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April 26, 2011


We were on the road again for Easter weekend. Monte's ride up North was much cushier than his ride home. He had to share the backseat with television set which left him with half the usual space. After his initial confusion prior to entering the vehicle, he didn't complain and slept all the way home.

Our practice efforts with the walker at home have slacked off, but proved effective during our visit to the assisted living facility. No problems with walkers or wheelchairs. The facility was having an Easter celebration so there were people of all ages to meet. And plenty of food which is always a challenge.

A difficult challenge was convincing the residents that they should not feed the dog. My grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer's was the most challenging because she couldn't remember the rules (or chose not to). Eventually we reached a compromise that cookies were not allowed, but an occasional carrot stick was fine. Although not his preference, Monte was agreeable to the final decision.

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