not care less.

First, the older dogs practiced DOWN STAY while the puppies attempted to provoke a response that would get the big dogs in trouble. After their teasing, the puppies were put to the test, as much as a ten week old puppy can be tested. It was more like "Follow the Treat".

Guide dog Dale looks on as the puppies (Neva, Sparta, and Sonny) are put through their first training class. View more photos from the training session.

Banjo impressed me tonight. I dropped a treat right in front of his mouth. Without a verbal LEAVE IT or NO, he didn't touch it even though it was right in front of his nose. He actually got up and moved away. Now if he would only leave the trash cans alone.

When the training session concluded, dogs will be dogs. Banjo showed Neva how he really felt about her replacing him at our house. The spunky little girl is a fighter and fought back hard. Her teeth searching for ears, lips, paws, or tail, but catching mostly air.

Lisa experienced Neva's bite first hand and says that she "Bites Hard".

October 22, 2009

Who's New Walk, Maddi

Wednesday morning we met with the ladies from Who's New before their walk around the lake. All the ladies were really nice.

Then we met at the Java Cat Cafe for lunch with Nikki, Mark, Barb, Deb, Roxie, Dale, Sonny & Slick.

October 21, 2009

Who's New Hike

Greetings and Salutations,

Queen Mother Roxanne here, but please feel to call me Roxie...all my subjects do. Today was quite a delightful and invigorating luncheon and stroll with some quite lovely ladies from the "Who's New in Madison" organization. They held a walk in support of two of my youngest babies, Sonny and Maddi. Also in attendence was my son Slick and old friend, Dale.

Typically I leave these excursions into my realm to my children, but being such a wonderful day, I decided to join them. I'm working on my figure after giving birth and hoping to get back to a perfect size 2 prior to the holidays, so it was perfect timing for me. I even allowed several of the group to hold my leash, but being such a refined lady I scarcely needed one. I was in my element, mingling with my subjects and engaging in small talk and kisses.

Ahh, what a glorious day for an outing. I feel wonderful.

Well Ta Ta Everyone,

Queen Mother

October 20, 2009

Surfing or Diving

After eleven straight days with outings, Banjo spent the day at home. We did make a loop around the park for exercise and had dinner at 6 o'clock. An early dinner gave us an opportunity to test his LEAVE IT by making him wait to eat while we snapped pictures. Once he gets the OK, he inhales his food.

Because Tuesdays are usually an open day it has become Banjo's spa day. I tried to trim his nails without correction - no luck. Wearing the pronged collar was sufficient correction to engage his brain. Front nails, treat, back nails, treat, done. His treatment concluded with brushing, chewing on the toothbrush, and ear cleaning.

No counter surfing for Banjo, only because he is not tall enough, yet. He prefers dumpster diving. He just couldn't resist the smell of bacon emanating from our trash can this evening. However, a toilet paper roll or tissue is just as enticing.

We haven't really dealt with this before, so we don't have any tricks to stop the behavior. Hopefully, our constant corrections folllowed by toy diversions will eventually wear him down.

October 19, 2009


I forget who I was talking to last weekend about dogs not understanding the concept of clothing. We discussed that dogs see clothes as an extension of our body. This is not the case with Banjo. He believes that gloves and mittens are definitely not part of us, but rather toys that we are holding in our hands for him to play with. He is always biting them as we walk or grabbing them as people come to pet him. Other than continuing our corrections or dipping our gloves in Tabasco sauce we are out of ideas.

Two weeks before Banjo's departure, we rechecked the puppy manual to see the comands that he should be capable of by six months of age: WAIT, CAR, DOWN, OFF, SIT, LEAVE IT, SETTLE. We have been using UP to enter the car and rarely use settle. We will see what we can get done in 14 days.

Tonight at our Teenager Class, we worked on four of the requirements (SIT, DOWN, LEAVE IT, WAIT) and three extra credit comands (WATCH, HEEL, STAY). He does a very good WATCH, even with distractions.

The competetion this evening was the fastest recall with a sit in front of the owner. Puppies competed head-to-head with the quickest advancing to the next round. Banjo and Lisa sailed through the first round, but he was sidetracked at start of round two and barely moved before the other pup was rewarded for sitting.

Boston Store - part deux

Woof Arf,

Neva has finally let me back at the keyboard. She went back home with Marlene after the Boston Store visit. She will become a wheel circle pup thingie, whatever that is.

We had a wonderful time meeting people and selling the Community Day coupon books. I received many "mercy" pets, as the puppies, Maddi and Neva, brought the crowds and after the humans got their fix of puppy breath, they felt sorry for me laying there quietly. They came over and gave me a pet and hug too.

Some children were especially happy to see Neva and Maddi.

They had a good time playing, growling and attacking each other. They played a little quieter with me. Maybe because I didn't get quite as excited.

I tried to maintain control as best I could, but they were wild at times...but then all of a sudden, both would just flop down and sleep. That's when I got the most attention!!

All for Now,



Maddi is sleeping for about 6 hours before having to get up and go potty! Then she settles down for another 1 to 1 1/2 hours before getting up for the day. The sleep interrupted nights will be coming to an end soon!

Here she is doing a very nice sit. This is the first behavior she has down pat so far. All the rest will follow. She is a quick learner.

October 18, 2009

Party Day

We were up early and only had time for a quick potty and short walk around the block before travelling to Platteville. Our goddaughters were having a bowling birthday party. Banjo was pure puppy energy, nibbling fingers licking faces. He seemed to feed off the energy of the guests and as the bowling started he settled down and napped for the remainder of the party.

His two hour nap was followed by a one hour ride home. We repacked, forgetting our camera again, and drove to Blue Moon Community Farm for the annual Harvest Party. Banjo visited the two flocks of chickens, rafter of turkeys, and the swine survivors prior to one of his hog pals, Winston, serving as guest of honor - dinner. Banjo would wait to eat dinner at home, declining to eat based on moral grounds. He doesn't feel the same way about fowl though.

As usual everyone was impressed with the behavior of the young puppy; our conversations always refocused on the black puppy lying or sitting at our feet. They saw chinks in his behavior as we ate our dinner and Banjo nibbled on the hay bale we used as a chair. After dinner we let them see that he was a real dog and not a "Stepford Dog". Banjo played hard with Summer, the farm's dog. Jumping, pawing, and biting, he burned off a little energy. To ensure a quiet evening we stopped at the park on the way home and walked a mile. Once again he is sleeping on my feet.


Took Geyser to Skullys pumpkin farm today.Went threw the corn maze with the grandkids.

Here I am in the Maze. We got seperated from the rest of our group. WE GOT LOST IN THE MAZE. We finally made it out!

Recent adventures

Hello! Promise here. I got my people to bring the camera to take a picture of me in action. Here I'm on my way to work. I'm used to this bus thing, but now it randomly starts shooting air across the floor. It's rather warm and blows really loud. I'm trying to keep an eye on it

I also got a new bed. It was a gift from a friend, and belonged to a Great Dane that outgrew it. My people think it's rather large, but I think it's just right. I keep trying to tell them that they should let me spend the night on it...it's much cozier than my crate, but they insist on the crate.

And finally, I had to take a bath yesterday. It was not fun. The people said I smelled a little too much like a dog.

October 17, 2009

Lone Goal

Friday night, we had dinner out and Banjo had to sit patiently for over an hour. Then it was off to the IMAX movie theater. We met a real service dog in the lobby that really wanted to play with Banjo. Both dog and puppy maintained their distance and remained focused on their work task.

The film began with children running and dogs barking. Banjo watched intently as these are his two favorite distractions. As things settled down on the screen, Banjo settled down and rested, only to have his nap interrupted intermittedly by "Wild Things" howling and romping. Banjo thoroughly enjoyed the movie's visual and aural realism. He didn't enjoy another late dinner. He hasn't eaten before 9 pm for seven days in a row.

Working hard mentally the last few days with limited exercise, Banjo was in dire need of puppy playtime today. There just isn't a substitute for canine interactions. With fewer puppies at the Dog Den today, the play was less chaotic, but more intense. Banjo tired and needed a break after thirty minutes. I could tell by the way he casually followed his playful peers. He wanted to rest, however being a Labrador he had to play. I made him stop and retreat - outside for a potty break.
Tonight was Banjo's first real hockey game. We arrived at the rink early to get acclimated and allow plenty of time for Meet and Greets. It took about three minutes to meet our first family. Puppy and children were all smiles (dogs smile with their tails).

Halfway through the third period the Badgers scored their first goal. Banjo was summoned to attention by the loud horn and 11,000 people cheering, which we had not experienced at last week's scrimmage. It startled him, but he rebounded quickly. It was their only goal, enough to earn a tie, but not enough to gauge Banjo's reaction.


Dogs and puppies can sleep in the most strange places!

And on the strangest pillows!

October 15, 2009

Wheels wheels wheels

Woof pups and puppettes!!

Neva here. Slick and I got to go to a place with lots of people who race chairs with wheels. Some have to stand up with their racers - they must be the fastest cuz they have tennis balls on the bottem to keep from going too fast. Anyhow I got to go in a big room and run from person to person while they laughed and clapped. Not sure why - don't all dogs bounce like a lamb when they run??? It was hard to decide where to go - everyone was calling me. I finally got tired and just sat and chewed on a foot thingie.

Then I finally slowed down and a nice lady who didn't have a race chair picked me up and hugged me. She kept sniffing my breath...crazy humans.

When we finished there, we went to Lukenbooth's in Black Earth for a visit and humans only breakfast. I got to go inside and visit and kiss some of the people there. They wanted to sniff my breath too - go figure. Slick had to sleep under the table but I got to sit on the seat like a big girl. The only problem is just when I got comfortable and a little sleepy, they kept taking me outside to go "potty". I guess that's good cuz no accidents.