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May 25, 2013

Another Journey Begins - Glenn

 A new puppy, Glenn, was dropped on our doorstep by the Custom Canines stork, Marlene.  She showed up this morning unannounced.   I was out of bed but still in jammies and robe with bed head--but that's only fair, I've seen Marlene this way as well!  She told me to go out to the van, she had a "box of chocolates" out there for me. Took me a couple seconds to get that, then I went to pull him out of the crate in the van.

He seems so little! Very sweet! He didn't seem to mind one bit that I was in a fuzzy blue robe! Having just been removed from his siblings and familiar surroundings, Glenn was tentative and hid behind Marlene while we chatted.

We knew that she was picking up a new Labrador trainee (for us) today.  However, we didn't know where and we had no idea that his first stop was Oregon.  Of course, we could have placed him on hold for a couple weeks, but who can resist this face.  Also, having raised service puppies for the last six years, we have supplies and have learned to be flexible and adapt quickly.

After being introduced to our pet dog and mentor, Monte, we loaded up the car to secure the necessary puppy supplies: food, leash, collars, toys.  However, on the way there we made a few quick stops to provide a puppy fix to our friends and pick-up the final order of Pedal 4 Paws t-shirts.  Note: if any one needs a fix let us know, socialization is extremely important for Glenn.

He met the neighbors before we took him for his first walk with Monte.  As most everyone knows, Monte enjoys his trips through the park and spends his time running full speed from object to object for 30 minutes. Knowing that Glenn could not and should not keep up, we carried him about half the time. Boy, were my arms tired.

Glenn took everything in stride and easily adapted to new situations. If the first day is any indication, he will do great.

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