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June 24, 2015

Bad to Worse

Q:  What's worse than training a ten week old puppy to view the green grass as his potty when his brain isn't fully functional? 

A: Working with that same puppy suffering with a urinary tract infection (UTI).  Just as things were starting to click.  We had begun rewarding "outdoor potty" with a bit of kibble and Hawk was starting to race to the door before he would potty on the floor. :-)   He would seemingly even go on command which was primarily due our anticipating his action.  This is a great way to introduce commands.

Then apparently out of nowhere he needed to potty every 5 minutes and didn't have time to let us know - more accidents.  We immediately began a cranberry regimen, which took affect rather quickly. 

Lesson Learned: Looking back it is clear that he was showing these symptoms for a couple days, I just attributed it to the inconsistency of being a puppy.

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