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February 15, 2011

Old Friends

Monte was generally well-behaved during the three hours of canine distractions at the OccuPaws training. However, it has become a very controlled setting and much different than the real world.

Being gluttons for punishment, we attended another CGC training class in Janesville on Wednesday. It provided an opportunity to meet a whole new group of different dogs (young, small, tall), in various states of mind (calm,excited, fear), and in a different setting. Monte handled the multitude of canine distractions without incident and seems to be learning.

In addition to seeing some old OccuPaws friends, we had the chance to meet Bennett for the second time. We hardly know Bennett, but have loved him ever since we first met him at the OccuPaws bowling event this year. He approached Monte like a long lost friend. Bennett had been reading about Monte on the blog and was ecstatic to see his pal in person.

Not sure if he reads about Monte anymore because he is training his own service dog, Journey. Bennett and Journey have their own blog, that we will be following. And we are always available for advice, even though they are working with Custom Canines Service Dog Academy.

As we seek out new opportunities for our charge, our lives are enhanced by the people we meet and the moments we experience. Training a guide dog puppy in public and through organizational contacts, we are constantly meeting new people. Whether a trainer, volunteer, puppy raiser, or fundraiser, every one of them is dedicated to improving the life of another person - sometimes we forget our shared goal.

In the unique role as puppy raiser, we both give and receive a better life.

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Anonymous said...

This is Bennett's Mom, Amy. Thank you for your entry. It is so AWESOME to follow someone going through the process of training a service dog as well. I will be keeping in touch. Thank you for your offer to help us along the way!! God knows we will need it :)