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July 5, 2013


We could hear the screaming and popping of fireworks starting at dusk. As darkness blanketed the neighborhood, we began our walk in search of the source of the noise.  Knowing that Monte is completely comfortable with the sights and sounds, we used Monte as a role model.  Walking through the smoke which worked as mosquito repellent, we knew that we were getting closer.  The booms were louder, but Hobey didn't show any reaction until a housed dog started barking at us. 

The only issue on the journey was that Hobey was stopping every few minutes to potty.  It appeared like the beginnings of a possible UTI (urinary tract infection), most likely caused by eating rabbit droppings.  Not a big deal, very common, we just needed to start a cranberry regimen, which we always have on hand for our puppies. Oops, we were out of cranberry and it was 9:50.  Walgreens closes at 10 pm, so Lisa raced to the store just before closing time, upsetting the workers. 

Cranberry was secured and everything looking good this morning.

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Puppy Raiser said...

We questioned whether the pottying may be a stress reaction, but it started before the fireworks.