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August 4, 2013

Home Alone

Hobey spent the weekend in Arkdale, Wisconsin for our family reunion weekend.  We rented a condominium and he met the Dodds family.  The most different experience was a boat ride, on a pontoon boat.  He was not fazed and relaxed until we became bogged down in the mud and weeds.  While attempting to free ourselves, we all moved toward the front in order to lift the motor.  The boat pitched forward and a rush of water filled the floor and disturbed Hobey's resting.

During the stay, he found that lounging on the cushy foot stools was better than the floor.  We encouraged this.  At home, he has extrapolated this to all our furniture.  Not a problem, but like other things, now we need to transition to "Only When Asked".

Before the weekend began, we dropped Monte off.  He will be camping at my parents house for the next two weeks.  This will give Hobey some alone time with us which he really needs.  At times, he seemed to be too bonded and reliant on Monte.

At home, he hasn't missed his canine companion and is developing more independence.

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