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November 11, 2011


Q:  How many toys does a puppy need?
A:  One more than you have out at current time.

With over a dozen toys in the house, I found Cooper chewing on the corner of our area rug.  It was pulled back onto itself so he could still lie on it comfortably as he gnawed on the corner.  One would think we would have learned by now that a puppy needs constant supervision, especially when they are losing teeth, which I noticed four days ago.  With a few missing teeth and the front ones only partially in, Cooper has taken on the hillbilly look - only when he smiles though.

Although we recognize that constant supervision is required, it only takes one lapse and a couple minutes of free time to do damage. This weekend we will  turn the rug around to hide the canine induced flaw, just like we have done with the bench that Banjo used as his teething ring. Monte chewed on the side of our bed frame, once.  Every dog has at least one transgression, however memories fade over time with the exception of Banjo who holds the record: patio step, screen door, shoe, remote, sofa, bench, ...

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