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April 4, 2012

Tampa - Day1

We dropped Monte off for his vacation and he seemed to be enjoying himself. He did look longingly at us from behind the door as we walked away. However, it sounds like he is settling in.

Donna, from Farview Kennels, sent us an update "Monte is doing very well! I just Love him ;) I'm really partial to male yellow labs!! He's sound asleep next to me, he's a good cuddler too ;) We're already enjoying having Monte stay with us."

Living Better than at Home.

Once we boarded the plane to Tampa everything has gone well. Although we almost were not allowed on the plane. As we handed the gate attendent our boarding pass, he informed us that service dogs in training were not allowed. We were asked to wait while the process continued. SouthWest does not assign seats - first come first served.

Lisa was worried and ready to fight;I thought we may have to drive home and try again tomorrow. We explained that I called to confirm our situation, otherwise we wouldn't be here. A call was placed, policy clarified, credentials verified, and we were allowed on the plane. The return trip may be in jeopardy, so we might extend our stay in Florida for a few more weeks.

Plane, buses, street cars, and automobiles ... Cooper is not fond of the street car, so that has become our preferred mode of transportation.


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