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April 10, 2012

Orlando - Day1

After a much needed day of rest, Cooper started his week at Sea World.

We decided to use the leash/harness combo for some mock tethering with Griffin under a real world situation. His first time back in harness since March, but he didn't miss a beat. The plan was to have Mac observe and have Griff be a positive role model. It seemed to work well because after we transitioned to Mac, he kept a firm grasp of the leash and stayed close to his buddy, Cooper. Hopefully this will transfer to the actual tethering.

Cooper's favorite part of the days was watching the dolphins swimming past.

In the afternoon, we retreated back to the condo to enjoy a less crowded environment in our private swimming pool. It was entertaining to watch a nine month old "water breed" canine perform acrobatics to keep himself dry while racing around the pool. We tried everything to entice him into the water without success.

You could see the dilemma in his eyes and actions. He wanted to play with the boys so bad, but did not want to jump in and get wet. Cooper only got wet when he fell into the pool on two occasions - not positive experiences.

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