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February 3, 2013


Even though we are not actively raising a puppy, we are still keeping busy with Custom Canine activities.  In addition to our fundraising, we are finding time to spend with our dogs and puppy raisers.

Our first stop on Sunday was to visit Cooper and his partner Mac.  Cooper was placed when he was only ten-months old, so he has grown up and filled out.  He looks like a real dog now. It's always good to see our puppy trainees behaving like adults, although Cooper, like most Labradors, seems to have retained his youthful puppy exuberance and love of life.  He spent most of our visit playing with his toys in the snow.  Inside, "Yooper" has become Mac's favorite subject in his home movies.

Next, we dropped off a jersey and some t-shirts for Dusty and Avery.  We were welcomed at the door by their autism service dog, Porter.  He settled down after the requisite 5 minute puppy cool down period.  Calm greeting are one of the most difficult things to practice, at least at our house, because we don't get a lot of guests.  It was also nice for us to visit with Avery and Dusty; hopefully we will be seeing more of them at training classes :-)

Stop number three was downtown Madison to work with Buck and his new puppy raiser, Avery, who starts high school next year.  Buck is about eight months old and a Golden Retriever.  He has been in their home for little more than 24 hours, but seems to have bonded very quickly with Avery, which is quite common for the breed.  After going over some basic commands we took a walk down to Trader Joe's.  Buck and Avery did very well. 

I hope we didn't offer too many corrections to Avery.

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