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July 3, 2011

Stomp Stomp Clap

After receiving a tip from Kourtney, our Dog Den trainer, that the Madison Mallards were having "Dog Day at the Ballpark", we ventured out to the Duck Pond. Monte met up with an old pal, Meadow, and at least fifty other canine spectators, including Packer and Snickers who were working a booth.

On the way to our seats we stopped at every water bowl we passed, about a dozen, to check for hot dogs. Ever since last Halloween, Monte thinks that a water bowl is an opportunity to "Bob for Hot Dogs". Each water stop had three bowls and the routine was the same: place nose underwater, search along the bottom, repeat in next two bowls. He never drinks.

A girl seated behind us was getting bored around inning number five and made sure everyone knew. On the other hand, Monte was bored but only the people that saw us enter were aware that he was there. He rested for most of the game, only responding to the occasional "Quack" of kid's toys.

His slumber was interrupted late in the game by "Stomp, Stomp, Clap". The stomping on the metal floor was loud and actually shook the bleachers. Initially startled he sat up immediately, but laid down when reassured that everything was okay. After a few episodes the vibrations warranted no more than a lift of the head.

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