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8/4 Lake Mills
8/12 CCSDA Training

June 21, 2015


We made a surprise visit to Neenah to see Jeff's dad for Father's Day.  That meant that Hawk and Monte were making their first trip together.  We tried starting Hawk out in the back seat with Monte, but before long he was climbing through the bucket seats to ride up front.  He spent the first half an hour with ants in his pants; he went from Lisa's lap to Jeff's lap (driving--not a good idea), back to Lisa's lap and then finally, of all things, fell asleep on top of Lisa's purse sitting between the bucket seats to keep him in the back seat in the first place.  I guess this gave him a view of Monte and both of us all at once.  

He is a very visual dog.  He will park himself in front of the TV briefly to watch whatever is on, but his attention span is like that of a baby, and pretty soon he's off again with some other distraction.  He liked to peer out the window of the car to see what was going on, but mostly he napped all the way to Neenah.  He did pretty well in Neenah--only 1 minor accident in the house.  We had brought his crate, so he was able to take some naps in there.  

Hawk was incredibly tired on the way home as evidenced by the fact that he laid himself out on the floor boards for most of the trip home. 

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