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February 22, 2011


This evening, Monte completed his third training class at The Dog Den, our Best of Madison - Pet Place. His plan is to work through their full battery of classes. It is great exposure to other dogs and helps increase his focus with canine distractions.

He performed admirably tonight and was even used as a role model for WAIT. The final test of the evening was a simple recall with a distraction in the middle. Not a problem - until the distraction was revealed. Food, not a problem. Another dog, he does that all the time. Oh No, a Stuffed Animal. The one item that our canine covets like nothing else.

Needless to say, when Lisa called Monte he went straight to stuffed animal, which the trainer was playfully enticing him with. He was mesmerized, jumped once, and would not leave her side. after thirty seconds, which seemed like thirty minutes, he figured out the drill and pranced over to Lisa who was doing everything she could think of to get his attention.

His infatuation with stuffed animals remains from puppyhood, because he hasn't had one since summer. So in addition to dog distractions, we need to wean Monte off stuffed animals.

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