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March 5, 2011


First, Monte would like to thank everyone for wishing him well on his birthday. Now that he is one year old, we are expecting an immediate transformation tomorrow morning as he begins his second year of life. If it were only that easy.

We often practice the Puppy's Choice game and LEAVE IT commands using kibble, treats, and once even a hamburger. Monte excels and will never touch the kibble and often backs up as if encountering poison. Today he was presented with an unexpected challenge; and he failed miserably.

Eating lunch with a group in a foreign home. One of our group placed her half eaten sandwich on the floor. Lisa and I did not observe this (otherwise it would have been a good learning experience), but Monte did and engulfed the sandwich before I was alerted. Only able to rescue to a slice of turkey and roast beef after prying his jaws open, we were left to wait for a gastro-reaction. Ten hours later, I think we dodged a bullet and are safe.

We had no festivities planned for Monte. However, that didn't stop him from enjoying a birthday treat. This week we begin playing Puppy's Choice with human food and place food on the floor as we dine.

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