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June 30, 2011

Water Supply

It is very important to provide your puppy with a plentiful and clean supply of drinking water, especially when the temperatures climb. Monte has a large stainless steel bowl that holds about two quarts.

This morning I woke up extremely early. After a quick potty break for Monte, I decided that he might as well have an early breakfast. He was ecstatic; he loves to eat. Trusting Monte completely, I decided to grab an extra two hours of sleep and gave him the run of the house. On the verge of falling back to sleep, I heard Monte lapping up water, but it sounded closer than the kitchen.

I sat up in bed to confirm my suspicions. Yes, Monte's survival skills kicked in and he had located an alternative water supply. I calmly told him to "LEAVE IT." Before reprimanding him I checked the primary source which turned out to be completely dry. It doesn't pay to have a big water bowl, if you forget to fill it.

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