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August 7, 2013

Little Helper

This weekend we received a huge pile of wood chips.  They were waiting in the driveway when we returned from our weekend travels.  Hobey was very curious upon seeing the mountin and smelling the rotting wood.

After volunteering at the iCan Shine bicycling training on Monday, Hobey and I spent the afternoon spreading the chips around the yard.  Initially he pulled the debris and long sticks out of the pile.  I can only assume he was trying to help by turning the sticks into little bits.  Once the moving began, he followed the wheelbarrow throughout the yard picking up bits that fell out.  Everyone was exhausted by dinner time.

Tuesday, we attended the Night Out Against Crime in Lake Mills.  Hobey met his pal, Lebi, and a few other Custom Canine trainees. He was able to continue our work on calmly greeting people. He did fine for a four month old puppy; the only incident was a spilled water bowl on the gym floor.

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