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February 21, 2011

Sick as a Dog

The last two weekends have provided two very different environments for Monte to conquer. He spent last weekend helping us babysit three youngsters (7yo, 5yo, 7mo). Needless to say the noise and energy level was much different than usual. In addition to supervising puppy behavior, we constantly reminded the children that the floor was puppy domain and items left lying around may not be in the same condition when they returned. We found it much easier to train a dog as Monte learned much faster that items on the floor were forbidden.

Not being used to going places with three other humans, Monte was assigned crate time when we took the kids on outings. If it wasn't for being the odd man out when we traveled, I think he might prefer having children around.

This weekend was the exact opposite. Lisa and I were battling a nasty bug that we picked up the prior weekend - blame the kids. Being a male, it hit me much harder. Our days were filled with naps and lounging; no walks around town, just quick outside to potty. We substituted a four hour nap for his usual forty minute walk. Initially uncomfortable with the change in routine the first day, he quickly transformed into a snuggle dog. Poor Monte, he even had to stay home with me while Lisa went to the hockey game.

Hopefully, tomorrow life returns to normal.

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