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March 3, 2011

Walk n Work

As the weather warms, I and our neighbors find it much more enjoyable to be outside - not a real surprise. This increased activity results in more and varied distractions: animals scurrying, kids on bikes, joggers, puddles. Should we train our puppies to avoid puddles?

The distance of our daily walks has essentially stayed the same, but the duration has increased significantly as there are more challenges and I am more willing to take the time to mentor Monte appropriately. The last few days we have been working traffic, not guide dog traffic, just exposing him to cars, trucks, horns, motors, etc.

In addition our walk used to be more linear and consistent. It was geared towards running; expediency and safety were crucial. Our present routes are more circuitous with a focus on teaching HEEL and focus. We make a turn at almost every corner we come to and every day is different. This discourages Monte's autopilot and encourages him to focus on me to make decisions. We also practice a minimum of two pivots every time we change direction and cross the street - more focus and patience.

Monte's physical exercise has remained the same, but his mental exercise has increased tenfold.

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