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February 6, 2013

Lucy, Home?

Tuesday nights are autism service dog class in Janesville.  This was another t-shirt drop-off, but we also got a chance to spend time with some new and old trainees. 

 Lucy is eleven months old and has just been returned for some fine tuning.  She needs more work on her STAY.  I took her on as my project for the evening; we worked together all night and she progressed rapidly.  We began with having her STAY for short periods of time with me a few steps away and progressed to having her on a DOWN STAY in the middle of the mall as traffic passed her by. 

As we worked I noticed an additional issue.  When I would do a step over, she always looked fearful and stood up.  We transitioned to me standing over her, rubbing her belly, and just making her comfortable.  Eventually she accepted having me stand and walk over her.  We were working so well that I wanted to bring her home, but Lisa said "No! We are too busy."

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