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June 9, 2011


Since Monte's obedience far surpasses his basic manners and self-control, we have been working on welcoming visitors to our home. Actually it's more like not molesting them as they enter. Most dogs jump, smell, lick, and are generally too welcoming to visitors. He has never been a jumper, but he is overly excited.

Over the last few weeks, we have been training Monte to go to his PLACE when the doorbell rings. He hasn't got it completely figured out yet, but he will go to his special PLACE when told. Every night when I come home, I ring the doorbell, we practice. When I go out to get the mail, we practice.

Tonight, a real visitor stopped by to discuss insurance. She didn't ring the bell, but Monte reluctantly went to his PLACE after being told. He remained in the other room, away from us, for most of our forty-five minute meeting. He only had to be reminded a couple times :-)

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