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January 8, 2012

Kohl Day

On Friday, we tried a different feeding technique. I wanted to teach patience and identify any potential food aggression issues. With both dogs seated in front of me, I put a third cup of food in a bowl and let Monte eat while Cooper waited. Then it was Cooper's turn. He received a third cup while Monte watched. It was similar to hand feeding each without the slime. Each doge received theit two cups of food without issue.

With Lisa away taking care of her mom, Cooper and I had some alone time on Saturday. Our first stop was the Dog Den for playtime. There were some older dogs at the Teenager playgroup to teach him some manners - relax and no licking. The puppy group had more energy; Copper wrestled with a Boxer and attempted to get four year old to chase him. After splitting the Teenager and Puppy playgroup, we had some shopping to do.

Never sure how a puppy will react in different situations, it is always better to have two people. Being on a solo mission, I was hoping for and received exemplary behavior. He relieved on command. He waited to cross traffic lanes. He walked by my side on a loose leash, which was greatly appreciated as I eschewed a cart and at one time was carrying a printer, lamp, toaster. He was rewarded for his good behavior with some chew toys.

The Kohl Center was our home for the next twenty-four hours. Cooper attended men's hockey game and a women's hockey clinic. We waited him out before each event to ensure no accidents. The hockey game was routine. The most interesting part is hearing from the other fans that have watched Cooper grow up. Apparently he has grown and matured a lot since the last game (12/10); he didn't have any hesitation at the stairways.

Our goddaughters attend a hockey clinic each year and it provides a unique training experience for a puppy. Cooper spent half the session in the front row watching all the activity. He was much more relaxed than Monte was last year. It also provides an opportunity to share our puppy with college students/athletes who are away from home and miss their family dog. Cooper enjoyed the extra special attention.

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