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January 29, 2012

Near Perfect

Quite the social butterfly during playgroup, Cooper gets the scent of every dog before settling into a biting match with his pit bull pal, Neato.  They only pause to welcome late arrivals or chase the running beagle.

Before the hockey game, the Custom Canines Crew met for a "quick" bite to eat.  I was pleasantly surprised by the behavior of all puppies in attendance.  Even though the table pedestals were not dog-friendly, Cooper maneuvered himself into a comfortable spot for the never-ending meal.  Although we arrived at 5 o'clock, we were late for the puck drop.

Walking to the game a few puppies made impromptu potty breaks, so I was concerned and took extra time before entering the Kohl Center because one episode generally starts a chain reaction.  After five minutes, nothing, so we reluctantly entered.  Walking to our seats, Oh Oh, potty break. Thankfully it wasn't Cooper, but our youngest puppy.  Situation resolved quickly with a team effort. 

The weekend's events were going perfectly until Sunday morning.  After another marathon meal, from Cooper's perspective, we stopped at Trader Joes.  Deciding to ride the elevator for practice, we uncovered that Cooper is still experiencing some trepidation in the "moving room".  The floor is not stable and he does not like it.  This week, we will be seeking out other elevators to work through the issue.

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