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May 6, 2012


How do you begin to thank people who have given so much of themselves to help your son and your family??? We are SO, SO, SO thankful and grateful for Jeff and Lisa. They have dedicated time and love to raise Cooper to help Mac. Mac has Down syndrome and autism. Cooper came home with us last night after Mac's first Special Olympics track meet. The emotions were so overwhelming.... I am also thankful that it really is a "see you later" and not a good bye to Jeff and Lisa. I had warned them previously, they are stuck with us forever now :) Russ, Mac, Griffin and Cooper went on their first outing together by themselves. They went to see their cousin in a high school play. A situation that would have once been overwhelming to all of them. Mac is very sensitive to noise. So the beginning of the play he had some stress and had to leave. The difference was, Mac was able to come back and to sit through the rest of the play today. Today Cooper has lived fully with the boys experiencing light saber swords, darth vader masks, ninja moves, guitar playing to name a few things! Griffin wanted to show Cooper his room today (which he has seen previously) but Griffin sees this as different this time around because Cooper is here to stay. Yesterday morning, Griffin said to me, "Mom, this is the best day ever! Do you know why?" Me - why? Griff, "because Cooper gets to come home with us today forever." Jeff and Lisa truly gave the ultimate gift of love yesterday..... and we promise to love Cooper!! Thank you!! Love you both! xoxo Lexy (Mac & Griffin's mom)

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