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July 1, 2013

Hand Feeding

The first of the month is flea and tick medication day.  This involves administering a poisonous substance to the dog's coat to kill and repel fleas/ticks.  Therefore, we do not plan to take Hobey anyplace and no playing or snuggling.  What can we do at home all day?  Maybe some focused training.

At training on Saturday, we were reminded that dog food bowls are for perfect dogs.  Since we do not have a perfect dog, we are hand feeding our trainee.  We worked on his two trouble areas: DOWN and COME.  He has been reluctant to lie down and rarely responded when asked to Come when out in the yard. Not surprising, Hobey caught on very quickly that I had food in my pocket and he eagerly complied with every DOWN command and he enthusiastically sprinted when I called him.

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