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April 21, 2011

Back to Normal

After being gone from home for four days, I was greeted by a wiggly puppy/dog on my return. Happy to see my four-legged friend I still needed to maintain a calm demeanor when accepting my welcome home. Although difficult, I resisted the temptation to bend down, wrestle Monte to the floor, and rub his belly while he tried to escape my grasp and give me kisses.

Instead we attempted to perform a proper greeting. First he barked at the intruder which is probably a good thing. He backed off as I approached and was timid until I convinced him that it was I, his best friend. His feet were moving ninety mile an hour, but failed to find traction on the wood floor. He scampered to a SIT as I asked him to COME. It was more of a partial sit as the movement of his hind quarters made sitting extremely difficult. I waited for him to SIT before I rubbed his head and pulled it back immediately as his butt lifted off the ground. We repeated this exercise for a minute or two, before we could proceed normally.

Monte followed me closely as I made my way through the house. All the time his nose was working overtime trying to make sense of the strange combination of the ordinary smells mixed with the unusual. After fifteen minutes, he finished studying my olfactory report and life returned to normal, or as close to normal as life can be with Monte.

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