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November 21, 2011

Quick Trips

Now that Cooper is over four months old our trips to the store and walks around the neighborhood are taking less time. We are able to quickly get our groceries. In part because he is bigger and moving faster, but the primary reason is that we are not stopped as often or as long. People still notice our adorable puppy, but are able to resist one that is older. A ten week old puppy is irresistible. It is also obvious that he is being trained as we are continuously popping treats into his mouth.

Couldn't resist taking this photo. We can tell it is getting colder because Cooper is always looking to snuggle. His first choice is Lisa, but Monte will do in a pinch. They have been lying like this all day.

We worked hard to capture the image. Not having the camera at my immediate disposal, I asked the dogs to WAIT while I walked past them to retrieve the camera. Then, I couldn't get the camera to work - movie mode. They barely moved throughout the entire sequence, good dogs.

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