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November 13, 2011


Cooper was due for an injection on Friday.  It was the last of the series and we had picked it up about a month ago.  Usually we would have a trainer or nurse handle the duties.  It slipped my mind for Wednesday's class and there were two Vet Techs there.  Not sure when a trained specialists would be  available, I completed the task and both Cooper and I survived.

We missed puppy playgroup on Saturday; we were hoping to meet Max.  The majority of the day was spent at the assisted living facility on Platteville.  Our visit included lunch at a restaurant.that Cooper had not been prepared for.  He was not tired, but was ready to play and visit the other patrons.  Eventually, he settled down for a relaxing meal, before he was awakened for shopping.

Having an unsettled puppy during lunch, we had prepared Cooper for an evening of Badger hockey.  We also arrived early which turned out to be a good thing.  Not only does it provide an opportunity to meet a lot of people, it allows for snafus. Our attempt to enter the building (Gate B) was delayed because we were told that all animals need to enter the building at Gate C.

This seemed very strange to us as we have always entered Gate B and it also seemed against the UW policy regarding service animals..  But, we had plenty of time so we turned around and then remembered that Gate C was on the opposite side of the building.  We decided to try Gate A which would not have been a problem and is right around the corner.  Unfortunately, we were not as prepared as I thought; rushing to leave the house I grabbed the wrong tickets. 

Now we had to go back to Gate B and try to exchange the tickets and we did not have any identification.  Long line, I ran back to the car to get Lisa's driver's license.  Upon returning, she already had new tickets and we decided to enter through Gate A.  However, we will try Gate B for the next game.  The game did not go well for the Badgers, but Cooper performed admirably and he met so many nice people.

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