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September 2, 2011

Going, Going, ...

After being informed of Monte's dismissal last night. We were asked whether we would support Monte going to California to pursue a career as a diabetic alert dog (DAD) or possible search and rescue. After much discussion and a few tears, we decided that Monte would be the forever dog that we have been searching for and help us train puppies. A not so perfect ending, but a great new beginning.

Unfortunately, we found out this morning, despite our gut wrenching decision, that he would be going back to the breeder. Well, more accurately that the breeder had decided to send him to California to start training as a DAD.

He will be picked up in two hours. The wait is unbearable.

... Gone

Good Luck Monte.

Update: After saying our "Good-Bye" and returning home, we were notified that the breeder will let us have Monte, if he doesn't make it as a DAD (Guardian Angel).


Fox Family said...

It must be his destiny to save someone someday from a diabetic shock. Just this past month one of my coworkers lost a brother to diabetes. If Monte had been there perhaps, a 7 year old girl would still have her father.

Allison Nastoff said...

I'm so sorry Monte didn't work out as a guide dog, but a diabetic alert dog is a wonderful career too. I know because I have a relative with type 1 diabetis whose dog alerted the parents that there was a problem in the middle of the night once. (The dog was a pet dog not an official Diabetic Alert Dog, but still amazing)! This dog may very well have saved this person's life.