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January 1, 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Monte spent Saturday with his pals Buddy, Sable, and Kane while Cooper traveled to Tomah. Again, I think Monte got the better end of the deal. He went to the pet store in the morning and spent the rest of the day playing with his new Jolly Ball, which his aunt and uncle bought for him. Thank You!!

We loaded up the car and Cooper boarded without pause and he was DOWN before the car left the driveway. We attended our preliminary hockey event of the day, watching Avery and Alexis play. He was more interested in Sawyer and the other children moving about the bleachers. We found another surface that made him uncomfortable, unstable metal ramp, which will require additional exposure.

Sawyer ponders, "What is it about sleeping dogs?"

Sawyer remembers, "Wrestle Sleeping Dogs."

Yes, Cooper practiced being calm and relaxed in the children's environment. He obviously has this down. Either the nap on the ride home or seeing canine buddies recharged his batteries because he was anything but calm and relaxed when we picked up Monte. It must have been the dogs; he was his lazy/relaxed self at the Badger hockey game. The Kohl Center was only half full, so we experimented with different seat locations.

Our seats our in a front row which provides extra room and fewer distractions. In normal seats, the challenge is to get our canine companion to rest at our feet without disturbing those directly in front of us. I think we could have done this, however, the fans in front of us wanted to greet Cooper and they encouraged being excited and giving kisses. We gave in and settled him back down after an initial frenzy. Cooper never bothered them again, even though they were head-to-head.

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