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February 2, 2011

Snow Day

When the snow is falling and the wind is howling, it's nice to hunker down under a few quilts and enjoy the warmth and protection of our abode. No need to venture outdoors, unless of course you have a canine companion who doesn't understand the concept of going potty by himself.

The few times we have attempted to attach Monte to the tie-out, he sits on the porch and stares at the door. Last night, either my coaxing or his need to relieve himself reached a threshold and he ventured off the porch to potty, while I stood bootless and jacket-less indoors.

Since our training class at The Dog Den was canceled last night and most people had a snow day today, our trainee was given two snow days. Lots of snuggling (on the floor) and canine grooming. He spent most of the day QUIETLY watching the birds outside, but basic manners in the house were still demanded. He only received a few squirts from the spray bottle for begging.

Our usual walks through the park, to practice dog avoidance, and then downtown were abbreviated. The park was our destination, strictly for the purpose of fun and exercise. Monte, similar to every Labrador, likes to run and enjoys snow = loves running and bounding in the snow.

He enjoyed his off-leash sabbatical when other dogs were not present. However, we did relent once and offered a brief play encounter with an older yellow lab, who provided some correction to our energetic teenager.

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