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August 12, 2013

House Arrest

Hobey endured extra crate time this week while we completed our efforts at iCan Shine Bike Camp.  This allowed him to catch up on sleep with a late morning nap before the busy weekend.

We started early Friday afternoon with a visit to West Bend Insurance where he got some more elevator work.  Hobey walked the office, practicing his greetings with the twenty staff members who were still in the office.  He followed this with a restaurant nap while we ate a late lunch or early dinner.  Then Hobey endured a few more test drives, hopefully our last, before heading home.

Note:  without Monte around, Hobey seems a lot more lazy

Saturday was the usual with puppy playtime at The Dog Den.  He spent the time wrestling with the big dogs.  Actually, Hobey is becoming a big dog; he tipped the scales at 38 pounds.  We spent the last ten minutes cavorting with the smaller puppies.  He needs to be able to get along with all dogs and he did fine with the youngsters.

Sunday was quite eventful.  Hobey attended the final Madison Mallards baseball game of the season.  We greeted fans as they entered the stadium and Hobey and Dusty worked the crowd, during the game, to get contributions for the 50/50 raffle.  It was reported that people were more generous when the puppies tagged along. Dusty ended up carrying him most of the time which must have been quite a workout. This was preceded by the tailgate party at Erin's Snug.  He me his Custom Canine friends at the tailgate and we practiced LEAVING food on the floor.

The major incident of the day resulted in my visit to the emergency room. My finger was lacerated on a razor sharp point.  This occurred while Hobey was making friends with the lawnmower.  He was doing well so I started it and did a couple passes with Hobey following along at a safe distance.  He was in front of the  discharge getting covered with grass so I went to shoo him away and my finger caught his tooth.  The result was a 15 millimeter gash across my finger tip.  It was obvious that stitches would be required.

This was going to be a minor inconvenience until I retold my story to the doctor who described the injury as a dog bite.  I explained that the injury occurred when I hit the dog's tooth.  He repeated that the tooth broke the skin and caused the injury, therefore a dog bite.  Long story short, Animal Control was contacted and Hobey is quarantined for ten days.  Even though our four month old puppy is too young to have rabies (according to veterinarian), we have to take him to the vet three time during the next ten days to confirm this ($$). At least the quarantine is at our home.

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