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July 2, 2013

Will Work for Food

Thankfully we have ended up with another typical Labrador.  Training is relatively easy once you determine what motivates the trainee and for Hobey we have found that anything edible works.  He will stand on his head if he knows that you are carrying (a pocket full of kibble).

We continued working on DOWN, COME, and FOLLOW.  There are times that I question whether he is listening to my commands or if his stomach fuels an auto pilot. When I call him to me, he will immediately sit down and if I am slow to supply a treat, he lies down.  Good response, we can fine tune it during the next nine months.

Yes, he turned three months old today.  In approximately nine months, he will be placed with a family that has a child with autism. All signs point to success as Hobey appears to be a quick learner; he has not gone under our bed since he got stuck.

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