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June 6, 2011

Race Time - Rules

Before the race started, we had time to settle in. Monte patiently watched the driver introductions and pre-race activities. He rarely missed observing a soaring bird. After the National Anthem, it was time to take care of primary objective for the evening, provide a safe environment for Monte by preventing any aural disturbance.

A trial with one ear plug in the afternoon proved unsuccessful. The ear plug remained intact for less than a second before it was sent flying through the air. Rule #1 with puppies: be prepared to leave a situation if it becomes disturbing or stressful

Rule #2: always be prepared. This time I inserted an ear plug into each ear and while trying to keep them secure, place Mutt Muffs over his head. The Mutt Muffs served two purposes. First, to further reduce the sound level and secondly to keep the ear plugs in place. We had been practicing during the week, so he calmly accepted the Mutt Muffs.

Although not stylish, he did not look out of place. Most adults and every child was either wearing ear plugs to reduce the noise or head phones to listen to driver "discussions".

Rule #3: a tired dog is a good dog. Like many people, Monte eventually got bored with the cars riding around in circles and rested.

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