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January 25, 2012


As advertised, this week's new location was a swimming pool where Cooper watched his boy. He was cautious of the new surface and plastic drain tiles, but settled in quickly and calmly greeted a young swimmer while waiting patiently.

After swimming, Mac stopped at Mounds to get a brush so he can help care for Cooper. We picked up a month's supply of dog food and weighed our growing beast. He weighed in at 51 pounds.

Our weekly training class at the Dog Den was preceded by a quick run through at the mall to practice SIT, DOWN, STAY with human distractions. The canine distractions proved to be more challenging, especially during playtime. Cooper is adapting to working with all four of his trainers.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Liz, the new puppy raiser who was at the Morgas last weekend. I am trying to find a safe, fenced-in place I can take Juno to run around off-leash to burn off some energy at least a few times a week. We live in Madison and are looking for somewhere preferably in Fitchburg, the west side, or Sun Prairie/East Madison (I go to Sun Prairie on Fridays). Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Puppy Raiser said...

I recommend The Dog Den, in Fitchburg, for their training classes and they offer age appropriate playgroups on Saturdays. The puppy class and playgroups should be mandatory because they deplete puppy energy, but more importantly aid in puppy socialization. We will be there this Saturday. Let us know and we can hang around and chat if you want.

We have used the high school football field. At this age a 30 minute walk should be plenty and once you factor in drive time will probably take less time.

Try to avoid dog parks or be very careful. A bad experience can scar a dog for life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I plan to avoid the dog parks.

My husband and son will be taking her to puppy play group on Saturday. Unfortunately their puppy kindergarten is halfway through the session right now so I am concerned that we would hold up the group or miss a lot of info. Noah's Ark has a kindergarten starting after Feb1 (they said to call back to confirm when it will start).

I do quite a bit of driving to get my kids around the city so stopping somewhere to take a break isn't a big deal. She seems to need some running time...so looking for somewhere fenced in and dog-free but also not too big in case she decides to play hard-to-get.

Lexy said...

I love that you can see Cooper and Mac in the background!! You are good Jeff!!