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April 11, 2011

Traveling w/ Canine

As previously mentioned, Monte handled our travels better than we expected. Even with the change of routine (eating at 10pm) and different water, Monte showed no ill effects. And he immediately acclimated to the portable crate. After walking five to ten miles a day, he probably would have slept anywhere.

It is almost always more difficult for the humans when traveling with canine. My most difficult task when staying at a hotel is potty breaks. It's really not much different than home, but after a long day the last thing I want to do before bed is get ready, ride the elevator, and walk two blocks to the park/grass - we opted not to curb our dog. Then repeat first thing in the morning.

Fan Fest, a block party outside the arena, provided training opportunities complete with bands, a crowd of thousands, wayward food items, a few dogs, and fifty or so dog lovers. Any time we would stop to rest/eat, it wasn't more than five minutes before someone stopped to get a puppy fix and talk dog. Monte's favorite was Uncle Steve, a Badger fan from Connecticut; he missed his pups. "Traveling with Canine" increases the number and quality of interactions with locals and fellow travelers.

Note: Monte was sitting between Sally and Linus right before the photo was taken. Either our cameraman was too slow or Monte is too quick.

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A Caes said...

Hailey went on a trip to Minneapolis as well, and I was pleasantly surprised at how she rose to the occasion. We did two baseball games, and the only hitch was arriving at the stadium late, not being able to find the stairs or elevator immediately, and having to scoop her up in my arms to get up the escalator.