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February 14, 2011


We have been very busy the last week and haven't made time to share our experiences. Finally a time to take a breath and catch up on overdue blogging.

Last Tuesday, Monte had a private session with the head OccuPaws trainer. We had a few questions, but really wanted the trainer to spend some quality time with Monte. Wanting to show his true nature, there was no exercise before class. Unfortunately, Monte performed admirably with nearly flawless obedience, even off leash, and Doug refused to release him from the program. We are stuck with him for seven more months :-)

As expected, the bulk of our work revolves around behavioral issues: mouthing, licking, prey drive, and dog distraction. We can assist his progression some, but the rest must come from the maturation process; he is still a puppy.

The three of us hung around for the younger puppy class and our regular session. Nothing like three hours of training on a week night. We were reminded of a few things that have fallen off of our daily/weekly To Do list: handling the puppy (paws, teeth, etc.), ear cleaning, nail trimming, cradling. These encourage submission and help the puppy be agreeable to handling by others.

Most of the older puppies are progressing well. At least in class surrounded with well-behaved puppies, so we opted for a different experience on Wednesday night ...

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