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January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Cooper

Cooper turned six months old today; his puppy permit has expired. The gift that we picked up for him yesterday was a set of Badger basketball tickets. He probably would have preferred the cardboard roll from the paper towels. The tickets actually allowed us to further his training. Cooper's prospective family loves basketball, so it was a chance to introduce him to the sport.

Having been to the Kohl Center on numerous occasion, we didn't expect any issues, however, there were a few new challenges. Initially, he did not like walking on the metal stairs and walkway to get to our row four seats. Being in the lower level the horn was much louder. Cooper was startled/surprised the first time, but barely noticed it the rest of the game.

As you can imagine, the view is pretty much the same regardless of the sport. Today offered one new test. He spent the entire game lying beside some leftover nacho cheese sauce. I don't recall if we even had to tell him "No". At halftime, we also walked through split popcorn and he never flinched.

As a birthday treat, I gave him a frozen chicken leg.

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Pet Health Insurance said...

Happy Six Month old birthday Cooper. Good Health and more frozen chicken legs to come