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8/12 CCSDA Training

June 27, 2015

Hawk-ey Game

Lisa volunteered for the Blake Geoffrion Hockey Classic.  Knowing that we had an eleven week old puppy, I did not.  However, the volunteer process got messed up and they had us both registered to help out with the meet and greet with the players.

Although Hawk and I were planning to attend to introduce his to hockey and meet a few people (he also met Bucky).  Attending and "working" are very different.  So my plan was to get him tired so he would sleep - plan worked perfectly.  He helped us as pro handlers for Burish, Zengerle, Likens, Ford and Dolan during the autograph session. Hawk slept at Matt Ford's feet the full hour!

We are finding that we need to enunciate "Hawk" more clearly, especially at hockey events.  People thought we were saying "Puck" or "Hockey" with a Jersey accent.

Having no issues with the fireworks the other evening, we were optimistic that the horns and buzzers would not be a concern.  While resting during the first period, Hawk was unfazed by the sounds.  Fully awake and walking around, the sounds in the confined environment elicited am uncomfortable response that treats could not help with.  We spent the rest of the game walking around outside, meeting people and getting comfortable.  He could still hear the horns generated by the 22 goals scored.

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