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February 8, 2011

Hailey goes to school

Hailey went to Cesar Chavez School in Madison today. Jackson brought Hailey to his second grade class to tell his classmates and teacher, Mrs. Kinsey, about her mission in life to be a guide dog.

After demonstrating her skills to the students, Jackson showed off a few "tricks" that Hailey knew, such as saying her prayers and crawling on the floor. Then the students had plenty of questions about guide dogs! Quite a few of the students had seen guide dogs out in public before. They thought Hailey was going to do a great job as a Guide dog!

Hailey is also a great ambassador for OccuPaws ~ she's been busy recruiting new puppy raisers at all the events she attends. People she greets are impressed by her calm demeanor and of course, everyone wants to pet her! Even the horn blast at the UW hockey game didn't faze her one bit ~ tho she did want to sit up and watch all the action on the ice.

and because we're getting weary of all the snow (Hailey sez...where's my potty spot again???),

Hailey tried out a kayak for size at the Lake Home and Cabin Show. She's wishing for an early spring! Me too!
Marlette & Hailey

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