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January 27, 2012


Thursday we got the chance to do some real world training with Cooper. Mac had a medical appointment, which his mom invited us to, so Cooper and I met them there. Cooper patiently waited with Mac and we also worked on ways to use Cooper as a distraction from unpleasant activities necessary for Mac's appointment.

Mac was in a silly mood today, even though he was feeling a bit under the weather, but he kept giggling and saying a phrase his mom and I were perplexed by because we could not interpret what he was saying. It had something to do with Cooper and it made him giggle every time. Finally, Mac walked over to Cooper and kind of shook his head between his two hands. We wondered then if it had something to do with the doggy whole-body shake that Cooper and most every other dog does after he has been resting and stands up to stretch.

Sure enough, I stood Cooper up, and he did the shake and the look on Mac's face was said it all! THAT was it and the phrase was "Cooper Wiggle!" I tried to capture Mac's smiles and laughter, but every time I snapped a picture, I got his sweet face but not much of a smile. We hope to add the WIGGLE command to Cooper repertoire.  Until then, the best we could do was to immortalize the Cooper wiggle, so Mac can enjoy it whenever he needs a laugh.

1 comment:

Lexy said...

love it!! I can't play the video.... maybe you can email it to me. I can put it on Mac's iPad videos for him!! Thanks for coming!!